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  • Samsung Upgrades Galaxy Spica Smartphone

    The Samsung Galaxy Spica was announced in November last year, and recently, the korean maker has introduced an upgraded version of the Galaxy Spica phone that features enhanced user experience as well as multimedia and messaging functionality.

  • Energizer Engergi To Go Rechargable Power Packs Review

    Aren’t you just so sick and tired of your mobile devices running out of juice when you’re on-the-go? This is becoming a common headache for many people. But fret not, Energizer has come up with a range of solutions for the mobile generation. Read on to find out our verdict!

  • Dawn of War II : Chaos Rising

    Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is an expansion set to the original Dawn of War II, featuring the treacherous Chaos faction and a new campaign that pits the Space Marines from the previous Dawn of War II into the new story. Are you brave enough to face the forces of Chaos and its daemons.

  • China Warns Google

    In an article by Wall Street Journal, a top Chinese minister warned Google Inc that it “will have to bear the consequences” if it stops filtering its search results in China. Internet censorship has been a controversy topic in China

  • Sony Unveils Playstation Move

    Sony have announced “Playstation Move”, its official name for the motion controller in GDC with various lineup of games supporting the controller

  • Get Microsoft Office 2010 for free

    It’s still currently in beta status, but Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Office 2010 office productivity suite will be given away for free to customers who fulfil a specific set of conditions.   Read on for more information.

  • IT SHOW 2010: The Coverage

    It’s quite a weird feeling being bumped around like a pinball at the IT SHOW 2010 show grounds. We’re seeing a record number of people here, even though the first two days of the show were on weekdays. Follow us for the good deals and interesting stuff; what you see is what you get!

  • Mobile gaming with Intel Core i7 720QM: MSI GT640 Review

    Being restricted to gaming on a desktop doesn’t really apply nowadays; the Core i7 packing MSI GT640 lets you game, while offering you mobility. How does the GT640 stack up then?

  • IT SHOW 2010: The Preview

    IT SHOW 2010 is touted to be the largest show in history by having a record 345,000 feet of exhibit space that spans every available show floor at Suntec. Once again, VR-Zone brings you some pre-show pictures in this preview article!

  • Creative Introduces New Aurvana In-Ear2 Earphones

    Enjoy superb sound quality with this Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 earphones. Building on their premium Aurvana earphones series, this latest addition claims to suit a wide genre of music and vocals. It is currently on sale and at tomorrow’s IT Show 2010 in Singapore, at S$149.

  • Sony Ericsson ‘Evolve, Engage, Excite’ Regional Media Launch

    Today, Sony Ericsson held a regional media event ‘Evolve, Engage, Excite’ at Resort World Sentosa in Singapore and unveiled their latest phones including the Xperia X10, X10 mini, X10 mini pro, Vivaz, Vivaz Pro, Elm, Hazel and Aspen.

  • Dell Launches Vostro 3000 Series Commercial Laptops

    Dell Singapore has announced their latest Vostro 3000 series which are lightweight, yet powerful notebook PCs designed for small businesses. Priced from S$1,399, the Vostro 3000 series are available from today. 

  • Scythe Displays New PC Cases, Susano and Yasya CPU Coolers at CeBIT

    Scythe, well known for its high performance CPU coolers, is showcasing several new PC cases and CPU coolers at CeBIT. More…

  • Best Buy and Panasonic Push 3D HDTV

    If you are staying in US and wants to be an early adopter of 3D HDTV, you could go and buy one this week. According to web sources, Panasonic will be selling their 3D plasma HDTV later this week at a lower price than that in Japan.

  • “Little Impact on Taiwan’s semiconductor industry” after earthquake.

    Hardware enthusiasts, fret not: Taiwan’s semiconductor industry has announced that the recent quake will not pose any substantial harm on their production or manufacturing capabilities, so you can still get your favourite chips without much issue. Read on for more information

  • Five New Monster Cable In-Ear Speakers Arrives In Singapore; In Time For IT Show 2010

    Hwee Seng Electronics, the local distributor for Monster Cable products, has unveiled five new products from the maker – Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Speakers/ Turbine Pro Gold Audiophile In-Ear Speakers, Miles Davis Tribute High Performance In-Ear Speakers, Jamz and Lil’ Jamz High Performance In-Ear Headphones. Good news is, these In-Ear Speakers and Headphones will be available

  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 470/480 PCB Pictures

    Following yesterday’s (or day before, depending on where you live) leak of the GTX 480′s PCB pictures, have got their hands on both the GTX 470 and the GTX 480. At first glace, the GTX 470 appears to be noticeably shorter than the GTX 480. Also, the GTX 470 sports 2 x 6-pin PCI-e

  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review (PC)

    Believe the hype – PC Gaming is fun again! Available on PC, XBOX and PS3, this FPS features groundbreaking graphics, audio, physics and the same award-winning Battlefield multiplayer gameplay! We review the PC edition and show you why you should go down now to your friendly neighbourhood gameshop to buy or digital download this epic game

  • Geforce GTX 400 pictures and information from Cebit 2010

    PCGamesHardware have shot a few candid pictures of a GTX 400 series sample during a Cebit 2010 demonstration. The product was a GF-100-375-A3, signifying this is part of the latest, and presumably final, GF100 stepping, A3. The card was tagged as a Geforce GTX 375, so, it must have been an engineering sample from before

  • Corsair Launches Reactor and Nova SSDs

    Nova 64Gb SSD Corsair has unveiled the Reactor and Nova series of 2.5” SATA II SSDs, adding on to its line-up of high performance storage solutions. Read more…