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  • LuvBook TW600X with Blu-ray

    (Mouse Japan) Mouse Computer Japan announced a new LuvBook, the TW600X that will retail at just 800 euros (~S$1570) and comes with a Blu-ray drive. An attractive buy ..ain’t it ? But what about the specifications ?

  • GIGABYTE demos 10-inch mobile PCs at CeBIT

    GIGABYTE has introduced their new 10.1-inch mobile PCs at the CeBIT 2009, which include the Touch Note M1028 with the swivel screen and the Booktop M1022 which can transform into a desktop PC via an exclusive docking station.

  • ASUS 1000HE

    The latest ASUS 1000HE was announced last month and VR Zone managed to get one for review. Read on to see what the new Eee PC has to offer.

  • TRENDnet Releases Wireless N Internet Camera Server

    TRENDnet today announces the launch of the Wireless N Internet Camera Server with 2-Way Audio, model TV-IP512WN. It will begin shipping May 1st. The MSRP for the Wireless N Internet Camera Server with 2-Way Audio is US $249.99

  • [Rumor] Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) & HD 4770 (RV740) Launch On Apr 6th

    April 6th is gonna be a big day for AMD as they are going to launch a slew of new cards. As we have told you back in February, Radeon HD 4890 (RV790) is slated for April release and the confirmed date is now 6th of April. Interestingly, we also heard RV740 is pulled in from May to early

  • New PAVV Bordeaux Fabrizio 650 Lineup by Samsung

    Samsung Korea introduces the PAVV Bordeaux LCD – the Fabrizio 650. Akihabaranews reports that the models available are in 40” and 46”, LCDs are built on Eco friendly plastics and feature a 120Mhz Full HD panel. Not much information is known yet except there are 4 HDMI 1.3 ports, with 1 on the front panel and

  • GeForce 9800 GT Green – No External Power Needed

    We had revealed about the GeForce 9800 GT Green Edition earlier and now we have gotten more information about this neat card from Nvidia. It seems that this card requires no external power unlike the current 9800 GT card which requires a 6-pin  auxiliary power. This is due to the fact that this 9800 GT

  • First RV740 512MB GDDR5 Card Tested

    It looks like Guru3D is lucky enough to get hold of a protoype RV740 card which is slated for launch in May. It seems like what they are having is a Radeon HD 4770 instead of a HD 4750 as it comes with 512MB of GDDR5 memories. Judging from the gaming benchmarks scores, RV740 (HD4770) performance consistenly lies between HD 4830 and HD

  • LG Prada II (LG-KF900)

    LG and Prada have collaborated once again to bring the new LG PRADA II (LG-KF900) phone, and PRADA Link digital watch to the die-hard fashion fans. We take a look at the stylish phone and watch and see how great they are aside from its prestige branding.

  • Gigabyte Offers 30 Days Free X-Fi On Current Boards

    GIGABYTE announce X58/P45/P43/P41 series motherboards as well as other motherboard series featuring the ALC889A or ALC888 audio codecs now offer support for Sound Blaster X-Fi Technology. Choose your board and download the respective drivers. However, there is a 30 day free trial period tag to it so you will have to pay a sum to Creative for continuous usage.

  • Heatsink Showdown: Cooler Master V10 vs. Xigmatek Thor’s Hammer

    We take a look at 2 new CPU heatsinks from Cooler Master and Xigmatek – the TEC-enabled V10, and Thor’s Hammer, which features Xigmatek’s Heatpipe Direct Touch technology.  

  • First GeForce GTS 240 Card Exposed

    We have already told you quite a bit of details about GeForce GTS 240 which is slated for April release. It is basically 55nm G92 based 9800 GT GPU on a new P361 PCB and internally Nvidia calls it D10P2. Now we will provide you a glimpse on the schematic diagram of the GTS 240 card. The differences are mainly on the

  • [Rumor] AMD RV740 is Radeon HD 4770 / 4750, Launch in May

    VR-Zone learns that AMD is planning to launch two new mainstream cards based on 40nm RV740 in May, a month after releasing the high end 55nm RV790 cards. There will be two versions; Radeon HD 4770 (RV740XT) and Radeon HD 4750 (RV740PRO). Read more…

  • Acer introduced 4 smartphones at MWC

    Acer is well-known for their desktop and notebook PCs, but recently, it has stepped into the mobile phone market. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the manufacturer has introduced four smartphones for both casual users and business professionals.

  • Canon XEED WUX10 Full HD projector

    Designed for business professionals, the Canon XEED WUX10 claims to be the world’s first WUXGA (1920×1200) LCOS projector that offers near silent operation and the ability to display Full HD (1080p) videos.

  • Partners To Demo Several “New” GeForce Cards @ CeBIT

    Nvidia’s AIC partners plan to unveil several “new” cards during CeBIT; GeForce GTX 260 card based on the revised P897 PCB, GeForce GTS 250 with a revised PCB, 9600GT and GSO “Green Edition” and GeForce 9800 GT “Green” Edition. Note that Nvidia will not be marketing those cards as Green Editions but leave the naming as theyare know as now.

  • Q1 2009 Gaming Rig Buying Guide

    Looking to build a new gaming system? Look no further than VR-Zone’s Gaming Rig Buying Guide!

  • [Rumor] AMD to Launch Radeon HD4890 in April

    AMD is slated to launch the Radeon HD4890 card, based on the RV790 core, in April. Earlier rumours that this card would be called the HD4970 appear to have been incorrect. The RV790XT A11 sample has a clockspeed of 850Mhz and a operating voltage of 1.3V. It will likely be paired with 975Mhz GDDR5 memory.

  • Nvidia Plans 9800GT Green Edition, More Renaming Adventures

    Nvidia is slated to launch a “Green Edition” of the 9800 GT in mid-March with lower power consumption and lower clockspeeds. The plain old 9800GT will be rebranded as the GTS 240, and prices of the 9800GT/GTS 240 are also expected to go down.

  • InFocus and DisplayLink provide plug-and-play projection for Mac users

    Mac users can now easily hook up their machines to DisplayLink-enabled InFocus projectors to project their presentations. The DisplayLink is a display driver that allows  Apple computers to transmit audio and video content over a standard USB connection.