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  • Intel to launch MeeGo tablets in June

    MeeGo was jointly announced last year though there was no finished product made available yet. Well, Intel has recently revealed that it will launch MeeGo tablets in June this year.

  • The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 28 Jan 2011

    To wrap up this week’s news: review of the Evercool HPL-815 low profile heatsink; Intel will release its hardware-based security technology ‘by this year’; Finnish phone maker Nokia may actually make an Android phone; Schmidt refutes rumors over Google shakeup; and check out the Playstation 3 game review of LittleBigPlanet 2.

  • PS3 hacker Geohot’s PC to be seized

    Two weeks ago, Sony filed a lawsuit against Geohot, a hacker who managed to jailbreak the Playstation 3 game console. And the court has ordered the seizure of the hacker’s PC.

  • HTC “Arrive” smartphone suspected to be a Windows Phone 7

    Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC has quietly registered at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and it looks like their act has been uncovered. The company has register for their new product, which according to records, is called HTC Arrive.

  • The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 27 Jan 2011

    In today's news: AMD counters NVIDIA's GTX 560Ti with two graphics cards: a Radeon HD 6950 1GB and XFX’s Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition; Intel reveals plans to invest in hardware-based antivirus; Facebook finally adds support for the HTTPS protocol; images of HTC's latest smartphones and slates leak out on cyberspace, and SGCafe presents a

  • Aerocool Preps Sixth Element Enclosure

    Aerocool Advanced Technologies has come a long way since its inception in 2001. The Taiwanese manufacturer has released a number of stylish high-performance chassis in recent years, and today, it is going to introduce its latest creation, the Sixth Element.

  • Angry Birds Valentine’s Day edition, Angry Birds 2 and Kinect mode coming soon?

    Looks like Angry Birds fans will have more to look forward to this year. With the popular game recently made available on laptops and Mac machines, it looks like the developer isn’t going to stop just there. Apparently, a Valentine’s Day edition is due to be out next month; Angry Birds 2 is in the making;

  • The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 26 Jan 2011

    In today news: NVIDIA's GTX 560 Ti Edition gets compared with AMD's Radeon HD 6950; MSI introduces the world's first AMD Fusion-compatible motherboard; the tenth beta release of Firefox has just been released for download; security experts in the Conficker Working Group ponder new ways to track and eradicate one of the most deaded pieces

  • Pixelmator grosses US$1m in 20 days

    Pixelmator is an amazing, well-designed and easy to use image editing software for the Mac that it has now grossed US$1m after only being on the Mac App Store for 20 days.

  • Fractal Design Announces Compact Arc Mini Chassis

    Swedish-based Fractal Design has unveiled the Arc Mini, aimed at home users who require high performance PC enclosures with small footprints. Measuring 210 x 395 x 486mm and weighing 9kg, the all-black chassis supports all Mini-ITX and microATX motherboards and has space for six HDDs / SSDs, two optical devices, and 4+1 PCIe expansion cards.

  • Mach Xtreme Introduces MX-GX USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    Mach Xtreme Technology Inc. is readying its MX-GX USB 3.0 series of flash drives for release. Measuring 90 x 18.5 x 8mm and weighing 25g, the slim aluminum flash drive features quad-channel single-chip technology, USB 3.0 connectivity, and data transfer rates up to 85MB/s read and 45MB/s write. The MX-GX will be available in capacities

  • AMD officially launches Zacate and Ontario APUs

      When it comes to mobile PC hardware, only Intel can deliver the goods, right? Not if AMD has got anything to say about it. In a global launch event held at the Shangri-La hotel today, the world's second largest x86 microprocessor company unveiled its new line of Fusion APUs codenamed Ontario and Zacate, which

  • Samsung unleashes new GALAXY series smartphones

    Samsung Korea has unveiled four new smartphones to their popular GALAXY family – GALAXY Ace, GALAXY Gio, GALAXY Fit and GALAXY Mini. The four phones will be showcased at next month’s Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain.

  • The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 25 Jan 2011

    In today news: review of the SilverStone Strider Plus 600W power supply; Apple finalizing wireless e-wallet for iPhone 5, iPad 2; Huawei sues to alter Motorola-Nokia Siemens deal; and Dead Space 2 ‘Severed’ DLC announced.

  • GALAXY GeForce GTX560 Ti White Edition: Albino Titano Pictorial

    See what our friends at GALAXY – from a not-too-distant galaxy – have brought us! Join us for an exclusive look at the GALAXY GeForce GTX560 Ti White Edition, in all its near-achromatic glory.

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Review: MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II OC

    NVIDIA has finally unleashed the full potential of the GF114 GPU with all eight Streaming Multiprocessors enabled – in the form of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti. Clocked signifcantly faster than its predecessor, is this new kid on the block ready to take over?

  • Panasonic announces Lumix FX78, TS3 and ZS series cameras

    Panasonic has added three new models to its line of point-and-shoot digital cameras – Panasonic Lumix FX78, ZS series and the TS3 which claims to be waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, dustproof and can record video is Full high definition.

  • Super Flower Unleashes Market’s First Platinum PSU

    Taipei-based Super Flower Computer Inc, manufacturer of numerous professional switching PSUs and computer enclosures, has announced the SF-550P14PE, the first platinum certified PSU to hit store shelves.

  • This latest Samsung Android smartphone is truly a Gem

    Samsung has a new Android smartphone that is recently launched in US, called Samsung Gem. Designed with decent hardware and affordability, the phone is carried by Verizon Wireless.

  • The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 24 January 2011

    In today’s daily news roundup: Kingston’s SSDNow V100 128GB SSD Solid State Drive and ASUS’s P8P67 Deluxe motherboard get reviewed; enterprising hackers have found a way to dual boot HTC’s HD2 smartphone with both Windows Phone 7 and Android operating systems; Acer stakes its profitability on a shrinking netbook market; Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma