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  • ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition Preview

    Today we take a look at the lastest GPU product family from ATI, the R480, more specifically the ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition. A PCI Express only card built on a aging 130nm process, does the card have what it takes to distance itself from the R420′s high end parts while outperforming NVIDIA’s high

  • Swiftech MCW5002-775T Water Block

    The MCW5002-775T™ is a fully assembled liquid-cooled thermoelectric (Peltier) solution, specifically designed for Intel® Pentium 4 (socket LGA775) processors. This unit is intended for advanced users in extreme processor cooling applications, such as extreme overclocking. MSRP: $ 125.00

  • Fujitsu New LifeBook S7000 Series

    Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today launched two LifeBook notebooks from their S7000 series – the slim and stylish LifeBook S7011 and S7010. Both LifeBook models have been enhanced with AuthenTec TruePrint™ Technology, ensuring accurate fingerprint recognition. The LifeBook S7011 is packed with multimedia features making it perfect for work and play while the S7010 offers

  • ATi Mobility Radeon X300 & X800

    ATI today announced two powerful new PCI Express-based graphics processors for notebook PCs – the MOBILITY™ RADEON® X300 and MOBILITY™ RADEON® X800. Addressing the needs of thin and light notebook PCs, MOBILITY RADEON X300 delivers the perfect blend of DirectX 9 performance and power management for consumer and commercial notebooks. At the other end of

  • Microcool Chipsink Review

    Today we bring you a review of Microcool’s new Chipsinks, which are designed to passively cool down your PLLs, mosfets and southbridge. How great of an effect will they have in our overclocking and temperature tests? Come and take a closer look…

  • Albatron K8X890 Pro Socket 939 Board

    Albatron announced a new Athlon 64 based mainboard, providing more fuel for the industry’s 64-bit revolution. With Microsoft’s recent announcement of a 64-bit based Windows XP operating system and AMD’s recent Athlon 64 series promotional efforts, the transition to a new 64-bit order appears closer than ever before. The new K8X890 Pro mainboard will support

  • Futuremark SPMark04 Consumer Version

    Futuremark Corporation, the leading provider of performance analysis software and services, today launched a consumer version of its SPMark(TM)04 Smart Phone benchmark. SPMark(TM)04 has become the industry’s most widely used testing tool for Symbian-based smart phones and is rapidly becoming the de-facto performance measurement standard for mobile platforms. SPMark(TM)04 consumer version measures the performance of

  • GeCube Radeon X700 SilenCool Series

    The GECUBE RADEON®X700PRO SilenCoolTM series uses dual-side Heat pipe and Heat Sink technology to provide quiet, powerful 3D performance for the most demanding of today’s 3D games. The GECUBE RADEON® X700PRO series graphics cards include advanced GECUBE SilenCoolTM Heat pipe design for drastically reduced noise generated by high-performance graphics processing, providing consumers with the most

  • New PolarFLO TT Series Pumps

    These new PolarFLO TT Series Pumps will be available only from beginning on 11-22-04 and ending on 11-26-04.

  • Albatron AGP6600/6600GT Cards

    Albatron announced the new AGP6600 and AGP6600GT VGA cards based on AGP 8x interface technology. With these cards, Albatron has chosen an alternative to recent PCI-Express trends, going after untapped AGP 8x market potential using nVIDIA’s recent Geforce 6600 series of GPUs. The AGP6600 uses the Geforce 6600 chipset with a core clock of 300

  • Seagate Barracuda 400GB Hard Drive w/ NCQ

    Seagate today announced it is shipping the world’s highest capacity PC hard drive to retail stores, resellers and system builders worldwide. The Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 hard drive gives customers up to 400GB, and with the industry’s highest data density it’s the first hard drive to store up to 133GB on a single disc. This technology

  • Creative DC-CAM 4200ZS DigiCam

    Creative today introduced the DC-CAM 4200ZS, a sleek, slim and stylishly designed ultra-compact digital camera that is equipped with high-quality digital camera features and performance. The DC-CAM 4200ZS comes with a new 4.2-Megapixel CCD sensor that captures stunningly precise images in high-resolution and rich vibrant colors, and records them as still images in JPEG file

  • Shiro FX and NX MP3 Players

    Shiro is proud to bring 2 new additions to the Shiro MP3 Entertainment Series. In line with our MP3 Players tag line of “THE NEW DIGITAL MUSIC EXPERIENCE”, Shiro is dedicated to bring to the consumer market MP3 players that have the aesthetic appeal and rich in features. Besides, our latest additions are well embodied

  • ATI HDTV Wonder Review

    Today we bring you a review of ATI’s newest Multimedia product, the ATI HDTV Wonder. How does ATI’s latest addition to the TV Wonder family perform? Come and take a closer look.

  • Kenwood To Launch Digital Music Players

    Audio equipment maker Kenwood plans to launch portable digital music players equipped with hard disk drives in early 2005. Expressing the company’s plan to enter the market cheered by the success of Apple’s iPod, the company expects to sell around one million units a year with annual revenues seen totaling 20 billion to 30 billion

  • Creative 3D Blaster X300 & X700 Pro

    3D Blaster X300 (S$ 209) 3D Blaster X700 Pro (S$ 369)

  • Iomega Network Hard Drive

    Iomega today announced the new Iomega® Network Hard Drive for shared file storage on home and small networks. Available immediately in capacities of 160GB* or 250GB, Iomega’s Network Hard Drive is perfect for home and small business users, providing a convenient location for shared files, photos, music and video. The Iomega Network Hard Drive lightens

  • Olympus New Cameras At SITEX 2004

    Olympus, the industry leader in opto-digital technologies and pioneer in digital cameras, is participating at SITEX 2004 with a host of festive bargains that will be spear-headed by the new all-weather µ-mini DIGITAL camera. There will also be three new models at the show – Olympus E-300, CAMEDIA C-70 ZOOM and CAMEDIA C-370 ZOOM. The

  • BenQ FP71E+ LCD Monitor

    Following BenQ’s unveiling of a LCD monitor with 12ms response time in March; BenQ announced that it will deliver in November a new 17-inch LCD monitor with a ultra-fast response time of 8ms. The BenQ FP71E+ LCD monitor will be the world’s first LCD monitor equipped with 8ms response time. Utilizing BenQ’s and AU Optronics’s

  • ATi R480 GPU Info

    Chip Micron Process Pipelines Core clock Memory clock Memory Size R480XT PE 0.11 16 540 MHz 1180 MHz 256MB R480XT 0.11 16 520 MHz 1080 MHz 256MB R480PRO 0.11 12 520 MHz 1080 MHz 256MB