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  • Sony VAIO TX & FJ Series

    Combining comprehensive business functionality and a fashion-forward physique, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has launched its newest featherweight PC contender, the VAIO TX notebook. The VAIO TX packs wireless LAN connectivity, entertainment playback and a White LED display into a slick carbon fibre casing. Designed for a wider appeal, Sony will also be launching

  • TwinMOS October 2005 Promo!

    TwinMOS has offered some nice promotions for VR-Zone members for the month of September! Below are the promos and the savings you can enjoy if you are a ClubVR member : Promos Items TwinMOS Web Promo Price Special Price for VR-Zone members Mobile Music Disk MMD 318S MP3 Player 512MB S$ 129 S$ 119 Mobile

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Z60 & ThinkVantage Technologies

    Lenovo today announced the ThinkPad Z60, the first widescreen multimedia ThinkPad notebooks. ThinkPad Z60 is designed for mobile and small business users who rely on one notebook computer for both work and life demands. In addition to the classic black ThinkPad design, the new Z60 is available in a special edition brushed titanium cover. 1

  • Exclusive: Razer Mantis Speed Precision Mousing Surface

    While Razer has been putting in lots of attention into rolling out high end mice designed specially for gaming purposes, they have just introduced the Mantis to compliment them. Being Razer’s second mousepad, read on to find out the difference between the oversized Mantis and other premium mousepads in the market!

  • Kingston Hyper X KHX7200D2K2 DDR2 Review

    Kingston has a new addition to their Hyper-X family, the KHX7200 DDR2. The KHX7200D2K2, rated to run at PC2-7200 speeds of 450/900Mhz DDR2 at CL4 is soon to be launched into the market. Quite a high frequency… does it do well and is there more room? Let’s find out!

  • ATi GPUs On 90nm X Architecture Soon

    TSMC today announced that it is ready to accept 90nm X Architecture designs. The company has successfully qualified 90nm X Architecture design rules that can enable lower cost, higher performance and lower power designs. Earlier this year, ATI, Cadence and TSMC successfully produced the foundry industry’s first X Architecture device –– a high-performance, high-volume PCI-Express

  • IBM 64-bit Power5+ CPUs

    IBM is expected to release the first servers based on its new 64-bit Power5+ processors. They include several new products, notably a quadcore server, together with new virtualization and systems management software. The Power5+ chips come in clock speeds of either 1.5GHz or 1.9GHz with a maximum of 72MB of onboard cache memory. The new

  • Albatron K8NF4X-754 Board

    Albatron recently announced the new K8NF4X-754 mainboard sporting the socket-754, which supports AMD’s popular Sempron CPUs. This mainboard can also support the Athlon 64-bit 3800+ Dual Core CPUs. The Albatron K8NF4X-754 teams up with an NVIDIA nForce4 4X chipset that provides dual graphic card technology to go along with the board’s two PCI Express slots.

  • Leadtek WinFast PX7800GT Extreme

    Today, we take a look at the Leadtek Winfast PX 7800GT Extreme. Being an “Extreme” model, it comes out of box, pre-overclocked. Look here to find out how fast this card is, as compared against a normal GeForce 7800 GT!

  • AMD Partners Virtual Paper Napkin Programme

    AMD is pleased to be the technology partner of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA)-supported Virtual Paper Napkin programme, a training and outreach programme that aims to develop the interest and capabilities in students for 3D applications. AMD’s commitment in the project is demonstrated through the sponsorship of 21 units of 3D graphics workstations

  • EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

    EPoX has been rather supportive of Nvidia’s SLI technology and here, we see their latest SLI Innovation – A SLI-enabled Socket 754 Nforce 4 SLI mainboard!

  • A cheap trick to cool a reference designed 7800 GTX

    For those of you who have a hot running Geforce 7800 GTX card, yet still want to overclock more? Want something quiet and cheap? Here’s a cheap way to cool a reference designed Geforce 7800 GTX. By using an Intel stock fan found in a 3.0E LGA package, we were able to get an improvement

  • SevenTeam ST-550EAG Power Supply Review

    Another low profile power supply silently enters the Singapore market. Today we take a look at the fresh new SevenTeam ST-550EAG 550w Power Supply. Does it pack a punch?? Read on to find out!

  • ASUS Extreme GeForce 7800GTX TOP Edition

    On this bright sunny sunday, VR-Zone takes a look at the latest 7800GTX on the shelves, the Asus Extreme Geforce 7800GTX TOP edition. Asus claims that the specific TOP edition 7800GTX superceeds the reference 7800GTX by up to 14%! Will the 7800GTX TOP live up to its name? Let’s check it out in this very

  • Inno3D Geforce 7800GT 256MB Review

    The 7800GTs has been the talk of the town since they were released about two weeks back, and here we are going to take a look at the latest offerings from Innovision, the Inno3D Geforce 7800GT 256MB.

  • ATi R5xx w/ Threading Dispatch Unit

    Before the data comes from the setup engine to be processed in the pixel Shader engine, it will meet an "Ultra" threading dispatch processor. It’s a key part of the chip that will tell R520 data where to go, and the data will hear and obey. Each of the Rx5xx chips will have this Ultra

  • ATi R5xx Pricing

    Models Price X1800 XT 512MB $ 549 X1800 XT 256MB $ 499 X1800 XL 256MB   $ 449 X1600 XT 256MB $ 249 X1600 XT 128MB  $ 199 X1600 Pro 256MB   $ 199 X1600 Pro 128MB   $ 149   X1300 Pro  256MB  $ 149 X1300 256MB   $ 129 X1300 128MB  $ 99 X1300 HM-128MB $ 79

  • Creative PC-CAM 950 Slim

    Creative today introduced the newest addition of Creative PC-CAM 950 Slim, its stylishly slim and most compact PC-CAM comes packed with loads of outstanding features. Creative PC-CAM 950 Slim has a slim and tiny form factor which measures only 92 (W) x 27 (D) x 57 (H) mm, and weighs just 87grams (without battery and

  • Lian Li PC-767 & PC-777 Preview

    Lian Li has always been at the forefront in the casing industry. In conjunction with Lian Li’s 20th anniversary, the PC-777 was introduced and VR-Zone took a close look at this special anniversary model with another new case called the PC-767.

  • APC Trade UPS Programme

    American Power Conversion (APC) has announced the APC Trade-UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Programme, offering customers a new initiative in upgrading existing units to the latest APC UPS technologies. This programme was introduced to provide customers with the option of upgrading their existing units to APC UPS products. By trading in your existing UPS and ordering