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  • VIA DualGFX Express Allows Dual ATi Cards?

    It seems like VIA has found a better way to improve dual GFX card performance using Multi-Mode through drivers without using SLI connector. VIA K8T890 Pro chipset allows 16 Lane PCI Express and 4 Lane PCI Express for each graphics cards and the drivers can control the SLI mode (x16 + x4) to output to


    MSI today unveils its new MEGA PLAYER 521 multi-function portable audio device. As the latest addition to MSI’s successful MEGA series, the new MEGA S PLAYER 521 combines MSIs unique style with many advanced features such as the integrated FM tuner, Voice and FM recorder, 256 / 512 MB of internal memory and the ability

  • Gigabyte Unveils Dual VPU 6600GT Card

    GIGABYTE technology innovates the world NO.1 3DMark 2003 performance graphics card of the world which uses 2 pcs Nvidia 6600GT GPU in one card and named “3D1”. It is the only one 6600GT card built with 256MB DDR III memory and supported 256bit memory bandwidth as well. “3D1” is the performance champion in visual gaming

  • iRiver Unveils iPod Mini Killer : H10

    ReignCom unveiled the H10, a hard disc drive embedded multifunctional MP3 player. The H10, which has a 5-gigabyte memory and a color 1.5-inch LCD, boasts of diverse functions that are not provided by Apple iPod mini, which has 4-gigabyte memory and black-and-white screen. H10’s features include voice recording, FM radio, MP3 player and digital photo

  • Sparkle SP-PX44DH GeForce 6200TC Series

    SPARKLE is pleased to introduce a new feature being offered on the GeForce 6200 graphics card, the revolutionary NVIDIA ® TurboCache™. Armed with the latest PCI Express technologies, the SPARKLE GeForce 6200 delivers best in class performance, and supports Microsoft ® DirectX ® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 for increased graphics and system performance. Also with

  • Albatron TC6200 Series

    Albatron announced its new TC6200 Series VGA cards based on NVIDIA’s GeForce™ 6200 GPU with TurboCache™ technology. This series includes the TC6200, TC6200U and the TC6200Q. These cards will provide the latest in PCI-Express without the high price tags that usually accompany recent technologies. For systems with Intel 915 mainboards, the TC6200Q is capable of

  • BenQ x730

    Seeking for a keyboard and a mouse that show the premium blend of form and function with the dramatically designed streamline shape? BenQ x730, with its sleek profile and high-quality black frame, provides 3 adjustable angles for users to find the most comfortable position for themselves. The x730 combines both the ergonomic concept and linear

  • Lexar New USB Card Form Factor & FlashCard

    Lexar Media today announced a new USB card form factor designed for universal and superior interoperability to bring next generation storage, connectivity and utility products to a broad variety of computing, consumer electronics and mobile electronics devices. The new USB card form factor is based on the USB Type A connector as outlined in the

  • Intel Desktop CPUs Roadmap

      Q4 ’04 Q1 ’05 Q2 ’05 H2 ’05 Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Gallatin (130nm, 2MB L3, 1066Mhz FSB) 3.46Ghz Prescott 2M (90nm, 2MB L2 1066Mhz FSB, EM64T) – Feb   3.73Ghz  – $ 999   ? Chipsets 925XE 955X Express (Glenwood) Pentium 4 Prescott (90nm, 1MB L2, 800Mhz FSB) 570 (3.8Ghz) Prescott 2M (90nm,

  • Intel Xeon Roadmap Updates

      H1 ’05 H2 ’05 H1 ’06 Xeon / Xeon DP Irwindale (90nm, 3.0-3.6Ghz, 2MB L2, EM64T) 3.6Ghz – $ 850 3.4Ghz – $ 692 3.2Ghz- $ 450 3.0Ghz – $ 318 Paxville (90nm, 2.8-3.2Ghz, Dual Core) Dempsey (90nm, Dual Core) Chipsets Lakeport / Glenwood  Mukilteo (Tekoa & Ophir technology) Blackford / Blackford VS (ESB-2,

  • Samsung Ships 512Mb GDDR3 Samples

    Samsung has begun shipping the world’s first 512-megabit (Mb) GDDR3 memory device which is the most advanced graphics double-data-rate synchronous DRAM available for graphics card makers, as well as electronic game console manufacturers. The new Samsung device has at least twice the density of any graphics memory available today, enabling much richer textures in gaming

  • Biostar iDEQ 300G Mini PC

    Biostar introduce its whole new modle of multi-media mini PC series– iDEQ 300G. iDEQ 300G adapts industry’s leading-edge design concept and framework, which allows users to complete entire hardware installation within just two minutes. The unprecedented mechanical design is more user-friendly and requires less effort during system installation. Moreover, with the smooth surface coating and

  • Corsair Enter Flash Media Market

    Corsair today announced the company’s entry into the flash media market with new families of USB 2.0 flash drives and Secure Digital (SD) cards. Corsairs USB Flash Voyager products are high capacity thumb-sized portable storage devices that are ideal for transporting presentations, photos, MP3s, and other files. These USB drives are as stylish as they

  • Wahoo Computers Custom ATC-201 Modded Case

    Today we bring you a review of a custom modded Cooler Master ATC-201 case by the guys at Wahoo Computers. Fully painted and customized, this is the case we took down to Quakecon earlier this year. Can the guys at Wahoo put together a great looking case that you would be proud to display? Come

  • Albatron K8Ultra-U Series

    Albatron recently announced two new Athlon 64 based mainboards, the K8Ultra-U standard version and the K8Ultra-U Pro. The key to the K8Ultra-U mainboard’s attractive C/P ratio is the result of a new design that combines both the Northbridge and Southbridge onto one chip. This revolutionary chipset design also greatly reduces traditional Northbridge/Southbridge latencies. The new

  • Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ TCCD Memory Shootout

    Today we have a review of three different Samsung TCCD based memory modules from Corsair, Kingston, and OCZ. Running 2-2-2-5 latencies at DDR 400, are all three of these memory modules made equal? Come and see for yourself.

  • Intel Raised Q4 Revenue Outlook

    Intel raised its quarterly revenue outlook, citing strong worldwide demand for its microprocessors and reduced levels of inventories. Revenue in the quarter ending Dec. 25 is now expected to reach $ 9.3 billion to $ 9.5 billion, up from an earlier target of $ 8.6 billion to $ 9.2 billion. At those levels, Intel will

  • AMD Opterons Gain Enterprise Support

    25 percent of the Fortune Global 100 now using AMD Opteron? processor-based systems. Since its introduction more than one year ago, Fortune 500 companies from industries including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, and energy have selected AMD Opteron processor-based systems to run their critical enterprise applications. The AMD Opteron processor provides investment protection by enabling

  • VisionTek XTASY Radeon X850 XT

    VisionTek announced the official launch of its XTASY(tm) RADEON®(tm) X850 XT PCI Express Graphics Accelerator at ATI’s “Xtreme Heights” launch event in San Francisco, California. The VisionTek XTASY(tm) RADEON®(tm) X850 XT is based on ATI’s award winning, highly scalable and programmable RADEON®(tm) X850 series visual processing unit (VPU). The X850 series utilizes native support for

  • Swiftech H20-80 & H20-120 Liquid Cooling Kits

    "Revision 3" takes the award winning H20-80™ and H20-120™ series of liquid cooling kits one step further, thanks to the new revolutionary MCP350™ pump. All other components being identical, the kits perform equally well compared to "Rev. 2" but are quieter, and easier to install. The kits now also support multiple types of processors, and