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Nokia N8 Starts Shipping

Good news for those of you who are looking forward to the Nokia N8 entertainment smartphone, well, its going to be available soon. The Finnish manufacturer has announced it has started shipping the N8 around the world, and for consumers who have pre-ordered, they will be receiving the phone first.

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Philips Launches New Range Of Notebook Accessories

If your laptop's built-in speakers are giving average audio quality for your music, videos and gaming, perhaps its time to get that portable notebook PC speakers. Philips has recently launched their latest range of notebook accessories which include the light and portable Philips SPA5210/97 clip-on notebook soundbar and the Philips SDC5100/10 Notebook CushionSpeaker.

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OCZ launches Onyx 2 SSD, continues to drive prices down

OCZ has unveiled the Onyx 2 Series 2.5-inch solid state drives with superior affordability designed for mainstream desktops and mobile systems. Offering higher durability and faster transfer rates of up to 270MB/sec as compared to traditional hard drives, the Sandforce-based Onyx 2 delivers excellent performance with lower price per gigabyte

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