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  • OCZ Gamer eXtreme XTC 2GB Dual Channel Kits

    OCZ today announced the release of the PC-3200 and PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 1024MB Modules. These exciting, new memory solutions will be available in 2GB Dual Channel Kits to accommodate the increasing demand for high density modules in today’s contemporary gaming PCs. The new Gamer eXtreme 1024MB modules feature the innovative, patent-pending XTC (Xtreme Thermal

  • ASUS EN7800GT-DUAL 2/2000 Edition Review

    In order to get a system to run in SLi mode, you would usually have to buy 2 graphics card of the same model. But today, VR-Zone takes a look at this physically large graphics card, that actually has 2 7800GT cores on a single PCB, connected via NVIDIA’s SLi interface. Look here for performance

  • Intel 865PE Supports Presler?

    Intel has just launched the 975X chipset and so far only first tier motherboard makers like Gigabyte and ASUS have finished developing their boards based on the chipset. The new 975X chipset supports the upcoming 65nm Dual core Pentium XE and D processors codenamed Presler as well as the single core Cedarmill. The Pentium XE

  • ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition

    ASUS has been a forerunner in the graphics scene. Although the ASUS EN7800GT Blue LED Edition doesn’t boast a higher-then-normal operating clockspeed, it does adds that special effect to your beautifully crafted case. Find pictures of this cool looking card in this review!

  • Nvidia Shop Deco Competition: Mega Pictorial Thread!

    Stratix had just posted his impressive collection of pictures taken during the mega scale NVIDIA Shop Deco Competition. Do take a look at it, in our forums:

  • Intel Yonah Logos

           Single-core Yonah will be officially known as Intel Core Solo while dual-core Yonah will be known as Intel Core Duo. The Napa platform on Intel Core Duo will be known as Centrino Duo while on Intel Core Solo will be known as Centrino Solo.

  • Intel To Release P4 672 & 662 w/ VT

    Intel is expected to unveil two new desktop processors Pentium 4 672 and 662 on Monday that come with hardware support for virtualization technologies, but users won’t be able to take advantage of that technology for some time. Virtualization technology allows PC and server users to run multiple operating environments on a single processor, allowing

  • Intel 965 Express Chipsets In Q2 2006

    Platform Chipset Specs Price (US$ ) Bridge Creek (Consumer) G965 (Broadwater GC) 533/800/1066MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR2-800, Intel GMA 42 P965 (Broadwater P) 533/800/1066MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR2-800 38 Averill (Enterprise) Q965 (Broadwater G) 533/800/1066MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR2-800, Intel GMA, iAMT, SIPP 42 Q963 (Broadwater GF) 533/800/1066MHz FSB, Dual Channel DDR2-533/667, Intel GMA, iAMT,

  • Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe Preview

    VR-Zone brings you a preview of the Asus P5N32-SLI Deluxe mainboard, an Intel Nforce 4 mainboard that consist of the Original Intel Nforce 4 C19 SPP, and an addition of the Nforce 4 SLI CK804 MCP, delivering up to 40 lanes of PCI-Express goodness. Let’s take a look at the features right now.

  • ASUS @ WCG Grand Finals

    ASUS is official sponsor for the motherboards and graphics cards powering the 600+ WCG Grand Finals systems. VR-Zone is going to tie up with ASUS to showcase our SLI rig of the month using ASUS A8N32SLI Deluxe and EN7800GTX  cards. We will also see the ASUS EAX1800 XT card there. WCG Grand Finals will be

  • DFI nF4 SLI-DR Expert w/ FX-57 @ 3.9GHz!

    We took this new motherboard from DFI for some overclocking tests and put a naked FX-57 under some cascade cold treatment. With a better board layout/design and more tweakable options in BIOS, we are able to overclock the FX-57 to 3.9GHz and is stable under 3DMark benching. We will write a review on this fine

  • ATi RV560 Info Emerged

    Although ATI has just announced the Radeon X1000 family consists of X1300 (RV515), X1600 (RV530) and X1800 (R520) but the internal department isn’t too pleased with their performance so far. Therefore, ATi is stepping up their effort on the next generation R580 and has already completed the design and development process so the performance should

  • XGI Volari 8300 For Desktop & Mobile

    XGI today launched a new member of its graphics family, the Volari™ 8300, with a press event held in Beijing, inviting over 100 IT journalists to the affair. The new PCI-Express based Volari™ 8300 graphics chipset is designed with XGI’s flagship video processing technology, TrueVideo™ Engine, to satisfy the increasing demand of video processing power

  • Futuremark 3DMark2006 Info & Screenshots

       Futuremark has started talking about their next 3DMark publicly over at Beyond3D interview. The key feature and effect present in 3DMark2006 are Shader Model 3.0 support and HDR implementation that requires full SM3.0 support and FP16 textures & blending. Others cool implementations and changes include CSM (Cascaded Shadow Maps), soft shadows, heavier pixel processing

  • NV Shop Deco News Flash: Mad Mod Mike appearing LIVE in Sim Lim Square this SATURDAY!

    Date: Saturday, 12 Nov 2005 Time: 12 PM ~ 7 PM Location: Level 4/5/6 @ Sim Lim Square, Singapore In conjunction with our mega scale NVIDIA Shop Decor competition, we will be having a special Sim Lim Square “walk about” session this weekend. We, the crew of VR-Zone invite you to join us in this

  • Sapphire PURE Innovation A9RX480 Motherboard

    With a stunning white PCB and fury red component slots, this is one of the most fanciful motherboard we’ve seen so far. With 4V for VDimm and over 2.0V for Vcore, this board promises to be an overclocker’s dream. VR-Zone takes a deeper insight into this board that is geared for enthusiasts.

  • ASUS Enabled SLI On 4 GPUs

    It seems like ASUS has successfully enabled SLI on 4 GPUs using two EN7800GT-DUAL cards on ASUS A8N32-SLI board. It appears that no SLI bridge connector is needed but i would expect some slight degradation of performance in result of that. ASUS is still in the process of debugging and hopefully we can see it

  • AMD Socket F Opterons Has No Pins

    It seems like the next generation Opteron based on the new Socket F will have a LGA775-like socket. The dual-core Opterons next year will move on to 1207 contact pads it appears instead of the usual pins. It will sport DDR2-667 memory support and also Pacifica Virtualization, Presidio Security, Memory RAS.

  • NVIDIA 6800 GS 256MB

    We’ve just taken a look at the 6600 DDR2 from NVIDIA that was put out to match up against the ATi X1000 series of graphics chipsets. Now, we take a look at the 6800 GS, another gap filler pushed out to meet the competition. This one fits right in between the 6800 GT and standard

  • Creative X-FI Support In Quake 4

    Creative today announced that it has teamed with id Software to provide outstanding Xtreme Fidelity audio performance with Sound Blaster X-Fi™ sound card support in id Software’s recently released QUAKE 4™ PC game. QUAKE 4 is the latest of this year’s top PC games to support Sound Blaster X-Fi, and joins the ranks of DOOM