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  • Samsung New SATA2 Hard Drives

    amsung and Marvell announce the development of new hard disk drives (HDD) that utilize the Marvell 88i6525 System on Chip (SOC). Samsung’s new hard drives are the industry’s first products to support native 3.0 Gbps I/O transaction capabilities in addition to SATA Native Command Queuing (NCQ). Marvell’s SATA SOC featured on these new drives boasts

  • Apple Unveiled Value PowerPC G4 iBook

    Apple® today unveiled the fastest, most affordable iBook® G4 ever for consumers and education customers, featuring built-in AirPort® Extreme 54 Mbps 802.11g wireless networking across the line and prices starting at just $ 999. The iBook line includes PowerPC G4 processors running up to 1.33 GHz and an available slot-load SuperDrive(TM) for burning DVDs, as

  • NVIDIA New nForce4 MCPs

    NVIDIA today introduced the NVIDIA nForce(TM)4 media and communication processors (MCPs), the Company’s new family of high-performance PCI Express-based MCPs for AMD64 computing environments. NVIDIA nForce4 MCPs provide the platform technology that is designed to power this year’s fastest gaming, enthusiast, and digital media PCs and motherboards, driving the PCI Express revolution with advanced capabilities

  • Athlon 64 4000+ Review

    Today we bring you a review of AMD’s latest desktop CPU offering, the Athlon 64 4000+. Running on AMD’s Socket 939 platform and with double the L2 Cache of the 3800+, does AMD’s latest CPU have what it takes to differentiate itself from previous models while taking on Intel’s latest processors?

  • Creative MuVo Micro MP3/WMA Player

    Creative today announced the MuVo® Micro flash memory based MP3/WMA player. Smaller than competing players and now available at incredibly low prices, the Muvo Micro (model N200) comes in eight electrifying colors. Its hard to believe such great sound quality comes from such a small player. At only 33.5mm by 65.5mm by 13mm and weighing

  • TwinMOS USB2.0 Red Rock S21 MP3 Player

    TwinMOS introduces USB2.0 Red Rock S21 MP3 Player following the glorious Red Rock S11. In addition to the standard red color of the Red Rock range, S21 is offered in purple, light blue and silver. The smoother but sharper appearance adds a sense of slimness to the original passionate model. Moreover, consumers can select a

  • Creative Zen Micro 5GB

    Creative today announced the Zen Micro, the next generation of MP3/WMA players. The Zen Micro with 5GB of storage capacity carries up to 2,500 (WMA, 64kbps) songs, and it lets the listener choose MP3 or WMA music, ripped from CDs or downloaded from online music sites. 50% more battery life The party never stops with

  • NVIDIA GeForce 6200 GPUs

    NVIDIA today announced the NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6200, a new graphics processing unit (GPU) which delivers the world-renowned GeForce 6 Series architecture and performance to the value PC segment. The GeForce 6200 features the industry’s most advanced graphics feature set and delivers an extraordinary gaming experience on next-generation titles, such as Ubisoft’s Far Cry and id

  • Clearspeed 64-bit CSX600 Co-Processor

    Clearspeed upcoming chip, CSX600 code-named Avebury contains 96 separate internal units tuned for doing particular types of math problems. The CSX600 is designed as a co-processor for accelerating PC’s, workstations, servers, clusters, and blades eg. Intel or AMD based. Initial applications are expected to be in life sciences, financial modeling, geophysical computation, scientific computing, military

  • Soltek QBIC EQ3901 Series

    Soltek today released the new mini-barebone system-EQ3901 series which adopts VIA latest K8T800Pro chipset and supports new AMD 64-bit Socket-939 processors, and particularly bundled with a powerful 300W PSU(Power Supply Unit). QBIC EQ 3901 series features new asynchronous bus architecture which allows for improved system optimization options and enables power users to get faster performance,

  • VIA 64-bit Isaiah (CN) CPU

    Via announced plans to move into the 64-bit generation with the disclosure of its 64-bit “CN” or “Isaiah” processor. The processor would probably ship in early 2006. CN chip would be entirely compatible with previous Via processors as well as the X86-64 extensions that AMD originally designed and Intel emulated. However, the CN will be

  • AMD Tips On Dual Core Performance

    A two-processor dual-core system clocked 5 clock speeds down from AMD’s fastest part will generate performance of approximately 125 to 140 percent performance of the dual-processor unicore system. A dual-core, dual-processor system clocked at only three grades slower than the fastest AMD chip will perform at between 130 to 160 percent of the performance of

  • AMD Dual Core Opteron Features

    The dual-core Opteron chips will be about the same size and produce the same amount of waste heat as current single-core Opterons. The new chips will fit into the existing server designs. Single-core Opterons have 106 million transistors, while the dual-core model has 205 million transistors, based on a 90-nm process and SOI technology. Each

  • PalmOne Unveils Tungsten T5

    palmOne introduced the Tungsten(TM) T5 handheld with 256MB of flash memory.(1) The Tungsten T5 gives productivity-minded mobile professionals the ability to carry more data and applications than ever before on a handheld, for an estimated U.S. street price of $ 399. The Tungsten T5 handheld’s flash memory protects information even if the device loses its

  • WD Sorpio Mobile Hard Drives

    Western Digital today introduced its WD Scorpio™ high-performance, low-power 2.5 inch hard drive for notebooks and other portable digital devices. With its new product, WD is delivering the features and industry-leading specifications that offer the greatest benefits to its customers: high reliability, low power and fast performance. Currently shipping in volume, WD Scorpio delivers fast

  • Ritek X-Series 8X DVD+/- R and 2.4X DVD+R DL Optical Media Review

    As the price of high speed DVD R burners has been droping these recent months, most people find it comfortable to own one. However , the availability of good high speed media is scarce. VR-Zone team got a chance to bring you a first look of a new product line from Ritek , the X-Series

  • XFX GeForce 6800GT Review

    Today we bring you one of XFX’s latest graphics cards, their GeForce 6800GT. Running on a 16 pixel pipeline architecture and using a single slot cooling solution, does the card have what it takes to take on the ATI Radeon X800 Pro? Come and take a look.

  • GeCube Radeon® 9800 eXTreme

    Info-Tek has announced its latest high-end optimized 3D graphics card – the GECUBE RADEON® 9800 eXTreme – built on ATI® RADEON® 9800(R360) 128bit core graphics technology (VPU). Like the RADEON® 9800XT, the GECUBE RADEON® 9800 eXTreme uses a powerful 8-pipeline architecture coupled with 128-bit memory bandwidth to meet the demands of the most serious gamers

  • Futuremark Unveils 3DMark05

    Futuremark today announced 3DMark05, the world’s most demanding graphics application for PCs. 3DMark05 is the fifth generation of the product line, which boasts a distribution of over 50 million copies. 3DMark05 sets the standard for accurate and objective measurement of graphics performance of DirectX 9 in running next generation of 3D games. 3DMark05 is designed

  • VIA K8T890 PCI Express K8 Chipset

    VIA announced the VIA K8T890 chipset, enabling advanced PCI Express connectivity on motherboards for the latest AMD Athlon™ 64, AMD Opteron™, and AMD Sempron™ processors. The VIA K8T890 chipset is designed to fully accommodate the increased multimedia demands being placed on the PC through applications such as high definition video creation, multistreaming audio and the