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  • Review: LG SL90 LED TV

    Compared to the conventional LCD TVs, LED TVs claim to offer higher colour saturation and contrast ratio to make your movie viewing experience better. We managed to get LG’s latest SL90 LED HDTV in for this review and see how breath-taking it really is.

  • ATI Radeon HD 5830 Release Round-up

    ATI completed its ambitious four GPUs in six months schedule with clinical precision early this month. Since then, the priority has been to fill in the gaps of the current Radeon HD 5000 series line-up. The biggest hole, by far, was the space between the $170 Radeon HD 5770 and the $300 Radeon HD 5850.

  • Apple Aperture 3 Now Available In Singapore

    Apple recently announced their new Aperture 3 photo editing and management software that comes with more than 200 features for Mac users. Today, Apple Singapore held a small media session and demonstrated some of the features of Aperture 3. The software only runs on Intel Core 2 Duo and higher, and the 64-bit version will run on

  • ATI Radeon HD 5830 Benchmarks

    Fresh from leaking AMD’s official presentation slides, IT168 is back with a full scale review of the Radeon HD 5830. Performance shows the HD 5830 taking a major hit from the HD 5850 – approximately 25% on average. This is about where we would expect, given the HD 5830 has a full 320 shaders less

  • MSI GE600 16-inch Gaming Laptop

    Incorporating the latest Intel Core i5 processor and integrated ATI Radeon HD5730 discrete graphics card, the new 16-inch MSI GE600 boasts the performance gamers need to run their latest 3D games. It weighs 2.7kg and comes with HDMI, 802.11a/b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth connecitivty, and 720p webcam.

  • ATI Radeon HD 5830 Specs leaked

    Just two days away from the Radeon HD 5830′s anticipated and delayed release, IT168 has leaked the vital details presentation slides. As the name suggests, the HD 5830 is based on the same Cypress GPU that powers the HD 5850 and HD 5870. What the name does not suggest, though, is that at the heart

  • Fermi mass availability delayed to Q2

    Nvidia’s upcoming Geforce GTX 400 series was expected to release some time in March. However, Nvidia claims the GTX 400 series will be released in Q1 2011 – which runs till April 30th, 2010. Reporters suggest mass availability has been delayed till Nvidia’s Q2 FY2011, which runs from May 2010 to as late as 31st

  • Buffalo Releases MicroStation Portable SSDs

    Buffalo Technology has announced the MicroStation SHD-PEU2 family of portable SSDs. More details…

  • Lian Li Unveils PC-A77F Full Tower Case

    Lian Li PC-A77F full tower case Taipei based Lian Li has announced the handcrafted PC-A77F full tower case, targeting the high-end and server markets. Read more…

  • Plantronics Announced Discovery 975 Bluetooth Earpiece in Singapore

    Incorporating AudioIQ2 and WindSmart noise-canceling technologies, the new Plantronics Discovery 975 bluetooth earpiece features a sleek design and promises great comfort and audio quality.

  • [Rumour] ATI Radeon HD 5830 to feature 1280 SP, release indefinite

    ATI’s Radeon HD 5000 series product line-up has an immense hole in terms of both price and performance, between the HD 5770 ($169) and the HD 5850 ($299). A Radeon HD 5830 to fill this potentially high demand space has been long rumoured and forthcoming. For some reason, AMD keeps holding back the HD 5830.

  • Thermaltake Announces Next Generation Toughpower XT PSU Series

    Thermaltake, well-known amongst enthusiasts for its high performance thermal solutions and PC cases, has announced its next generation “Toughpower XT” family of high-performance PC PSUs. Read more…

  • [Rumour] Intel’s Sandy Bridge to integrate up to 2 GPUs

    Intel’s next generation Sandy Bridge, arriving in Q1 2011, is rumoured to have up to 2 GPUs on die. What is most impressive is that the entire package will be a single monolithic die. Thus, we are talking about a quad core CPU + 2 GPUs on a single die. It is not clear as

  • Thermalright Venomous X Review: The Return of the King?

    Being second isn’t a familiar position for cooling powerhouse Thermalright. They are back with their latest heatsink, the Venomous X. Would this be the return of the king? Or would Prolimatech continue to hold the cooling performance crown it managed to wrench from Thermalright?

  • Silverstone Unveils 2 New Strider Essential PSUs

    Strider Essential series of PSU Silverstone has announced the 400W ST40F-ES and 500W ST50F-ES, adding on to its Strider Essential series of PSUs. Read more…

  • Arctic Cooling Try Their Hands On Console Gaming

    Arctic Cooling, synonymous for efficient and quiet thermal cooling solutions for IT hardware, has ventured into TV game consoles featuring high resolution 3D graphics, awesome built-in games, at MSRP of US$57.90 / 39.90 Euro.

  • InFocus launches premium business and high-end home theatre projectors

    InFocus recently unveiled their latest business and home theatre projectors which claim to enhance the digital projection experience. The projectors include home theatre SP8602; short throw IN1500 for SMBs; IN5500 for performance and ease-of-use; IN3900 DLP projectors with rich connectivity and wireless options; and affordable features-full IN2100 and IN3100.

  • [Rumour] ATI Radeon HD 5830 delayed to February 5th

    ATI’s next release, the Radeon HD 5830, previously rumoured for late January has now reportedly been pushed back to February 5th – around the same time as the release of the HD 5400/5500 series. A substantial gap in price and performance has existed between the HD 5770 and the HD 5850 since November. With the

  • ATI Radeon HD 5670 Round-up

    After a brief break, ATI’s relentless release schedule of Radeon HD 5000 series cards is unfolding again. As expected, it is the affordable ATI Radeon HD 5670 releasing today. As far as releases go, this may be the most expected and unsurprising in a long time. For consumers, this means world’s first sub-$100 DX11 GPU

  • Edifier ‘On the Go’ iF350 Portable Speaker System Review

    With Apple dominating the world with iPods and iPhones, there comes a time when you’ll find that you need a speaker dock to play your tunes. There are many to choose from in the market. But how will this new kid on the block stand up against established makers like JBL, Altec Lansing and Creative in the