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Multiple sources confirm fingerprint sensor for Samsung Galaxy Note III

And just like that, it’s September 4. D-Day. H-hour. The first day of the rest of our lives. But a day that’s bound to remain in Android history, not unlike September 3, when Google took the entire world by surprise and announced Android 4.4 KitKat. (more…)

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Acer Extend concept lets your smartphone power a laptop, could land in Q1 2014

Aside from jumping the gun ahead of IFA 2013 and showcasing the world’s first 4K video recording capable smartphone, a very budget-conscious 10-inch tablet and a ginormous all-in-one PC running Android, Acer is apparently laying it all out there as far as its future plans go, too. (more…)

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Latest piece of evidence suggests Galaxy Note III packs 2.5 GB RAM… or does it?

As Samsung’s Galaxy Note III has basically starred in a new rumor every couple of days for the past month or so, you’d think the phablet would be as transparent as glass by now. And it is in many ways, only a number of tidbits are yet to be revealed

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