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  • GPU performance to multiple a whopping 570 times by 2015 – Nvidia

    Mr. Jen-Hsung Huang, CEO – Nvidia, is back with one of his boldest statements – the CPU is set to grow 3x in performance by 2015, whereas the combination of CPU-GPU will increase a dizzying 570x in processing power. More details next page.

  • Computex ’09: ASUS P55/P57, Xonar & Mars

    VR-Zone finds out what Asus has in store for Computex 09…

  • Nokia Announces 5730 XpressMusic phone

    Nokia has unveiled the latest addition to the N-Gage family – the 5730 XpressMusic phone. It features a sharp 2.4-inch display, slide-out QWERTY keyboard and comes with 13 preloaded games for your enjoyment.

  • Sapphire FirePro V5700 & V3700 Workstation Cards

    Sapphire introduces two new professional graphics accelerators – ATI FirePro™ V5700 and ATI FirePro™ V3700.ATI FirePro V5700 also features 512MB of frame buffer memory, dual link DVI and Display Port connections while ATI FirePro™ V3700 graphics accelerator features 256 MB of frame buffer memory, two dual-link DVI connectors and VGA mode support on all display

  • Gigabyte P35-DS3R does 575MHz FSB out of Box!

    I’ve gotten hold of a retail piece of Gigabyte P35-DS3R based on the Intel P35 chipset. The overclocking, out of the box, no modifications as is, is stunning. FSB-wise, it climbed, high, up to 575MHz FSB! Right out of the box no frills overclocking, this board has a lot more potential under some modifications of


    Today, DFI announces the launching of INFINITY NF 570 SLI-M2/G motherboard, and it is the "dream board" that gamers looking for.INFINITY NF 570 SLI-M2/G Motherboard supports AMD’s latest AM2 processor and is integrated with NVIDIA’s powerful nForce 570 SLI chipset. It also supports the best graphic solution NVIDIA SLI, DDR2-800 RAM, RAID0, RAID1, RAID0+1, and

  • ABIT KN9-SLI Nforce 570 SLI Mainboard Review

    Intel is getting all the limelight nowadays with their upcoming Core 2 Duo, but it’s fine time we shifted our attention back to AMD and the Socket AM2 Motherboards. Introducing the Abit KN9-SLI, based on the NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI chipset!!

  • Intel profits fall by 57%

    CHIP FIRM Intel said it had turned in net income of $ 1.1 billion on revenues of $ 8 billion for its fiducial second quarter. That represents a drop of 13 per cent in revenues compared to the same quarter last year, but net income fell by 57 per cent, period on period, year on

  • ATI RV560 and 570 Crossfire to sport internal Xfire bridges

    2 is better than 1 – we have got ATI and NVIDIA both touting this – in fact soon we will have ATI telling us 3 is better than 2 – and NVIDIA have already played their hand and told us they want atleast 4. With this in mind the way that you deploy your

  • Computex Special : ATi RV570 & RV560 w/ Crossfire Bridges

    VR-Zone check out the upcoming ATi 80nm GPU offerings which is none other than the RV560 and RV570 slated to launch in Q3 this year. Interestingly, ATi has also revealed the new Crossfire bridges which is very similar to NVIDIA SLI bridge concept.

  • EPoX EP-MF570 SLI Board

    EPoX now launches its socket AM2 based mainboard, EP-MF570 SLI., using nVidia’s top of the range chipset, the nForce 570 SLI. EP-MF570 SLI features support for DDR2 800 memory with a bandwidth of upto 6.4GB/s and a maximum 16GB memory capacity. There are total of 8 SATA II connectors equipped with RAID 0, 1, 0+1,

  • ABIT spills Nvidia nForce 570 SLI beans

    Motherboard maker Abit has announced a board based on Nvidia’s as-yet-unlaunched nForce 570 SLI chipset. The mobo, the KN9 SLI, supports AMD’s upcoming Socket AM2 interconnect and the “newest dual-core AMD processors”.

  • ATi R560 & RV570 Info

    Market Segment Q1 ’06 Q2 ’06 Q3 ’06 Enthusiast R580 (90nm) X1900 XTX : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 650/775MHz X1900 XT : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 625/725MHz R580 (90nm) X1900 XL : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 500+/600+MHz? R520 (90nm) X1800 GTO : 12PP/12PS/6VS, 500/500MHz   Performance     RV570 (80nm) RV570XT/XL : 12PP/36PS/6VS RV560 (80nm) 8PP/24PS/4VS Mainstream   RV535 – 80nm   Value  

  • Foxconn C557AA Board : C55+MCP55

    Based on the latest Foxconn roadmap we have seen, there is a C557AA board slated for sampling in Q1 that is based on the NVIDIA C55 chipset with MCP55. We have not heard of C55 before so it could be the next chipset for Intel Pentium XE and D processors after NVIDIA has canceled their

  • 3DMark06 Demo Video w FX57 & 7800GTX 512 SLI

    We have done up a short video of our favourite scene in the 3D Mark 06 Demo with a 3.75GHz FX57 & 2 x 7800GTX in SLI @ 740/1950MHz Quality Image settings. You can download it here. For those who can’t play it, download the latest Divx player from here. It is pretty smooth and

  • DFI nF4 SLI-DR Expert w/ FX-57 @ 3.9GHz!

    We took this new motherboard from DFI for some overclocking tests and put a naked FX-57 under some cascade cold treatment. With a better board layout/design and more tweakable options in BIOS, we are able to overclock the FX-57 to 3.9GHz and is stable under 3DMark benching. We will write a review on this fine

  • ULi M1697, M1575 & M1574 Passed PCI-SIG

    ULi today announced that three of its forthcoming PCI Express chips have been added to the PCI-SIG Integrators List. The M1697 single chip, M1575 south bridge and M1574 bridge chip have all passed the PCI-SIG rigorous compliance and interoperability tests held last October 3-7 during the PCI-SIG APAC Compliance Workshop in Taipei. M1697 is a

  • Inno3D + DFI Combo Breaks 17.4K 3D Mark with FX57 @ 3860Mhz!

    Our FX57 hit a new high after being stripped of its heat spreader! With a good mount, it does 3860Mhz through 3D Mark 05…. and cracks the 17.4K barrier! All cooled by my new portable Cascade. We have uploaded video clips of the full run. Drop by this thread to pick up the videos and

  • ULi M1575 > ATI SB450

    ULi has a new M1575 Southbridge coming up that supports SATA II w/ NCQ capability, RAID 0,1, 0+1, 5, JBOD as well as HD Audio to be used widely by manufacturers for their ATi based boards. It is clear that few would choose ATi SB450 Southbridge that only supports HD Audio. ULi makes better Southbridge

  • AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 For Gamers & Enthusiasts

    AMD today announced the immediate availability of the AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 processor, the world’s ultimate PC processor for enthusiasts and hard-core gamers. Providing unparalleled PC performance on 3D games and intense applications, the new AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 processor allows power-hungry users to experience the next generation of single-threaded games with intense and realistic