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  • NVIDIA Unveils New Memory Specifications

    NVIDIA announced the results of a collaborative memory development effort called Enhanced Performance Profiles, or EPP, which allows consumers to easily expose new, advanced performance memory settings built into high performance memory DIMMs for even higher levels of overall PC system performance. In addition, NVIDIA also announced today that Corsair Memory, the worldwide leader in

  • Dates for Intel Xeons WoodCrest

    Intel is set to announce Core and Dual-Core WoodCrest on the 19th of June 2006, with the goods being delivered no later than 25th of June 2006. The retail name will stick with the established Intel Xeon name. During that time there will be Xeons based on the Dempsey Core and the new WoodCrest Core

  • Powercolor X1900GT

    With the competitive pace at which graphics cards for different segments of the market debut and move, the prices of these cards move along quite dynamically and a card that filled the USD$ 350 spot may be filling a USD$ 250 spot in a few months time. The USD$ 330-$ 350 spot strikes a very

  • Palm Handhelds Great Offers

    Mother’s Day is here again and what will make a better gift than a Palm handheld which will help enrich her busy life. With Palm offering special deals on a whole series of their award-winning products, you can now get your Mother a Palm handheld that best fits her character! Buy a Palm handheld from

  • 65nm Intel Celeron D Soon

    The new Intel Celeron D based on the 65nm Cedar Mill cores will be announced on the 28th of May 2006, with availability within 2 weeks after announcement. The Cedar Mill Cores will first be implemented on the higher-end models such as Celeron D 352 (3.2GHz/512KB L2/533MHz FSB) and Celeron D 356 (3.33GHz/512KB L2/533MHz FSB)

  • GeForce 7600 AGP Series In Mid July

    7600GT-AGP : 560MHz Core / 700MHz memory, 12 pipes, available in 256MB/128bit DDR3 memory interface, 3080 in 3DMark06 7600GS-AGP : 400MHz Core / 400MHz memory, 12 pipes, available in 256MB/128bit DDR2 memory interface, 2117 in 3DMark06

  • ECS P965-A Exposed!

    Our friends at HKEPC have gotten their hands on a piece of ECS P965-A. It runs on the Intel P965 “BroadWater P” chipset, ICH8R southbridge and the VRM11 layout on the Vcore regulation supports upcoming Conroe CPUs. 16x + 4x PCIe lanes will support ATi Crossfire Dual CPU topology. Lot’s more details translated, just click!

  • ASUS PhysX P1 GRAW Edition

    The AGEIA Physics Processing Unit, PhysX, claims to be the next big thing that will revolutionize the way games are being played. The large emphasis placed on visual image quality effects for the past years seems to have part of it’s potency sapped as the hype surrounding gaming physics get stirred bigger with the retail

  • Universal Abit First Out the Door With HDMI Motherboard

    DailyTech just got word from Universal Abit that the company is on its way to unveil the first HDMI certified motherboard. The motherboard, dubbed Abit IL-80MV, is a 945GT motherboard designed specifically for Yonah (and eventually Merom).

  • Dell Silently Fixes Its 3007WFP 30-inch LCD

    Dell has a new revision of its 3007WFP, called A01. Comparing both the A00 and A01 units can confirm that the new A01 unit significantly improves backlight uniformity. The severe hotspots that were noticeable on A00 units are now gone with the A01 unit.

  • ATI Sued Over False HDCP Claims

    Earlier this year DailyTech reported that ATI had been making false claims about its products being HDCP-ready when in fact they were not. To recap, for a video card to be fully able to output a HDCP-DVI signal, it must contain the necessary circuitry within the GPU and it must also come with a unique

  • Digital-Tigers Multi-Monitor Revolution

    Digital-Tigers test hundreds of different components and offer only the industry’s top-of-the-line, professional-grade LCD and computer graphics technology. They integrate it all with their exclusive Zenview Manager software that fully extends Microsoft Windows for multiple monitors. Take look at some of their top notch stuff here.

  • ASUS PhysX P1 Card On Sale Soon

    ASUS is proud to introduce the PhysX P1 card, which adopted Ageia’s™ all-new PhysX™ Processing Unit (PPU) to take gamers to a completely new level of video realism. Currently, only two companies have the capability to develop PPU cards, and ASUS is one of the pioneers. ASUS will begin distributing this exciting new product this

  • Voltage Modification For Inno3D 7600GS (P345 PCB)

    Based around the NVIDIA G73 GPU built on 90 nm process, the Inno3D 7600GS promised much headroom for overclocking. Most 7600GS hits a wall early at around 470MHz Core. This is largely a cap due to limited voltage so we tweaked the voltage up and saw a massive clock increase from 470MHz to 720MHz! That

  • HIS X1800GTO IceQ 3 Review + Unlocking

    HIS has made it’s name well-known in the past with it’s IceQ Series of ATi Graphics Cards. From it’s X800 series of graphics cards, we have seen the IceQ cooling on their cards evolve. IceQ cooling of HIS has advanced to the third stage and we review HIS X1800GTO IceQ3 and see what it offers

  • Samsung Offers LED-Based DLP TVs

    Samsung has recently entered the HL-S5679W 56-inch DLP TV in its product line which features an LED-based rear-projection light engine as opposed to expensive light bulb based models of previous generations. Samsung announced the company’s first LED DLP during CES 2006 back in January of this year.

  • Sony to ship 50GB Blu-ray recordables in June

    Sony will ship blank dual-layer Blu-ray Disc media in June, the consumer electronics giant said today. But anyone hoping the arrival of 50GB discs will prove more economical than the now-shipping 25GB, single-layer discs is going to be disappointed. At US$ 48 and US$ 60, the 50GB BD-R and BD-RE media are 140 per cent

  • Dell, HP and Lenovo Announce Joint Support for DisplayPort

    DVI-I, DVI-D, UDI, HDMI — a confusing group of abbreviation for many. Interestingly, all of them do similar things and the two later ones attempt to address the same issues including backwards compatibility while being different themselves. As far as standards go, computer and digital displays have pretty much been using one big standard, DVI.

  • Powercolor X1900GT Announced

    Tul Corporation, a leading provider of cutting-edge graphic cards, today announces the PowerColor X1900 GT, the latest addition to the flagship X1900 series. The X1900 GT brings forth an enthusiast graphic card for the price-conscious with a suggest retail price of USD349; by far the lowest of any X1900 cards offered to date. The single-slot

  • Interview with Benson Lin, ASUS APAC Business President

    During a recent ASUS HQ opening here in Singapore, VR-Zone has the opportunity to talk to Benson Lin, the President of APAC Business to learn about the directions and plans of ASUS here in APAC as well as some upcoming interesting product lines we can look out for.