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  • NVIDIA To Counter R5xx w/ 90nm G7x

    NVIDIA is going to launch their flagship GPU, GeForce Go 7800 GTX for notebooks within the next few days. We heard that it is essentially a desktop part so all these while, NVIDIA is trying hard to shave watts out of it probably by lowering the core clock and fine-tuning the PowerMizer 6.0 technology. Nevertheless,

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Info

    AMD has confirmed on the Socket M2 design and will be unveiling the Socket M2 processors in Q2 2006. Single-core Athlon 64/FX “Orleans” and Dual-core Athlon 64 X2 “Windsor” will be based on 90nm processor technology and will support DDR-II 667 memory bus, bi-directional 1GHz HT bus, Presidio Security as well Pacifica Virtualization. The Athlon

  • ATi R520 Is Lead Free, RoHS Design

    The enthusiasts-class X1800 will sport a new Ultra-High-Performance 3D Engine, Quality display and video engine, high-speed memory controller, Xilleon TV encoder, Dual-DVI / Dual-link DVI, HDTV, HDCP board options. R520 is based on lead-free, RoHS board design and is Crossfire ready. There will be two versions available at launch : X1800XT and X1800XL.As for mainstream

  • A Walk About at SLS (24-9-2005)

    It’s the weekends, and VR-Zone brings you the weekly SLS. Check it out for some of SLS’s latest hardware!

  • Intel Dual Core Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Review

    This year, Intel launches its Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition series of processors incorporating dual cores within a single CPU. This seems to be a trend this year… dual everything, from dual Video Cards to dual core CPUs, the X2s from AMD and of course Intel’s Dual Cores. Let’s take a look at the

  • Akiba Update: 23rd September 05

    Our forum administrator, booest has posted his latest feeds of updates from Japan’s electronic city, Akibahara. look at the link below.

  • ATi Launch Spots For R520

    ATI is throwing a big party at Europe’s most infamous party spot, at Ibiza, Spain and plans to do the briefings and the launch of R520 and the other generation of the cards. ATI invited about 100 press beggars and it plans to book PR spinners and its staff in a four star beach hotel.

  • Scythe Ninja Heatsink review

    Scythe Co Ltd is a rather new company in the Computer Enthusiast Cooling Arena. Established in the 2004, Scythe started dishing out affordable enthusiast grade heatsinks at a rapid pace, with one generation of innovation after another. Today, we will be taking a look at one of their latest multi-socket heatsink, the Scythe Ninja.

  • Intel New Numbering Scheme

    Segment H1 2006 H2 2006 Desktop   Conroe (65nm, 4MB L2, Dual Core, VT, LT, iAMT2) S1x00….S5x00 Mobile Yonah (65nm, Dual Core, 2MB L2, 667FSB, VT, SSE3) T1x00 – Normal L1x00 – Low Voltage U1x00 – ULV Merom (65nm, Dual Core, 4MB L2, VT, EM64T) T4x00? T6x00? Intel is dumping its current naming scheme for

  • Vista Drivers To Be More Stable Than XP

    THG has learned that graphics drivers developed for Vista will be far more stable than their Windows XP-based counterparts, and not crash the operating system anymore. Vista graphics drivers are programmed for a new driver model currently named LDDM (Longhorn Display Driver Model), although the “Longhorn” part is subject to change. The “user mode-based” drivers

  • ASUS 7800GTX-DUAL Card Final Design

    This is how the final design of the ASUS Extreme N7800GT-DUAL box and card will look like. Apparently ASUS chose to use a red PCB and a nice cooling solution with a fan in the center to cool down the two GPUs. This card uses 1.6ns GDDR3 memories with a total of 512MB onboard. The

  • Cool Drivers & Games

    There are some cool drivers and games out this week so make sure you grab them : nForce 4 Version 6.67 nForce4 Driver 8.12 (64-bit) nForce4 Driver 8.12 (32-bit) Forceware 81.26 Beta Catalyst 5.9 Windows XP (classic) Catalyst 5.9 Windows XP CCC Serious Sam II Demo

  • Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI-Quad Royal Board has a preview on the Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI-Quad Royal board that supports 4 PCIe x 16 slots with x8 bandwidth each or 2 PCIe x16 slots with x16 bandwidth each. It is based on new SLI X16 chipset comprise of C19 + CK804 supporting the new Intel processors. Imagine a gaming system powered by two

  • Toshiba Cell Chipset Board

    Toshiba took major steps toward creating a comprehensive development environment for applications based on the Cell microprocessor with the announcement of a Cell Chip Set consisting of the new microprocessor and key peripheral chips, and a Cell Reference Set development platform. The chip set and the reference set will support development of digital consumer products

  • Intel 945G Chipset Face Shortage

    Intel’s chipset shortage has extended from its entry-level PCIe 915 series to the high-end 945G line. Tight supply of the chip giant’s 915 chipset has disrupted OEM shipments of high-end Pentium 4-based motherboards, as well as migration to DDR2. Meanwhile, the makers hinted that an insufficient supply of the 945G chipset, which supports dual-channel DDR2

  • ASUS 7800GT-DUAL Needs External Power

    The ASUS 7800GT-DUAL card is pretty interesting as it seems. It has a single 6-pin molex connector to power two GPUs but it requires an external power source using an AC adapter. This card has two DVI-out and two VGA connectors. Not forgetting, it is a huge card so not all casings can fit this

  • Swiftech MCR80 “Quiet Power” Radiator

    Swiftech™ today announced the release of the new MCR80 "Quiet Power" 80mm radiators for liquid-cooled computers. Designed specifically for space-constrained systems, the MCR80-QP is more compact and delivers higher performance at lower acoustic noise levels than similar products in its class. "There is a large number of space-constrained applications such as small form factor P/C’s,

  • Intel & muvee Tie-up For Digital Video Contest

    Intel is collaborating with Singaporean pioneer in Instant Personal Video software, muvee Technologies, to bring digital home technologies to households throughout Asia through the recent launch of the "Click, Style, Show" Digital Video Contest. Intel and muvee Technologies invite home video and photo enthusiasts to showcase their talent by entering the "Click, Style, Show" digital

  • NVIDIA G80 To Use GDDR4 Memories

    GDDR4 will start working at the similar speeds of top GDDR3 chip but it will use less watts and will be easier and cheaper to produce. This memory should start around 800MHz efficiently 1600 MHz if not even higher. However GDDR4 will be different from GDDR3 as it requires some memory controller modifications so older

  • TSMC In Volume Production Of R520

    TSMC is in volume production of multiple 90nm products for ATI, including the Radeon® X1800, Radeon® X1600 and Radeon® X1300 series chips, and has shipped large quantities of production wafers to ATI. "The ATI products produced with TSMC’s 90nm process show a tremendous clock speed improvement and power reduction versus earlier generation technologies," said Jason