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Can Internet addiction be a real disorder?

Can over-indulgence or overuse of the Internet lead to a type of addictive disorder?  That’s the question various psychologists, doctors, and tech-experts are trying to answer.  A recent article from the Guardian UK suggests that over-use of the Internet may one day become a medically diagnosable disorder. (more…)

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Samsung rakes in $5.9 billion in Q2

The world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and TVs raked in an astonishing $5.9 billion in profit in Q2.  PC display panels and laptops have not been Samsung’s strong suits lately, but strong Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note sales boosted the South Korean tech giant to even greater heights.

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Oddly shaped Microsoft wedge mouse

Microsoft’s software may run all different operating systems and devices, but that doesn’t mean that its open ended business practice has prevented it from supplying PC users with it’s own Microsoft branded peripheral.  The Windows 8 release date is just around the corner, and it seems like Microsoft will launch

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