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  • ATI Radeon HD 5870 Reviews, Benchmarks Sum Up

    After months of speculation, ATI’s HD 5800 series is finally upon us. Leading to the build-up, nearly all details have been leaked, so there are no major surprises. The NDA deadline has now passed, and several reviews are now available around the internet. More details next page.

  • Fallout 3 Laser Rifle

    Some dude has managed to create an exact replica of the AER9, a military-grade Laser Rifle used by the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3, with pictures on Flickr charting the progress of the DIY project. Fans of Fallout 3, click here to find out more!

  • [Rumour/Speculation] ATI/Nvidia next generation release dates/price update

    AMD GPG (ATI) and Nvidia are hard at work with their 40nm DX11 products, and consumers can expect a flurry of DX11 products across multiple segments all the way till 2010. Of course, most of these dates are purely based on speculation and rumours. On the ATI side, we have the entire Evergreen family –

  • Microsoft holds product launch for 4 hardware products

    This afternoon, Microsoft invited the local media to a product launch of their four latest hardware products – Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000, LifeCam Cinema, Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 and Wireless Mobile Mouse 5000.

  • Dell brings Inspiron 14z laptop to Singapore

    Dell has come up with their new “Z” series Inspiron laptops which feature thin and light bodies, good performance and long lasting batteries. And this new Inspiron 14z offers brilliant 14-inch widescreen display with standard Wi-Fi and optional mobile broadband. It is available now at retail stores with a price tag of S$1,399.

  • [Rumour] ATI Cypress (Radeon 5800) Performance charts, Evergreen release dates/price information

    A flurry of Cypress images have leaked today on the web. But here are some big ones – all originating from Chiphell and Leaked is an entire array of performance charts, comparing a 5870 vs. GTX 295, 5850 vs. GTX 285, etc. Links to images next page.

  • SingTel first in Asia to launch INQ Mini 3G social networking mobile phone

    Today, SingTel and INQ Mobile held a media event announcing the launch of the new INQ Mini 3G social mobile phone, which is only exclusively to SingTel mobile customers. Mediacorp actress, Jessica Liew, was also at the event and talked about her experience with using the INQ Mini 3G phone.

  • Most teens admit to seeing internet pornography “accidentally”

    An interesting news article from Australia’s Herald Sun. A recent survey, conducted by the Edith Cowan University and commissioned by the Australian Federal Government, found that most 16 to 17 year old boys and girls had viewed online pornography. However, the teens had claimed they had stumbled upon the pornographic sites accidentally. “MOST 16 to

  • ASUS Introduces Hybrid Motherboards that Deliver Fast Performance and Uncompromising Stability

    ASUS has launched the ASUS P7P55D Series motherboard, featuring the latest Intel® P55 Express chipset. The P7P55D Series supports the latest LGA 1156 socket for Intel® Core™ i7/Core™ i5 Processors and is based on its groundbreaking “Xtreme Design”. The boards are rumored to hit retail stores by year end and prices have not been announced

  • Comex 2009 Sneak Preview

    Comex 2009 will be commencing tomorrow onwards till the weekends and we are excited to check out the grounds. The event itself will be held in Suntec Convention halls sprawling over 5 entire show floorsof Suntec Singapore. All the great deals of pure digital entertainment and introducing new product categories spanning across multiple industries await

  • Athlon II X4 review pops up, already available

    INPAI have reviewed AMD’s upcoming entry-level quad core CPU, the Athlon II X4 620, clocked at 2.6 GHz. As we know, Athlon II X4 based on the Propus die, are simply Phenom II X4 without the large 6MB L3 cache. As a result, the Propus die ends up far smaller, and cheaper for AMD to

  • LGA1156 CPU and motherboards consumer prices revealed

    We have known the 1k prices Intel is charging for a while now, so these prices should come as no surprises. On the CPU front, we have the Core i5 750, priced at $209, clocking in at 2.66 GHz. Core i7 860, 2.80 GHz at $299, and Core i7 870, 2.93 GHz at $579. All

  • Reboot for UK’s ‘oldest’ computer

    BBC news has an article on the restoration of Britain’s “oldest” computer, the Harwell. It is interesting to see how computers have evovled from gas filled tubes in the 1940s to the densely packed transistors in the integrated circuit we see today. If Moore’s law (the empirical observation that the transistor density of integrated circuits

  • AMD 800 Series Chipsets Launch Schedule

    VR-Zone has put together a roadmap of the AMD 800 series chipsets line-up slated for release in Q2 next year. AMD 890FX/GX + SB850, part of the “Leo” platform for enthusiasts is slated for launch in April 2010 replacing the current AMD 790FX/GX + SB750 chipset. AMD 880G + SB810, part of the “Dorado” mainstream platform will come along in

  • Toshiba BDX2000 Blu-ray player coming in November

    Just last month,Toshiba announced switching camp to Blu-ray and plans to launch a product by year end. And that product has materialized in the form of Toshiba BDX2000. The Blu-ray player will deliver Full HD 1080p video and supports 24fps playback. Look out for it in November.

  • LG showcased stylish displays at IFA 2009

    LG has showcased their latest monitors at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany which features a stylish design and boasts superb user experience for gaming as well as viewing movies and images. In addition, the company also unveiled their new series of digital photo frames that can play slideshows, music and videos.

  • Playstation3 v3.00 Firmware Review

    The Playstation3 version 3.00 firmware was made available by auto update and downloads around the globe recently, promising XMB (Xross Media Bar) interface changes, nice additions to the menu and also allowing simultaneous multi audio output. Lets check out what this this firmware promises …

  • Creative Unveils ZEN X-Fi2 Media Player

    Creative has announced their gaming headphones earlier this week, and now the maker unveiled their new media player, the Creative Zen X-Fi2. It comes with a brilliant 3-inch touch screen and supports most audio and video formats. The Zen X-Fi2 also has a microSD card slot for expanded memory.

  • Samsung Corby, a full-touch mobile phone designed for young users

    The Samsung Corby (S3650) is the latest phone from the Korean maker, designed for young mobile users. The full-touch mobile phone features a two-tone diagonal contours, a 2.8-inch QVGA screen as well as quad band connectivity with EDGE support.

  • Dual-Screen SpaceBook on sale by this Christmas

    If you are hunting for a laptop with a huge display, then this SpaceBook might interest you. It claims to be the world’s first dual-screen laptop with two 15.4-inch displays which can slide away easily to one screen for packing and carrying around. It will be available this December at US$3,000.