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  • GeForce 7200 Info

    NVIDIA is going to release the GeForce 7200 in Q1 next year which is going to be 90nm based. Here we can see the die shot of the GeForce 7200 which is rather small and manufactured in Week 43 of Year 2005 and is A3 revision. The core clock will reach as high as 450MHz

  • GeForce 7800 GS Details

      X1800 XL X1800 XT GeForce 7800 GS GeForce 7800GT GeForce 7800GTX GeForce 7800GTX 512 Pixel Pipelines 16 16 16 20 24 24 Geometry Pipelines 8 8 6 7 8 8 Core Clock 500MHz 625MHz 375MHz 400MHz 430MHz 550MHz Memory Clock (DDR) 500MHz 750MHz 500MHz 500MHz 600MHz 850MHz Peak Pixel Fill Rate 10Gpixels/s 10Gpixels/s 6Gpixels/s

  • VIA Samples K8T900 Chipset

    VIA today announced that VIA’s latest high performance chipset for the AMD platform, the VIA K8T900, is sampling to leading motherboard partners to create platforms tailored for the PC enthusiast market. Integrating VIA’s proprietary RapidFire™ technology that incorporates a number of PCI Express enhancements, the VIA K8T900 offers exceptional performance across the board, while also

  • Xbox 360 Launch To Boost ATi & SiS

    The release of the Microsoft Xbox 360 will be driving performance of ATI and SiS in the fourth quarter of this year. Foundry service providers for ATI and SiS, TSMC and UMC will likely benefit from the huge demand for the game console that three million units will be sold worldwide in the first three

  • ATi Chairman Retired

    ATI announced today that its Chairman, K.Y. Ho, has retired as a director and officer of the Company. Mr. Ho was a founder of ATI in 1985 and also served as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer until June 1, 2004. Mr. Ho stated, “ATI has been more than a major part of my career, it

  • Creative Promo @ SITEX 2005

    Date : 24 – 27 November 2005 (Thursday to Sunday) Time : 11am – 9pm Venue : Singapore Expo, Hall 4 & 5 Booth No : Creative Booth @ 5E01, Hall 5 X-Fi Booth @ 4B01, Hall 4 Creative Technology will participate in SITEX 2005 with two booths which will be filled with more than

  • Iomega Promo @ SITEX 2005

    Date: 24th – 27th November 2005 Venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 5 Booth: 5C20 (Hall 5) NOW: 4 GB – S$ 199 (w GST) Usual Price – S$ 249 (w GST) NOW: 8 GB – S$ 269 (w GST) Usual Price – S$ 319 (w GST) Iomega MicroMini Hard Drive – 1 .0” USB 2.0 (Available

  • Corsair 2GB XMS DDR Kits: 3500 PRO & 4400 PRO

    Today, we are looking at two sets of high-end 2x1GB memory modules from Corsair, the TWINX2048-3500LL PRO and the TWINX2048-4400 PRO. Both pairs belong to the high-end XMS series from Corsair, and are claimed to be highly overclockable. Let’s see if they perform as good as they look!

  • Fujitsu Promo @ SITEX 2005

    Fujitsu’s Booth Number is: 5G20 Singapore Expo Hall 5 Fujitsu Deskpower TX RRP = S$ 6,888 32 inch wide screen PC/TV 600GB storage space Video recording and viewing Promotion: Free Denon Sound Systems + Upgrade to 1GB RAM Fujitsu LifeBook P7120 RRP = S$ 3,988 Optimised design for mobility at 1.38kg Ultimate long life battery

  • Swiftech APOGEE Water-block

    Swiftech™ today announced the release of the Patent Pending APOGEE water-block and revamping of its entire line of CPU Liquid Cooling kits. The Apogee water-block is a universal CPU cooling solution that reaches “exotic” performance levels without the flow restrictions usually associated with such high-end devices. As a result, it yields substantial performance gains in

  • MSI 975X Platinum H Board

    - Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 955/Pentium D/Pentium 4/Celeron - Intel 975X + Intel ICH7R - 1066/800MHz FSB - 4 x DIMM, max. 8GB, DDR2 800/667/533, ECC and non-ECC un-buffered memory - 2 x PCI-E x16, 2 x PCI Express x1, 2 x PCI - Broadcom Gigabit LAN - 7.1ch Audio - 2 x Serial

  • ASUS P5WDG2-WS i975X Board

    ASUS introduced the Main Station Motherboard Series and the inaugural model, P5WDG2-WS, which is based on the Intel 975X chipset and supports the Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition 955 dual-core processors. Made for high-end computer and workstation users, the P5WDG2-WS provides powerful computing, superior scalability for future upgrades, quiet system cooling and stable continuous

  • Chaintech SE68GS Card

    Walton Chaintech Corporation today announced its SE68GS, an up-to-date graphics cards, which utilize the newest NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS graphics processing unit. Focusing on midrange price point, the SE68GS delivers even higher performance. To be powered by NVIDIA 6800 GS processor, the SE68GS provides 425MHz engine clock which beat the 400 MHz engine clock of

  • Creative Flash Based Zen Neeon Players

    Creative today upped the ante for the Zen Neeon series by introducing three high-capacity, skip-free flash memory-based models of 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. These new models sport duo-tone OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screens which lend a distinctly contemporary edge to the players, while displaying brighter and clearer characters that are viewable from any angle. Accompanying

  • Kingston World Cyber Games Special Promo!!

    From 17th to 23rd of November, in conjunction with the World Cyber Games Grand Finals in Singapore, Convergent Systems is holding a special promotion on Kingston Secure Digital Cards and DDR1 and DDR2 Memory modules. These go at very attractive prices during this period! For more details on this, check here.

  • VIA To Develop Own FSB Technology

    VIA claims that its self-developed FSB technology is expected to be implemented in all its embedded CPU offerings in 2006 when a cross license agreement with Intel ends. Intel has decided not to extend its patent license to VIA after a March 31, 2006 deadline when the VIA is required to stop producing certain series

  • World Cyber Games Grand Finals – Let VR-Zone’s presence be felt!

    The World Cybergames kicks off in Singapore today amid much fanfare and anticipation. As previously reported, VR-Zone partners up with Asus and Kingston to showcase the future in gaming rigs. Expect to see overclocked systems, together with top-of-the-line graphics cards pushed to their limits via different techniques such as Phase change, Watercooling, and Extreme Air

  • VR-Zone @ World Cyber Games: Just game and win a 7800 GTX!!

    Come game for FREE on VR-Zone Dream Gaming Machines at ASUS and Kingston Booth at the World Cyber Games Grand Finals in Singapore, Suntec City Level 6! From 16th to 20th Nov, 10am to 6pm, Game for FREE at the Dream Gaming Machines and stand a chance to win a NVIDIA 7800 GTX! See you

  • OCZ Gamer eXtreme XTC 2GB Dual Channel Kits

    OCZ today announced the release of the PC-3200 and PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 1024MB Modules. These exciting, new memory solutions will be available in 2GB Dual Channel Kits to accommodate the increasing demand for high density modules in today’s contemporary gaming PCs. The new Gamer eXtreme 1024MB modules feature the innovative, patent-pending XTC (Xtreme Thermal

  • ASUS EN7800GT-DUAL 2/2000 Edition Review

    In order to get a system to run in SLi mode, you would usually have to buy 2 graphics card of the same model. But today, VR-Zone takes a look at this physically large graphics card, that actually has 2 7800GT cores on a single PCB, connected via NVIDIA’s SLi interface. Look here for performance