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Nokia ‘Bandit’ to pack Snapdragon 800 CPU, lower-end Lumias could come with 400 and 200

Although it’s technically not yet confirmed, it’s no longer a national secret that Nokia is working on a 6-inch “phablet”. Codenamed “Bandit”, the big guy is reportedly headed for AT&T and could be the first WP8-based device to come with a full HD screen and quad-core CPU in tow. (more…)

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Amazon offers upgrades from select Xbox 360 games to Xbox One for $9.99 in new promotion

In Amazon's new One Up Your Game promotion, customers who order select titles will be able to upgrade to an Xbox One version of the same game for only $9.99. The online retailer has included a myriad of triple-A titles in their promotion lineup including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed

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Rumor: HTC One with Windows Phone and Full HD screen coming this fall

Remember how “industry sources” close to Digitimes claimed just last week that HTC was looking to “drift away” from Windows Phone 8 and focus solely on Android? Guess what, we have every reason to believe that rumor is complete bull. (more…)

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