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  • Athlon 64 X2 5000+ “Black Edition” Tested

    4Gamers has done up some quick tests on the Athlon 64 X2 5000+ “Black Edition” released just over last weekend in Japan. It is based on 65nm Brisbane core, clocked in at 2.6Ghz at 13x multiplier, 2x512KB L2 cache and 65W TDP. The good thing is that the multiplier is unlocked so overclocking is made

  • Cooler Master’s Hyper 212

    Cooler Master has touched down again with a new product, the Hyper 212! Sporting 4 heatpipes, a tall physical profile with stacked fins and mounting space for dual 120mm fans, it promises to be one fierce competitor in the cooling arena! Read on the find out more.

  • NVIDIA Released GeForce 7 Series mGPUs for Intel

    NVIDIA has extended its family of GeForce 7-Series motherboard graphics processing units (mGPUs) to Intel processor-based PCs. Starting today, GeForce graphics are more affordable and accessible than ever before for Intel customers. The GeForce 7150, 7100, and 7050 mGPUs are designed to support a full range of Intel CPUs (Core 2, Pentium, and Celeron CPU

  • Fire up! MSI’s mobile gaming monster – the GX600 Gaming Notebook

    With a piano black finish and fiery red tribal designs emblazoned on the hood, the MSI GX600 laptop looks roaring to take the lead amongst current generation gaming laptops. VR-Zone finds out about this lean, mean gaming machine!

  • SLS Walkabout 21st September 2007

    Once again, VR-Zone brings you another installment of the SLS walkabout. This week, we are featuring Lian Li’s limited edition copper case.

  • AC Ryan’s Cool Clip Contest!

    Think you got what it takes to make the coolest clip? We challenge you to express the Spirit of AC Ryan in a 10 to 30 seconds short clip. Not another run-of-the-mill corporate cliche video. Those will be fed to the dogs (if they do indeed eat digital media ;)). You gotta be creative, you

  • ASUS PhysX Card Ready

    Here's a pic on how the PhysX card using AGEIA PhysX processor from ASUS will look like. In comparison with the reference card, there are some differences in the PCB and components layout. Now the PhysX card looks more like a graphics card with 128MB onboard GDDR3 memories, a heatsink fan to cool the PPU

  • 22 new products launch by Canon

    Today, over at Sunny Sentosa, we took some time off to attend Canon’s Empowerment press event at One Degree 15, Marina Club. The imaging solutions company had 22 new products up lined up for launch, from printers to scanners to cameras! The press was given heads up on the much anticipated Powershot G9 and EOS

  • Titan of Mainboards: Asus Maximus X38

    Check out this news for more high resolution pictures!

  • Biostar TP35D3-A7 Deluxe Bearlake Review

    With a whole new range of Intel P35 motherboard makers fighting to be the ultimate contender, its no exception that Biostar would join in the contest. Today we find out how well a fight the Biostar TP35D3-A7 Deluxe puts up.

  • Creative Zen: Miniature MP3 wonder & Gigaworks T40…

    Introducing the Creative Zen! The flash player is the official successor of the ZEN Vision:M, and is available in capacities of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB, and is advertised to be the “MP3 credit size wonder”. Read on for our take on it, and at the same time we’ll be taking a further look at the

  • SLS Walkabout 14th September 2007

    Once again, VR-Zone brings you another installment of the SLS walkabout.

  • Shuttle DVO SG33G5M Deluxe Closeup!

    The Shuttle D’VO Series is the latest in home entertainment platform. Experience visually stunning High-Definition video playback, paired with the finest cinematic surround sound effects. Home theater is only a Shuttle D’VO platform away.

  • HTC launches the HTC TyTN II in Singapore

    Singapore � September 13, 2007 � HTC Corp. (TAIEX: 2498; �HTC�), the world’s leading provider of Microsoft� Windows Mobile� smart devices, today unveiled the HTC TyTN II. Featuring global high speed HSDPA connectivity, in-built GPS for personal navigation and an innovative adjustable screen angle, this device is the ultimate mobile companion. The HTC TyTN II

  • Quad Core Tigerton Server Spotted @ GCA

    While we are lurking around Games Convention Asia one day before it opens, we have spotted a 4-way Tigerton S7000FC4UR server at Anewtech booth. This server is powered by Intel Xeon X7350 quad core "Tigerton" processor clocked at 2.93GHz/1066FSB with 8MB L2 cache topping at 130W TDP. This processor is the highest end of the

  • Sapphire, PowerColor HD2600XT & Xpertvision HD2600Pro

    Despite a recent spate of events leading to its parent company, AMD, seeing red in losses over the last two quarters of the year, ATI has pulled through & managed to put another range of cards to add some flavour to the mid range graphics sector potpourri- the HD2600 Series. A departure from the previous

  • Asus P5E3 Deluxe X38 Mainboard Preview!

    VR-Zone brings you some exclusive pictures of the Asus P5E3 Deluxe featuring the latest Intel X38 Chipset.

  • SanDisk Launched ExpressCard Adapter

    SanDisk today launched the SanDisk Multi Card ExpressCard(TM) Adapter, offering fast transfer speeds from memory cards to notebook computers without the need to carry cables or external card readers. The new adapter fits into the ExpressCard slot now found in most new notebook computers, and accepts six card formats: SD, SDHC, MMC, MMCplus, Memory Stick

  • CPUZ 1.41 Detects Phenom X4 Correctly

    Using the latest CPUZ 1.41 beta, we are able to detect Phenom X4 more correctly this time round. The package, process technology, multiplier and bus information are now available. The CPU revision is revealed as DR-B0. More importantly, the 4 cores of the Agena are now detected.

  • Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 Chassis

    A steel and aluminum hybrid enclosure, the Cosmos 1000 Chassis is positioned to be the successor of the classic Stacker series. Coolermaster dropped us a one of these cases a while back, and it’s time for us to get our screwdrivers, tear it apart and give you guys a piece of our mind.