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Whoops! Unreleased Sonos Product Posted By Mistake

Briefly listed on B&H America's website (then hastily taken down), this mysterious soundbase from Sonos seems to confirm a previous FCC listing, and some other pictures that were leaked on Twitter in the last couple of days. Clearly we're not looking at another sound bar here, but a speaker pedestal that

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Singaporean Team Botler Wins Hackathon Making Wheelchairs Autonomous

Singapore is steadily becoming a hotbed of innovation, and this is being represented overseas as well. A Singaporean team has won a Hackathon at MIT Hacking Medicine Robotics on 32 Carpenter Street. Using software and hardware provided by Segway called Loomo, all competitors found their own way of turning the

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Sudio Regent Review – Delightful Swedish Headphones That You Can Personalise

[Enjoy Sudio's Spring/Summer 2017 promo when you order your own Sudio Regent Wireless Headphones online. You'll get 15% off + 20% Tax Rebate + Free Shipping to Singapore when you enter discount code 'VRZONE' upon checkout. You will also receive a free Limited Edition White Marble Phone Case per

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Biostar debuts new AM4 motherboards for upcoming Ryzen processors

Ahead of the AMD Ryzen launch next month, Biostar has announced its new RACING series family of high-performance motherboards for the new processors. The new motherboards feature the latest 2nd-generation RACING Series technology, with features such as VIVID LED Armor and 5050 LED Fun Zone. In addition to the new

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NVIDIA GeForce ‘Game Ready’ 378.66 WHQL driver now available

NVIDIA has rolled out new GeForce ‘Game Ready’ 378.66 WHQL driver that brings optimization for Sniper Elite 4, For Honor, and Halo Wars 2. A key new feature included with this release is the Video SDK 8.0 with high-bit-depth (10/12-bit) decoding (VP9/HEVC), OpenGL input surface support for encoder, weighted prediction,

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AMD AM4 motherboards up for pre-order in Australia, prices revealed

After AMD Ryzen processors, the upcoming AMD AM4 motherboards have also been listed online. A few AM4 motherboards are now up for pre-order in Australia, giving us an idea of what to expect from the new boards in terms of pricing. Let’s start with the most affordable of the four motherboards

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