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  • Intel Low Power 65nm Process In 2007

    Intel is developing an ultra-low power derivative of its first-generation, 65-nm process technology. The technology, dubbed P1265, represents Intel’s first process that is tailored for ultra-low power chip applications, such as cellular phones, PDAs and other products. Slated to ramp up in the 2007 time frame, the P1265 process has demonstrated the ability to reduce

  • ATi Launched Avivo

    You’ll never look at your PC the same way again, once you’ve seen a computer with Avivo™ from ATI Technologies Inc. Avivo includes hardware and software technologies that refine video capture and playback, and greatly improve display quality. Computers with Avivo provide much more accurate color reproduction than other PCs – they can display 64

  • NVIDIA Filed Patent For VGA Connector

    NVIDIA has filed a US Patent No.: US 6,942,521 B1 named "VGA Connector With Integral Filter" on 13th September. Interestingly, it is meant to improve the good old 15 Pin D-Sub connector and we will see which next gen. NVIDIA cards will use this improved VGA connector but more of the latest cards will just

  • ATi R520 AVIVO 2D Engine

    ATi upcoming R520 will incorporate Advanced VIVO capabilities that includes H.264/VC-1 Hardware Decode, High Definiton Hardware MPEG2 Acceleration, WMV9 HD Acceleration, High Quality & CE-Proven TV Encoder, Multi-Vector Adaptive etc. AVIVO also includes a 10-Bit Display Engine supporting not just the 10-Bit Gamma correction but also 10-Bit Scaling and 10-Bit Dithering. AVIVO also support 16-Bit

  • SanDisk To Ship U3 Smart Flash Drive

    SanDisk today introduced its first USB smart drive using U3 technology, a powerful new platform that enables users to store and manage their "personal workspace" — including files, programs, passwords and settings — on a tiny device the size of a pack of gum. SanDisk Cruzer® Micro smart drives will offer a private, securely protected

  • AMD-Sponsored Film Contest

    AMD today announced its sponsorship of "The 64 Second Film Contest," providing digital media enthusiasts an opportunity to invent and share digital creations defining the concept of "Waitlessness" in 64 seconds. AMD Athlon(TM) 64 X2 dual-core processors "shatter the hourglass," taking content creation and multimedia performance to an all new level. With the help of

  • LG Multi-Function LCD TV Promo

  • GeForce Go 7800 GTX on Sep 29th

    NVIDIA is going to launch their mobile G70 to be officially known as GeForce Go 7800 GTX on Sept 29th and it will be available immediately on the day of launch. 7800 GTX Go is packed with 302M transistors and is clocked at 400MHz core / 550MHz memory. It will deliver twice the shader power,

  • Sapphire X800GTO Ultimate & Fireblade Editions

    Developed to take advantage of its unique safe overclocking tool, TRIXX, Sapphire has just launched several exciting new models of graphics accelerator in the Sapphire RADEON X800 family. Silently cooled by an amazing new heatpipe system, the Sapphire RADEON X800GTO ULTIMATE 256MB is equipped with GDDR3 memory and has a standard core clock speed of

  • X800 GTO² to X850 XT Mod

    Sapphire’s special version of the X800 GTO is called X800 GTO² which uses an R480 core similar to that on the X850 series. The GTO² comes with 12 pipelines enabled by default but through a soft mod by flashing a BIOS, the full 16 pipelines can be unlocked to become a X850 XT PE. Check

  • ATi Radeon X800 GTO Launched

    ATI is pleased to announce the introduction of its Radeon ® X800 GTO premium graphics card, the newest member of the Radeon family of products that is designed to give gamers the ultimate combination of graphics performance, gaming power and value. ATI’s Radeon X800 GTO combines a powerful 12-pipe 3D engine with 256-bit memory interface

  • Chaintech Volari V5 & GeForce 6200A Cards

    Chaintech today announced a pair of mainstream graphics cards, which deliver everything the Home Theatre PC users need for output as well as enough power for graphics-intensive applications and 3D gaming at a modest price. Chaintech’s Volari V5 (SAV5) graphics card features XGI Technology’s Volari V5 chipset. The Apogee VE VA62A-G2 utilizes nVIDIA’s GeForce 6200A

  • Airgo MIMO Gen3 Chipset

    Airgo Networks announced its third generation True MIMO chipset with support for data rates up to 240Mbps. For the first time consumers will be able to experience faster-than-wired speeds over a wireless network – and almost three times the speed of other premium wireless technologies on the market today. This next generation of True MIMO

  • “SuperFetch” To Accelerate Boot Time In Vista

    Microsoft previewed a new feature in Windows that can significantly increase the speed applications are loaded and extend the virtual memory of a computer system by accessing secondary and peripheral storage devices such as USB Flash memory sticks. Microsoft calls this feature “SuperFetch.” Library system codes of most used applications are pre-loaded during the normal

  • GeForce 7800 Standard Info

    NVIDIA plans to introduce GeForce 7800 Standard using the G70 core which makes it the third line-up for the 7800 series. It will have 16 pixel pipelines and 6 vertex shader. The core clock is at 375MHz and the memory is at 1Ghz. GeForce 7800 will be replacing GeForce 6800GT and Ultra but NVIDIA is

  • ATi R520 Core Revisions

    ATi has decided to go with 16pp R520 with their latest re-taped revision called A1023 so the launch of R520 on Oct 4th has only 16 pipelines for their top lineup X1800XT. We expect ATi to replace R520 quickly with R580 in early next year to better compete with NVIDIA’s lineup. The R520 Rev 2

  • ASUS 7800GT-Dual Card

    Instead of a bare PCB of the 7800 Dual card posted a day back, this is how the actual card with all the components soldered on will look like. The core used is 7800GT not the GTX as reported earlier and the memory is 1.6ns Samsung GDDR3 totaling 512MB.

  • ATi Crossfire On 24th Sep

    ATI is getting ready to release its first Crossfire motherboards and retail boards should follow, and some even ready at the launch date. ATI plans to lift its NDAs on the 24th. One of the key problems with Crossfire was the linking external cable that caused a few weeks delay. Just a little later, ATi

  • NVIDIA GeForce 6800XT Info

    NVIDIA is planning two versions of the 6800XT card. One will be PCIe while the second one will use good old AGP. The first version of the card will be based on NV41 PCIe while AGP version will use NV40 chip. Both cards will have eight pipelines and are being shipped in Taiwan. NVIDIA plans

  • ATi R520 Pricing Info

    ATI R520 Roadmap and Pricing Card Pipes Std Core Clock Std Memory MSRP X1800 XT 16 600MHz 700MHz 512MB GDDR3 $ 599 X1800 XL 16 550MHz 625MHz 512MB GDDR3 $ 499 X1800 Pro 16 500MHz 500MHz 256MB GDDR3 $ 449 X1800 LE 12 450MHz 450MHZ 256MB GDDR3 $ 349 Anandtech has some nice tibits on