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  • [Rumour] AMD to release new Juniper HD 5670

    INPAI reports that AMD is preparing to release a new product based on Juniper. This will be a 640SP product, lower than the HD 5750 (720) and the HD 5770 (800). While logic would suggest that this product should effectively be known as HD 5730, Inpai suggests that it will be simply an “update” to

  • Lian Li Releases PC-B25S Mid-Tower Chassis

    Lian Li has announced the PC-B25S Mid-Tower Chassis, targeting enthusiasts who desire silent chassis. More…

  • Scythe Unveils Kaze Master Pro Series Fan Controllers

    Scythe, well known for its high performance cooling solutions, has announced its Kaze Master Pro Series Fan Controllers. More…

  • Product Launch: LG INFINIA Full LED Slim 3D HDTVs

    The LG INFINIA series of HDTVs was launched on 14 May 2010 in Singapore at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. The flagship INFINIA LX9500 is the world’s first Full LED Slim 3D TV, a two-time awardee at CES 2010, and a winner of the reddot design award 2010. Read more about the event, as well as the full

  • Lian Li Preps TYR PC-X2000F Full Tower Case for Release

    Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd, well-known for their quality aluminum PC cases for enthusiasts, is preparing the TYR PC-X2000F full tower case for release. More next page…

  • [Rumour] Nvidia preparing dual-GF104

    As expected, there will be no dual-GF100 card, as it is simply impractical, given the single GF100 pushes the barriers of PCI-e thermals. While the “TDP” is specified as 250W, reviews have seen actual “peak power” is approx. 300W, which is the limit for PCI SIG certified cards. However, Fudzilla is now reporting that Nvidia

  • BlackBerry Tablet Rumored To Launch This Year

    Looks like the market for tablets is getting hotter, whether from ebook readers like Amazon Kindle, or the latest Apple iPad. According to news sources, Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry mobile devices, could be developing a tablet.

  • HTC Sues Apple For Infringement of Patents

    Apple filed a lawsuit against HTC for patent infringement in March whereby many see it as a move to get back at Google for the Android devices (indirectly). And just recently, the Taiwanese manufacturer has countersue Apple for infringement of their patents.

  • Another iPhone “4G” Lost, This Time In Vietnam (Updated with Video!)

    Just how much coincidence’s needed for another iPhone “4G” prototype to be lost and then leaked to the public. Seems like not much is needed as a video from Vietnam surfaces on Youtube, showing more detail.  Check it out !

  • Verizon And Google Working On Tablet

    This year may well be the year of the tablet/slate. News sources have reported that Verizon Wireless and Google are collaborating to develop a Tablet, which could well be a competitor to the Apple iPad.

  • OCZ Unveils Enyo USB 3.0 External SSD

    OCZ Technology Group, Inc., leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of high-performance SSDs and memory modules, has unleashed its Enyo Portable SSD. More next page…

  • Xigmatek Readies Midgard White Knight

    Xigmatek is preparing its Midgard White Knight PC Case for release. More…

  • Blackberry Bold 9800 With OS6 Caught On Video

    It’s fun sometimes to check out videos, here is a video of a BlackBerry Bold 9800 in action in BlackBerry 6 OS Overall design looks cool

  • iPad Official Release For Singapore Announced

    It is official ! Apple has announced that the official international availability for the iPad. Do take note that different regions will get different launch dates. Singapore is in one of them.

  • MSI Announces CX705MX Multimedia Laptop

    MSI has recently launched their new CX705MX laptop, designed for best value in multimedia computing. Weighing slightly below 3kg, the MSI sports a wide 17.3-inch cinema-class 16:9 ratio LED display and ATi Radeon HD 545V discrete graphics card for superb graphics performance.

  • Skype to charge a fee for group video chat

    Skype is known for their voice over IP calls, but it is also one of the software applications in the market that supports group video chat (on various platforms). According to Wall Street Journal, the company has announced new group video chat service and subscription plans.

  • [Rumour] Nvidia next-gen entry level GPUs in July/August

    Nvidia’s entry-level GPUs, based on GF106 and GF108, are set to release in July and August respectively, according to Digitimes’ sources. While the last suffix 6 and 8 are normally associated with the $50 and $100 price points respectively, the rumour suggests rather alarming prices of $100 and $180 instead. More next page…

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 Review

    A new set of weapons in the arsenal for professionals and freelancers working in the creative sectors – the CS5 edition of Adobe’s flagship suite is here.  

  • Lamptron Launches FC6 Fan Controller

    Lamptron, manufacturers of next generation high performance computer peripherals, has released its FC6 fan controller. More…

  • Super Street Fighter IV Review

    Super Street Fighter IV (SSF4) was launched for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 a few days ago in normal, collectors and a limited dojo package edition. But is it really worth the money to get that extra set of features and characters? Here’s our take.