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  • Inno3D GeForce 6800GS

    With the introduction of the NVIDIA Geforce 6800GS, we see competition beginning to heat up in the mid range sector. Today, we take a look at one of the first 6800GS to hit the retail shelves, the Inno3D Geforce 6800GS. Look into this review to find out how it performs against an X800GTO, and its

  • Iomega ScreenPlay Multimedia Drives

    Iomega announced the new family of Iomega® ScreenPlay™ Multimedia Drives, a group of HDD based products with built-in multimedia playback capability, making them digital media jukeboxes for photos, songs and video files that can be used with virtually any television or audio-video system in the world. Simply use the fast connection of the ScreenPlay™ Multimedia

  • GeForce 7800 GS For OEM Only

    According to sources from the OEMs, NVIDIA will still release GeForce 7800 GS but will only make available to the OEM market in the current plan. GeForce 7800 GS will be based on G70 architecture but will only sport 16 pixel pipelines and 6 vertex pipes. It will be clocked at 375MHz core and 1GHz

  • Intel To Build 2nd 45nm Wafer Fab

    Intel announced plans to build a new 300-mm wafer fabrication facility at its site in Kiryat Gat, Israel. The new factory, designated Fab 28, will extend Intel’s manufacturing leadership by producing leading-edge microprocessors in the second half of 2008 on 45 nanometer (nm) process technology. Construction on the $ 3.5 billion project, Intel’s second 45nm

  • SiS & VIA Chipsets Outlook Improve

    SiS and VIA will likely beat their shipment estimates for the fourth quarter of this year, thanks to the loosening of related upstream components supplies. Buoyed by smoother output of its Pentium 4-based SiS661, SiS may enjoy an on-quarter jump of 50% in shipments in the fourth quarter, doubling its original estimate of 25%. Chipset

  • Albatron 7800GT Bundled w/ COD2

    Albatron recently announced that its GeForce 7800GT VGA card will team up with "Call of Duty 2", the sequel to one of the most popular online war-games software ever. The Albatron GeForce 7800GT will provide TV-out, DVI and VIVO connectors. The bundle package will include an HDTV cable which also supports S-Video and AV connectors.

  • The VR-Zone Budget Gaming System!

    The holiday season is here, with Christmas approaching in a month’s time. After a long year of hard work and study, many students and young adults are looking to pamper themselves with a cool PC during the holidays. VR-Zone brings you the VR-Zone Budget Gaming Station, for the students who are on a tight budget

  • The VR-Zone S$ 888 Budget Gaming System!

    The holiday season is here, with Christmas approaching in a month’s time. After a long year of hard work and study, many students and young adults are looking to pamper themselves with a cool PC during the holidays. VR-Zone brings you the VR-Zone SGD$ 888 Budget Gaming Station, for the students who are on a

  • AMD vs Intel Dual Core Challenge On Dec 6th

    AMD announced today that it will host a live dual-core duel event in Singapore on December 6. This latest challenge to Intel was issued yesterday in an advertisement in Digital Life of The Straits Times. This challenge is a follow-on to the original challenge issued to Intel on August 23. AMD’s proposed dual-core duel would

  • World Cyber Games 2005 Grand Final Coverage

    World Cyber Games Grand Finals has finally come to an end on November 20th after 4 days of exciting competitions where gamers around the world battled out for the glory of “Best Gamer” title. VR-Zone has the opportunity to demo some of our coolest rigs there at ASUS, Kingston and Coolermaster booths so check them

  • ASUS P5N32SLI Deluxe Voltage Boosting Mod

    The ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe is a pretty new board based on the Intel nForce 4 x16 chipset. As there are not a lot of overclockers using this board, little information is shared about enhancing the overclocking capabilities on this board. Today, we show you some tricks to enhance the overclocking capability of this board!

  • Inno3D GeForce 6800 PCI-E

    The Nvidia GeForce 6800 series has been around for quite a while now, and from the time they were top-of-the-line cards till now, it has been through many price drops to keep its price to performance ratio good enough for people to continue buying it. Is the 6800 still worth your money? Let’s find out!

  • NVIDIA Shop Decor Competition: Grand Finale Field Pictures

    The NVIDIA Shop Deco Competition had just wrapped up with a fantastic finale last Saturday at Sim Lim Square. Stratix, VR-Zone’s photographer for the event has just posted a thread filled with the field pictures. Do check it out over here:

  • Simple Guide to setting up your wireless home network

    Ever had the desire to setup your own wireless home network? But lack the know-how to do it? Look no further as this guide provides you the simplest steps on how to create and secure your home network.

  • Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!

    Much talk has been going with regards to the “green” NVIDIA decor sported by many retailers in Sim Lim Square and Funan recently. As a collaborative effort between VR-Zone and NVIDIA, we bring you coverage of this mega scale Competition! **Look in here for the results and Prize Giving Ceremony of this competition!**

  • Nvidia Shop Decor Competition – Presentation / Grand Finale

    Well, it’s been a busy month for all of us, and come tomorrow, it will be the time where the heros should be honoured. All of you are welcomed to come down and witness the end of this grand event! Starting from 12pm onwards, the 4 sweet Nvidia ladies will be in Sim Lim Square,

  • X-Micro Video MP3 400

    What we are reviewing here is a little monster from X-Micro, a Taiwanese company specializing in innovative digital multimedia devices, storage devices, and wireless communication devices. Let’s take a look at how this player fare against the competition, including the better-known players…

  • ATi To Unveil Mobility Crossfire

    We have heard of SLI for notebooks half a year back with two GeForce 6800Ultra Go on a Dell notebook and we are pretty sure NVIDIA is going do it again for their recently launched 7800 GTX Go. The only problem is that your battery power is going to drain real fast with that setup

  • ATi Power Express Technology Info

    ATi has some cool innovations on the mobile front that might pose some challenges to NVIDIA. We heard that ATi is going to implement Power Express Technology into their future Catalyst drivers or thru a separate software that enables hot switching between IGP and discrete graphics. This will allow the notebooks featuring ATi discrete graphics

  • GeForce 7200 Info

    NVIDIA is going to release the GeForce 7200 in Q1 next year which is going to be 90nm based. Here we can see the die shot of the GeForce 7200 which is rather small and manufactured in Week 43 of Year 2005 and is A3 revision. The core clock will reach as high as 450MHz