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  • VIA CX700 IGP Chipset

    VIA today announced the VIA CX700 digital media IGP chipset for the VIA C7® and Eden® processor platforms, the most advanced x86 embedded chipset that integrates all the cutting-edge features of a modern chipset’s North and South bridges, including rich video graphics, HD audio, and DDR2 and SATA II support, into a single, compact and

  • Hitachi CinemaStar Drives For CE Devices

    Hitachi is announcing a new product line that gives DVR and set-top box customers a dedicated high storage capacity solution that’s optimized for consumer electronics: the 3.5-inch CinemaStar™ hard disk drive. The new products, called CinemaStar 7K500 and CinemaStar 7K160, are based off Hitachi’s award-winning 3.5-inch Deskstar platform. The CinemaStar 7K500 will be made available

  • Hitachi New Deskstar T7K500 & 7K160 Drives

    The Deskstar® T7K500 and Deskstar 7K160 feature 7,200 RPM spin speeds and 3Gb/s SATA interfaces to deliver maximum performance in mainstream and high-performance PCs, gaming systems and low duty cycle servers. The new drives use 160GB+ per platter technology to deliver up to one-half terabyte (500GB) of storage capacity in a one-, two- and three-disk

  • IBM & Rapport On Most Energy-Efficient CPU Design

    Rapport and IBM previewed a breakthrough energy-efficient processor design, the Kilocore1025, which will feature 1,024 eight-bit processing elements together with a PowerPC™ core on a single, low-cost chip. Rapport and IBM are collaborating to utilize Power Architecture technology to provide high-performance processing with extremely low energy consumption. The result is expected to be one of

  • D-0 Yonah To Get Speed Enhancement

    In order to incorporate speed enhancements for Yonah Based Processors, Intel is converting the Intel® Core™ Duo Processors T2600, T2500, T2400 from C-0 Stepping to D-0 Stepping. A BIOS update is required for D0-Step Products. The D-0 stepping is backwards compatible with the C-0 stepping. All C-0 products supported under Intel’s Stable Image Platform Program

  • AMD Socket AM2 Pricing

    Models Mid 2006 Athlon 64 FX Windsor (90nm, Socket AM2, Dual Core, 2 x 1MB L2, DDR2 667, AMD-v, 125W TDP) FX-62 (2.8GHz) – $ 1236 Athlon 64 X2 Windsor (90nm, Socket AM2, Dual Core, 2 x 1MB L2, DDR2 667, AMD-v, 85W TDP) 5200+ (2.6GHz, 1MB x 2) – ? 5000+ (2.6GHz, 512KB x

  • Cypress Samples QDR II+ & DDRII+ SRAMs

    Cypress has begun sampling the industry’s first Quad Data Rate™ II+ (QDR™ II+) and Double Data Rate II+ (DDRII+) SRAM devices. The new memory chips deliver the world’s highest-density and highest-bandwidth, enabling up to 50 percent more system-level bandwidth than existing QDRII and DDRII products. The devices accelerate read/write capabilities in a variety of data-intensive

  • Samsung Delays Blu-Ray Player Launch

    Samsung is rescheduling its initial U.S. Blu-Ray player launch from May 23 to June 25 in order to complete compatibility testing with several Blu-Ray test discs that will become available in late April from product manufacturers and content providers. The hardware development for Samsung’s BD-P1000 Blu-Ray player is complete and ready for mass production in

  • AMD Geode LX EPIC Reference Design Kit

    AMD announced the availability of the AMD Geode™ LX EPIC Reference Design Kit (RDK). The AMD Geode LX EPIC RDK leverages the industry-standard EPIC SBC form factor and low-power system design to maximize adaptability and help developers get products to market more quickly and efficiently. The wide acceptance of this small form factor with PC104

  • Intel Conroe & Merom Roadmap

    Segment H1 2006 H2 2006 Q1 2007 Desktop Presler XE (65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, 1066FSB, HT, VT) 965 (3.73GHz) 955 (3.46GHz) Presler (65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, 800FSB, VT) 960 (3.6GHz) 950 (3.4GHz) 940 (3.2GHz) 930 (3.0GHz) 920 (2.8GHz) Conroe XE (65nm, 4MB L2, Dual Core, 1333FSB) E8xxx (3.33GHz)? Conroe

  • A Walkabout in SLS (1-4-2006)

    It’s the usual SLS Walkabout article once again, look here to keep yourself updated in the latest trends around Sim Lim Square!

  • Toshiba pre-announces next-gen Nvidia mobile GPU

    Nvidia hasn’t announced its GeForce Go 7900 GS mobile GPU yet, but Toshiba yesterday said it has begun shipping a gaming-oriented notebook which delivers “state-of-the-art graphics” thanks to the new chip, 256MB of graphics memory and a 17-inch TruBrite display. Toshiba’s pre-announcement comes a week after Samsung inadvertently unveiled Intel’s upcoming Core Duo T2700 processor

  • 7900GT: Unlocking the Beast Within

    The 7900GT launched just about a month ago seems to be eyed by a lot of enthusiasts holding a mid-range budget. For these group of gamers and 3D lovers, squeezing every bit of performance and image quality out of their hardware seems to be a growing trend. We unlocked the Beast within the card and

  • Upcoming Pentium D CPUs Price Cut

    Series Model No. Speed Now 23 Apr 30 Apr Q3’06 Pentium D (800 FSB, 2x2MB L2) 960 3.6GHz     $ 530   950 3.4GHz $ 637 $ 316     940 3.2GHz $ 423 $ 241     930 3.0GHz $ 316 $ 209     925 (no VT) 3.0GHz       $

  • ATi R560 & RV570 Info

    Market Segment Q1 ’06 Q2 ’06 Q3 ’06 Enthusiast R580 (90nm) X1900 XTX : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 650/775MHz X1900 XT : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 625/725MHz R580 (90nm) X1900 XL : 16PP/48PS/8VS, 500+/600+MHz? R520 (90nm) X1800 GTO : 12PP/12PS/6VS, 500/500MHz   Performance     RV570 (80nm) RV570XT/XL : 12PP/36PS/6VS RV560 (80nm) 8PP/24PS/4VS Mainstream   RV535 – 80nm   Value  

  • AOpen i975Xa-YDG Board In Early April

    The long wait is finally over due to some production delay and the AOpen i975Xa-YDG boards will start rolling out in early April. AOpen is now offering a compelling innovative ATX motherboard: the i975Xa-YDG is the latest MoDT motherboard to apply Intel’s Pentium Mobile processor technology to desktop products. By using MoDT technology and the

  • Olympus to offer E-330 in 6 different flavors to sweeten the deal

    CameraTown reports that Olympus will be offering their "Live View" CCD display E-330 Digital SLRs in 6 different packages, from "Pro", to "Traveling Pro", "Nature Pro" and even "Underwater Pro" kits. Being a DSLR, Olympus is doing a rather bold move, since most of the other DSLRs are just sold body alone, or at most

  • Touch Sensitive Panels that enable multiplayer gaming?!

    Fancy playing Warcraft III on a square projection table, not only together with all your "battle mates" but also have play the game – the classic tabletop style? Mitsubishi has just unveiled a new DiamondTouch panel that enables projection to be projected on a special touch sensitive panel that allows gamers to play WCIII head

  • Canon’s EOS 5D vs Nikon D200 – who’ll prevail?

    DigitalCameraInfo has just posted a head grudge match against 2 heavy weight DSLRs in the market. Comparing against the Nikon D200 and the Canon EOS 5D, it might seem unfair right on the start, considering Canon’s 5D is actually a full frame 12.8 megapixel camera, while the D200 is only 10 megapixel. However, precisely because

  • Sapphire PC-I7RD400

    Sapphire’s plunge into the motherboard market makes them yet another choice to choose from for hardware enthusiasts. Today, we scrutinise a motherboard from Sapphire that fuses one of the most hyped-up technology of 2005 with some old school DDR RAMs using Intel’s LGA processors to crunch the bits-and-bytes.