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  • DFI LAN Party NF590 SLI Intel Early Sample Test

    It has been a while since we last did an in-depth test on DFI LAN Party Motherboards. Their previous motherboard based on the Intel 975X chipset, the DFI Infinity 975X offered great performance but had trouble keeping up with the rest of the pack in terms of overclocking of the Front Side Bus Speed, a

  • Corsair Introduces Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) Memory Technology

    Corsair today unveiled the latest innovation in high performance module design, Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) technology. This performance and reliability enhancing technology will be available in the latest memory product line from Corsair also launched today, the DHX XMS2 DOMINATOR Series. The advances provided by DHX enable the world’s first PC2-8888 C4 (1111MHz at CAS

  • Pin Mod LGA CPUs for Voltage Boost

    After our “pin-mod” Core 2 Duo guide to boost voltages on these LGA CPUs for limiting motherboards, we had some requests for guides on the previous generation of LGA CPUs. So here is our “pin-mod” guide for all Pentium-based LGA CPUs, from the Pentium 4s to the Pentium/Celeron Ds and Pentium Extreme Editions. As usual,

  • INX Waterproof SD & YouSD II Cards

    We take a look at 3 waterproof SD cards from INX of Japan. Besides being waterproof, 2 of these are also from the YouSD series, which touts USB connectivity without the need for any additional devices! How do they perform, and can they survive water torture?

  • Olympus launches 3 New Compact DigiCams

    Olympus has just announced these three new compact digicams : (1) Olympus µ 740 Makes Its Mark As Slimmest 5X Zoom Digicam In The Market (2) Turn heads with the slim-line Olympus FE-190 (3) Olympus FE-170 Brings Easy And Flexible Digital Photography To Everyone They are

  • Creative’s Small and Trendy DiVi CAM 516 Mini Digital Camcorder

    Creative Technology today introduced Creative DiVi CAM 516, a stylish mini digital camcorder offering video recording in the latest MPEG-4 format and video playback on TV in addition to practical functions such as a 5.1 Megapixel digital camera, MP3 player, voice recorder and webcam – all at an affordable price of SGD$ 249.00. Creative DiVi

  • Interesting Stuff Upcoming From Intel

    It looks like Intel has some very interesting products in store for us, happening as early as end of this year. Of particular interest is the Kentsfield Extreme Edition Quad Core which will be clocked at 2.66GHz with 1066MHz FSB and launched in the last Quarter of 2006, at estmated retail price of USD$ 999.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Voltage Boost

    The Core 2 Duos bring the joy back for the Intel Overclockers with their easy to handle heat and ample of overclock head-room. However, the overclocking capacity depends as much on the motherboards paired with them. Some of the enthusiasts on a tight budget are stuck with a limiting motherboard, particularly in the voltage department.

  • New ASUS Core 2 Duo Notebook: V1J

    The V1 notebook series is an ultra slim 15.4″ notebook with a detachable docking station that accommodates a wide range of connectivity that will increase work efficiency and provide higher mobility. ASUS V1J notebook series offers a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security feature that protects with both software as well as

  • Gigabyte GA-8I945GMMFY-RH

    As petroleum pricing continues to rocket into the invisible dimension of infinity, the price to pay for power is becoming ridiculous to behold. Thinking about jumping to a less power-consuming platform? The Gigabyte GA-8I945GMMFY-RH is here to save the day!

  • ATi Radeon X1900 Price Drops

    For those of you who can’t wait until the Radeon X1950 to debut on the 27th, ATI has already started to cut pricing on the ASICs for the Radeon X1900 series cards: Radeon X1900 CrossFire, X1900XTX, X1900XT and X1900GT. Essentially, all of the ATI cards have shifted down a price tier, leaving the top USD$

  • VR-Zone Toshiba Notebook Super Saver!!

    VR-Zone Toshiba Notebook Super Saver!! Promotion period: 4th August to 27th August 2006 2 Top-Notch Notebooks now made more affordable for everyone: Save SGD$ 400, Enjoy FREE gifts, FREE 1GB Memory upgrade & receive tickets to watch the AFC U-17 Championship Games with the promotional purchase of Toshiba Satellite M100-P341 & Toshiba Portege M500-P140. Hurry,

  • Gigabyte GA 965P DS3 Core 2 Motherboard (Pencil Mods)

    It seems that just about everyone is mad about a Core 2 Duo. With that lust, it brings forth the search for a good motherboard which is an inevitable upgrade chore with the two main criteria being, Good and reasonably priced. I have to admit that I did not pay much attention to the Gigabyte

  • Toshiba TECRA M5 Corporate Notebook Review

    Tired of the lag times you face while rushing your project for work as you switch from task to task, window to window on your Notebook? A Dual Core processor Notebook will surely catch your eye then… you can be quite sure multi-tasking will be much smoother on such a Notebook These don’t come cheap,

  • Benchmarking SLI @ x16 x16 w Intel Core 2 Duo

    Futuremark, the leader in making 3D Benchmarks, has just opened up the floodgates to allow users to publish their Intel Core 2 Duo results. We have ran SLI @ x16 x16 with Intel Core 2 Duo and published some orthodorx SLI results using Futuremark Approved Drivers. Interesting results from a chipset you have not seen

  • Zalman Reserator 2 Review

    Zalman showcased their new, soon to arrive in market, watercooling kit Reserator 2 at the recent Comptex in Taipei 1 month ago. As usual the highlight of this watercooling kit from Zalman is golden silence. We have just received a sample of this, but you won’t be seeing a single fan inside so “fan” fans

  • Conroe X6800 Demo Rigs @ ASUS WGT

    ASUS World GameMaster Tournament has officially kicked off in Ngee Ann Poly from July 26th to July 28th where gamers compete in three hottest games of the year: Counter Strike: Half Life, DOTA All Stars and Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. VR-Zone has set up 2 demo rigs at ASUS booth running on the latest Core

  • MaReNoStRuM’s Ultimate Cascade Cooler

    Our Forum Member MaReNoStRuM has shared some very interesting details on his on-going extreme cooling project. Building a multi-stage refrigeration computer cooler with 3 cooling heads for 1 CPU and 2 GPUs, he has displayed great innovations and put in huge amount of effort. Enjoy and admire his works here.

  • ABIT KN9-SLI Nforce 570 SLI Mainboard Review

    Intel is getting all the limelight nowadays with their upcoming Core 2 Duo, but it’s fine time we shifted our attention back to AMD and the Socket AM2 Motherboards. Introducing the Abit KN9-SLI, based on the NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI chipset!!

  • Samsung Announces 8Gb 60nm Flash Memory

    Samsung continues its advancements in the area of flash memory development with today’s announcement of 8Gb NAND flash memory devices. The new high density multi-level-cell (MLC) memory is based on a 60nm manufacturing process and allows a 25% increase in production output compared to 70nm designs.