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  • Dell Reveals Della, Shopping Experience Targeted At Ladies

    In a recent change to Dell’s US website is Della, a website targeted at ladies for a unique online shopping experience. Well, the one section that caught our eyes – Seven Unexpected Ways a Netbook Can Change Your Life: Use your mini to track calories, carbs and protein with ease, watch online fitness videos, map your

  • AMD New Operation Model Announced

    (Impress, AMD) AMD has announced in their latest press release of their new operating model which see a reorganization around four specific areas: products, future techology, marketing, and customer relations. This new structure is designed to better optimize AMD’s operations to drive industry-leading performance graphics and microprocessors and further integrate the company’s x86 processor and graphics

  • Fujitsu Introduces M2010 netbook

    Building on the success of the M1010 netbook, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific has announced the new M2010 that features brilliant screen, bigger keypads and higher processing performance for the mobile users.

  • Single PCB GeForce GTX 295 Coming Mid May

    Nvidia is planning to launch their single PCB, dual GPU GeForce GTX 295 card somewhere in mid May although the official launch date hasn’t been firmed up yet. The card is based on a new P658 PCB which is 11″ long and takes up 2 slots with a new cooler. The core clock remains unchanged

  • Sony Ericsson C510

    The Sony Ericsson C510 was officially available in March and earlier this month, the manufacturer also included a Facebook application for use with the phone. So how good is it? Let’s take a look.

  • EVGA X58 SLI Classified 760 (Non NF200) Run-Through

    This is a Run-Through of the EVGA X58 SLI Classified 760, focusing on Overclocking, Features, Daily usage, instead of clock to clock performance analysis. This version of the Classified does not come with Nvidia’s NF200 chip and should be released around this time.

  • ASUS Launches Ultra-portable P30A Business Notebook

    ASUS has unveiled a new P30A business notebook PC designed with portability, data security and long battery life. It sports a 13.3-inch display, weighs 1.49kg and comes equipped with Intel Core™2 Duo processor, DDR2 SDRAM and 2.5-inch SATA hard disk.

  • VR Zone hands on experience with Samsung Omnia HD in Singapore

    No. The Omnia HD is not available in Singapore and the Samsung folks have mentioned they are unsure if the product will be made available here. However, VR Zone has the opportunity to have a brief hands-on session with an Omnia HD brought from Europe.

  • MSI launches U123 Series Wind Netbook

    Building on the success of the U100, MSI has announced their new U123 series Wind netbook that comes in three trendy colors for the business professionals to choose from.

  • Sony Singapore unveils BRAVIA WE5 Series LCD TV

    Sony Singapore has announced the new BRAVIA WE5 series LCD TV which claims environmentally friendly features such as the Microtubular HCFL, Presence Sensor and Energy Saving Switch to achieve minimal usage of energy.

  • Nehalem-EP based Xeons Hit Akiba

    (Impress) With a TDP of 60W to 130W, these lovely Nehalem-EP based Xeon 5xxx series have hit Akiba stores. They don’t come cheap but these beasts has got the features packed to make its worth.

  • Samsung UltraTouch S8300

    The stylish Samsung UltraTouch S8300 has finally arrived in Singapore (in late March) and VR Zone managed to get one in for review. Read on. 

  • Dell Inspiron 10 To Come With 1366×768 Resolution and HDMI

    (Impress) Set to launch in April at Japan, Dell’s Inspiron Mini 10 netbook will have the customization option to allow a resolution of 1366×768 on a 10.1 inch screen with HDMI output It will be powered by Intel Atom Z5xx series and the standard hardware configuration. 6 colors are available and will weigh at 1.17kg

  • ASUS Eee PC 1004DN

    ASUS’ latest brain child in the Eee PC family is the 1004DN which boasts to be the first to feature a Super-Multi optical disc drive. The 1004DN features a 10-inch display and is equipped with the latest 1.66GHz Intel® N280 processor and GN40 chipset (with integrated GMA 4500M graphics) to provide users with seamless 720p high definition video playback.

  • Apple iPod Shuffle (3rd Generation)

    Apple has recently unveiled their new 3rd generation iPod Shuffle that is even smaller than its earlier sibling. So exactly how good is it, and is this music player worth getting?

  • ASUS ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX w/ Upgraded Hybird Cooler+

    ASUS has launched the Republic of Gamers (ROG) ENGTX260 MATRIX/HTDI/896MD3 graphics card equipped with the upgraded dual fansink Hybrid Cooler+ for automatic and independent fan speed control. The ROG ENGTX260 MATRIX’s GPU and memory voltages are increased from 1.15V to 1.18V, and 1.92V to 1.93V respectively when it runs in 3D mode. As such, the

  • Female Robot to Walk the Catwalk in Tokyo

    The developers at Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology have created a robot that can move, walk and have facial expressions. And it will be walking down the catwalk during a fashion show in Tokyo next week.

  • HP TouchSmart tx2

    The HP TouchSmart tx2 is the latest multi-touch consumer notebook PC that allows you to navigate and access your programs via the touchscreen display. Read on to see how good it is.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

    The latest product of NVIDIA’s renaming spree is the GTS 250, previously known as the 9800GTX+. Is this just another ploy by NVIDIA to push old parts on unsuspecting consumers?

  • IT Show 2009 Coverage

    Yes. The long-awaited IT Show 2009 is back, at the Suntec City Convention Centre (12th to 15 March). VR Zone went to check out on the first day and here’s the brief reporting…