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  • Intel P55 Ibex Peak Chipset Features

    Intel P55 Express chipset codenamed Ibex Peak will be able to support mainstream LGA1160 quad-core Lynnfield and dual-core Havendale with integrated GPU in Q3 2009. It is a single chip solution known as Platform Controller Hub (PCH) that has all the I/O features of the ICH. Internally, Ibex Peak with Lynnfield/Havendale is known as Summitlake.

  • MSI Radeon HD 4830 First Look

    VR-Zone took a sneak peek at the upcoming Radeon HD 4830 card from MSI. We have already told you that this card has 640 SPs and run on 256-bit memory interface. MSI Radeon HD 4830 card is clocked at 575MHz core and 1800MHz memory. This card has 8 Samsung K4J52324QH-HJ1A GDDR3 memory chips rated at

  • Nvidia Forceware 180 Series Preview

    Ever since we got our hands on the 180.10 Forceware drivers, we were wondering whether it will be what Nvidia has been talking about, the “Big Bang II”.  “Big Bang II” drivers has thus far, rumoured to enable SLI with multi monitor support. Has it been implemented in this first set of 180 Forceware drivers? The answer is yes, they have

  • Lian Li New Classic PC-9 Midi Tower Chassis

    Lian-Li has launched the PC-9 midi-tower. Standing at 209 x 435 x 488mm with removable front panel around front bezels consisting  of 5x 5.25” bays which can support all your ODD needs, while the lower part of the front bezel has an integrated HDD Hot swappable SATA cage with a front facing securely lockable door. The HDD

  • ASUS Self-designed Graphics Cards with Dark Knight Fansink

    ASUS has introduced a range of self-designed version graphics cards comprising the latest EAH4870 DK and EN9800GTX+ DK Series. They come equipped with the Dark Knight Fansink that delivers extreme cooling and low noise-levels. The inclusion of the EMI Shield, DIP Spring Chokes, LF PAK MOS, and Japan-made Solid Capacitors will allow users extreme performance

  • Nokia N96

    The Nokia N96 is the latest multimedia Smartphone in the popular N series range and boasts powerful entertainment features – mobile TV, 5-megapixel camera, 16GB internal memory and N-Gage gaming.

  • ACRyan Playon! HDMI Network Digital Video Recorder Review (Updated: 13 Oct)

    The feature packed Playon! DVR is an interesting product for the next-generation consumer that bridges the gap between downloaded multimedia content and the living room HDTV.

  • ASUS Launched Bamboo Series Notebooks

    ASUS today launched the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook, a groundbreaking bamboo-clad product that is truly green throughout every phase of its life – from its conception, production and use to its eventual recycling and disposal. The ultra slim ASUS Bamboo Series notebook is currently available in two versions: a 12.1” model that weighs 1.57kg and

  • Synology Disk Station DS207+

    This Synology DS207+ NAS server may look a little small but it is big on features for small businesses and corporate users. Features include: Advanced Data Protection, Windows ADS Authentication and even a Web Server.

  • Intense Red-Hot Action at WGT Singapore 2008

    2008 marks the 3rd year in running for World GameMaster Tournament (WGT) – one of the world’s largest gaming tournament which aims to nurture budding gamers and at the same time, provide the professional gamers with a platform to pit their skills amongst one another. The WGT Singapore 2008 Finals will kick off at Games

  • Sony’s 24.6-megapixel Alpha 900 Launched

    With a whopping 24.6-megapixels, Sony’s Alpha 900 sets new standards for high resolution D-SLR’s that is sure to fulfill the demanding needs of fashion, wildlife, and nature photographers.

  • BFG Announced GTX 260 OC, OC2 & OCX MAXCORE

    BFG announced GeForce® GTX 260 MAXCORE™ graphics cards in three factory overclocked versions; OC, OC2, and OCX. BFG’s GeForce GTX 260 MAXCORE graphics cards boast 216 processing cores—24 more cores than a standard GeForce GTX 260. The BFG GeForce® GTX 260 OC, OC2, and OCX MAXCORE graphics cards will be available at leading online and

  • de-ZEPTO-con Nox A15

    NOX /Nitrous Oxide/ A gas when used as an additive to boost the performance of a standard gasoline combustion engine. The performance level of this Zepto is gassed up with the Montenvina CPU and nVidia 9600GT 512MB DDR3 graphics card. Also, sometimes referred to as laughing gas…this is no notebook to be laughed at.

  • ATI FirePro V8700 & V3750 Workstation Cards

    AMD today announced two new workstation products; ATI FirePro V8700 and FirePro V3750. V8700 comes with 1GB frame buffer memory and has 800 shader units while V3750 features 256 MB of frame buffer memory with 320 shader processing units. The new ATI FirePro™ V8700 and ATI FirePro™ V3750 are expected to being shipping in fourth

  • Kingston Hyper Race : Go-Kart Racing!

    VR-Zone brings you the coverage on the Kingston Hyper Race Go-Kart event kicked off over the last weekend with 10 lucky participants picked from the previous week draw.

  • Sony Launches Three New Cyber-shots

    Sony Launches Cyber-shot Cameras DSC-T77 and DSC-T700; they are touted as the world’s slimmest digital still camera incorporating Optical Steadyshot. The DSC-700 comes pre-configured with 4GB of RAM and photo management software. The last unit, the DSC-T500 features the latest ability to bring a HD video ready camera into the compact Cyber-Shot.

  • Kingston Hyper Race : Cycling Kicked Off

    VR-Zone brought you the coverage of the first activity of the Kingston Hyper Race event took place at East Coast Park, a popular place for cycling, skating, and of course the beach.

  • All Brands GeForce 9400 GT Roundup

    We have rounded up several brands of the GeForce 9400 GT cards. It is 55nm based G96 cores and has no SLI support.

  • PowerColor Released PCS+ HD4870 1GB Card

    TUL today announced PCS+ HD4870 1GB solution, special cooling design delivers amazing gaming performance. Difference with reference board design, PowerColor PCS+ HD4870 1GB uses ZeroTherm exclusive cooling system, included dual S-shape heatpipe and 94pcs fin design, with 4 phase core power on-board, efficiently reduces up to 10°C temperatures. PowerColor PCS+ HD4870 1GB based on RV770

  • NASA’S New Hyperwall-2 System!

    NASA unveiled a new 128 screen hyperwall-2 which is capable of rendering one quarter billion pixel graphics and is the highest resolution scientific visualization system in the world – is based on TYAN’S THUNDER N6650W s2915