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  • AMD Turion 64 Mobile CPUs

    AMD today introduced AMD Turion(tm) 64 mobile technology, the latest in a succession of computing innovations based on the industry-leading AMD64 architecture. AMD Turion 64 mobile technology is uniquely optimised to bring award-winning AMD64 performance to thinner and lighter notebook PCs with longer battery life, enhanced security, and compatibility with the latest graphics and wireless

  • VR-Zone Demo Rigs @ IT Show 2005!

    VR-Zone is displaying 2 refrigeration cooled systems at the IT Show in Suntec City from 17th to 20th of March. First system is a 5Ghz Pentium 4 and an XFX 6800 Ultra @ 560/1300 gaming at -40C. Booth located at XFX third floor Suntec. Second Rig consist of an Inno3D 6800 GT clocked @ 470

  • Iomega Promos @ IT Show 2005


  • Creative @ IT Show 2005

    Creative Technology will participate in IT Show 2005 with a large 175.5 sq m booth that will showcase a host of excitingly-priced digital entertainment products this year. This includes numerous irresistible deals spanning Creative’s entire product categories, namely MP3 Players, Speakers, Sound Blaster Sound Cards, Cameras, Headphones/Earphones, as well as Home Theatre Systems, which will

  • Aztech ADSL2+ HomePlug 85Mbps Powerline Residential Gateway

    Aztech today announced the world’s first integrated ADSL2+ HomePlug 85Mbps Residential Gateway combining the latest advances for ADSL with broadband connectivity up to 26Mbps over the telephone lines and providing a central gateway to distribute data, voice and video throughout the home at a speed up to 85Mbps via the electrical powerlines. The new Aztech

  • SiS756 & SiS163 : Wireless Platform For AMD

    SiS today announced that SiS recently announced the combination of the SiS756 PCIe chipset with the SiS163 WLAN chip provides an all-new choice for desktop wireless platforms. The SiS756 chipset provides support for the new PCI Express specification, while the SiS163 WLAN chip provides support for 802.11b/g wireless LAN specifications. The SiS163/163U, the latest single-chip

  • VapoChill Micro CPU Cooler Series

    asetek has joined forces with the Leonhardt Group Industries (Germany) to launch a compact and highly effective CPU cooler technology. The already patented cooler technology, to be mass-marketed under the VapoChill MicroTM brand name, is based on the vapour phase principles of the compressor run VapoChill XEIITM and LSTM CPU coolers. The VapoChill MicroTM CPU

  • AMD Geode NX DB1500 Development Board

    SiS today announced the integration of the SiS741CX chipset on the new AMD Geode™ NX DB1500 development board, a next-generation embedded platform solution from AMD. Targeting the high-end application development market, the combination of the SiS741CX chipset and AMD Geode NX processor family on the AMD Geode NX DB1500 development board provides application developers with

  • GSkill DDR600 PC4800 1T Memory

    G.Skill launch a DDR600 PC4800 1T 2.5-4-4-8 model of their F1 series memory which equipped with Samsung TCCD memory chipset, a well known ultra performance memory chipset. The new model is F1-4800DSU2-1GBFF, a matched pair of 512MBx2 dual channel DDR memory module. These modules are tested at DDR550 PC4400 1T 2.5-3-3-7 latency setting and DDR600

  • Funan New Logo : Funan Digitalife Mall

    The popular IT shopping haven, Funan The IT Mall has officially re-branded with a new logo and is now known as Funan Digitalife Mall and there will be lots of interesting happenings and changes coming along the pipeline. In the near term, its fifth level will be converted into a hippy place where consumers can

  • ASUS S479 to S478 Adaptor : Pentium M on P4 Boards

    ASUS is going to unveil in the next few weeks an adaptor called CT-479 that allows a Pentium M mobile processor to be used on a Pentium 4 Socket 478 board. Since Pentium 4 and Pentium M has a common NetBurst Bus architecture therefore an adaptor like this is possible. This adaptor is compatible with

  • AMD Desktop CPUs Roadmap Update

    Models Q2 ’05 H2 ’05 Q1 ’06 Athlon 64 FX San Diego (90nm SOI, Socket 939, 1MB L2, SSE3, Dual DDR400) FX-57 (2.8Ghz) Toledo (90nm SOI, Socket 939, Dual Core, 1MB L2, SSE3, Dual DDR400) 1.6  – 2.4Ghz Windsor (90nm SOI, Socket M2, Dual Core, Dual DDR2 667, Pacifica Virtualization, Presidio Security) Athlon 64 San

  • Maxtor To Cut 5500 Jobs In Singapore

    Maxtor which makes hard-disk drives for personal computers, is reducing its work force by up to 5,500 people at its Singapore manufacturing operations. Maxtor, based in Milpitas, Calif., said roughly 2,500 of the planned job cuts will be achieved through attrition and the rest by severance.The reduction stems from its plan to close one of

  • Aztech @ CeBIT 2005

    Aztech will launch its new range of products at CeBIT 2005 exhibition from 10th to 16th March 2005 in Hannover, Germany. This new range of products complements and further enhances Aztech’s reputation as a premier provider of data and voice communication products. Aztech will also foray into digital consumer electronic products with the introduction of

  • AMD Turion 64 Appears at IDF

    This is kinda funny. Ben has sent over a photo taken over at San Francisco while Intel IDF is running where AMD took to the sky with a message about their new Turion 64 mobile technology, the forthcoming notebook PC processor solution that is made for mobility.

  • Intel Processors Platforms Updates

      2005 2006 2007 Mobile Client Sonoma Platform Dothan Alviso 915GM/PM Calexico Napa Platform Yonah Calistoga 955XM/945GM/PM Golan Santa Rosa Platform Merom Crestline Golan 2 / Annadel? Enterprise Client Lyndon Platform Pentium 4 (HT/XD/EM64T/EIST/IAMT/VT) 945G Express Averill Platform Pentium 4, Pentium D, Presler (iAMT2 / LT) Broadwater P/G Desktop Client Lyndon Platform Pentium D 945/955X

  • GECUBE Radeon X850XT/X800XL AGP Series

    Info-Tek Corporation announced today the release of the world’s highest-end AGP-interface graphics cards – the GECUBE RADEON® X850XT AGP and GECUBE RADEON® X800XL AGP series. The GECUBE RADEON® X850XT AGP and GECUBE RADEON® X800XL AGP series are based on the unrivaled high-speed ATI AGP graphics chips to provide gamers with the extreme performance of the

  • ATi ES1000 PCI Gfx Card For Servers

    ATI introduced the ES1000, a flexible and stable graphics solution for the server and thin client markets. The ES1000 builds on ATI’s strengths and reputation and delivers a new product that meets low power consumption and long life cycle requirements while delivering proven reliability. The ES1000, a PCI-based graphics chip, is designed for server vendors

  • Intel Pentium D Smithfield CPUs

    Processor Family Q1 ’05 Q2 ’05 H1 ’06 Extreme Edition Prescott 2M (90nm, 2MB L2 1066Mhz FSB, EM64T)   3.73Ghz  SmithField (90nm, 2 x 1MB L2, Dual Core, 800MHz FSB, HT, EM64T) 820 (2.8Ghz) 830 (3.0Ghz) 840 (3.2Ghz) Presler (65nm, 2 x 2MB L2, Dual Core, VT) 3.6Ghz Chipsets 925XE 955X Express (Glenwood) Pentium 4

  • PowerColor AGP GameFX Series

    Tul™ today introduces the three latest PowerColor AGP GameFX series, which includes the native and bridge AGP solutions targeting at the enthusiast and mainstream markets. The PowerColor X850 series is a new, complete native AGP8X based graphics card that requires no external bridge for compatibility with AGP systems. The PowerColor X850 Series enables ATI’s RADEON®