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Oh look, the Huawei Watch has a speaker, hinting at future Android Wear functionality

The hidden timepiece component doesn’t do anything at the moment, but if Google allows it, it might make itself heard before long. So far, the only reasonable explanation we could think of for the ridiculous Apple Watch-matching price policy of the Huawei Watch was aristocratic looks. Typically, beauty is in the

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Apple Watch US demand tumbles to distressing levels in June

Already reported as somewhat underwhelming back in May, the American sales of the “iWatch” have further dropped into serious headache-inducing territory. Very few market analysts or industry pundits deem the Apple Watch a blockbuster, but probably Slice Intelligence’s data paints Cupertino’s rookie wearable effort the bleakest picture yet. Based on e-receipts

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Casio’s rumored smartwatch vision: less smart, more simple and practical

The always ingenious Japanese manufacturer of “traditional” timepieces reportedly plans to go after the Apple Watch with something slightly less futuristic. Contrary to popular belief, Pebble didn’t actually lay the groundwork for modern smartwatches. Not exactly. It was in fact Casio that envisioned various use cases for your bland wrist-worn contraptions

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