• Panasonic Announces Fall 2010 Collection; include HDC-SDT750 Full HD 3D camcorder

    This morning, Panasonic held an event announcing its Fall 2010 collection of cameras including the Lumix DMC-LX5, FZ100, FZ40, FT10, FX700 and FX75. The manufacturer also showcased the HDC-SDT750 that claims to be the world’s first Full HD 3D camcorder.

  • Icy Dock Announces MB668U3-1SB USB 3.0 HDD Case

    Icy Dock has unveiled the MB668U3-1SB enclosure in both North America and Europe.

  • [Rumour] Cheapest Sandy Bridge priced at $78

    The entry level Sandy Bridge will end up priced at $78, a full $9 lower than the cheapest Clarkdale, Pentium G6950. Despite the emergence of Intel Core CPUs, the Pentium brand name has proved to be surprisingly resilient, thanks to the high demand for budget CPUs in the developing...

  • Dell ships the Inspiron M101z ultrathin laptop with long battery life

    Ultrathin notebooks have been around for some time already, but such devices are usually reserved for full-sized notebooks. Enter Dell’s Inspiron M101z, an ultrathin notebook which sports an 11-inch screen for portable computing. Read on for the full press release.

  • Nokia unveils new ‘Touch and Type’ Nokia X3 and MD-11 mini speakers

    Nokia has unveiled the super slim Nokia X3 Touch and Type, with a unique combination of a touch screen and traditional 12 button phone keypad. With its sleek and modern design coming in at a very thin 9.6mm, the Nokia X3 slips easily into the purse or the pocket,...

  • Upcoming Ubuntu release 10.10 to have built-in multitouch support

    Apparently, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth believes that multitouch is every bit as useful on the desktop as it is for mobile devices and smartphones. In fact, he believes in it so much that the upcoming release of Ubuntu, codenamed Maverick Meerkat, will ship with some form of multitouch support...

  • ASUS Unveils All-in-one PC ET2400 Series

    ASUS has unveiled their new ET2400 All-in-one PC, designed to enhance your entertainment experience. Despite its 23.6-inch Full HD widescreen display, it looks extremely sleek.

  • Toshiba releases dual-screen Libretto tablet for sale

    Leave it to Toshiba to pick up on a great concept by Microsoft. While the dual-screen Microsoft Courier tablet never saw the light of the day, Toshiba’s Libretto did, and this little computer wonder is now available for sale. The question is, will it make you rush out for...

  • Don’t Click On The Facebook Dislike Button!

    A malware scam is circulating on Facebook, and it comes as a “Dislike” button, a fake button to the popular social networking site’s “Like” button. The scam works when the recipient receive a notification that his or her friend has downloaded the “Dislike” button with a link to download.

  • Adobe makes its choice: no more Flash for Apple mobile devices

    We all knew that this was going to happen, but nothing seals rumours better than the words of a CEO himself. And as far as Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen is concerned, Apple can have its Flash-less devices; the company will shift its focus to partners who are willing to...

  • Rodent On Fire! Cooler Master CM Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse Review

    Ready for a fiery and blazingly fast ride with the 4000 DPI CM Storm Inferno gaming mouse? Join us as we check out this new device from Cooler Master’s gaming division!

  • RIM: no ‘special treatment’ for countries seeking access

    Far from giving in to demands from other countries about access to its encrypted data, Research In Motion (RIM) has published its own set of guidelines on what constitutes ‘lawful access purposes’ governments can seek. The question is, will government bodies approve of RIM’s guidelines, or insist upon their...

  • Logitech Unveils MK520 Wireless Desktop

    Well known Swiss peripheral-device maker, Logitech, has announced the MK520 wireless desktop, adding on to its line-up of mice and keyboard combos.

  • Intel Readies New 25nm NAND Flash SSDs

    Intel has joined with Micron to form IMFT (Intel-Micron JV) to manufacture 25nm NAND Flash memory chips for the new SSDs.

  • ASUS plans Android-powered Eee Pads alongside Windows-based versions

    It seems that most companies are opting for a two-pronged approach to competing in the tablet market, and ASUS is no exception. In addition to its soon-to-be-launched Windows-based tablet, the company has also announced plans to release an Android version of the Eee Pad.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta: Coming on 15 Sep

    The Internet Explorer 9 Beta is scheduled to launch on 15 September and promises new features including native JavaScript integration and fully hardware-accelerated HTML5. If you haven’t had the chance to try the IE 9 Preview 4, it is available for download at http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/

  • Micron YouTube Tech Talk: The RealSSD P300

    We’ve seen news on Micron’s latest SSD, so don’t forget to see what Micron’s Vice President of memory system development, Dean Klein has to say about it!

  • Fractal Design Unveils Define R3 Series of PC Chassis

    Building on the success of its popular predecessor, the Define R2, Swedish-based Fractal Design has launched the Define R3 series of PC chassis.

  • Micron Details RealSSD P300 Enterprise SSD

    Micron Technology, Inc., leading provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, has announced the RealSSD P300 SSD, targeting enterprise applications. Available in in 50GB, 100GB and 200GB capacities, the 2.5″ SSD features a SATA III interface, ONFI 2.1 34nm SLC NAND flash memory, and delivers exceptional read and write speeds of...

  • Eurocom breaks 3TB storage barrier in its notebooks with Seagate Momentus 7200rpm drives

    Eurocom, which specializes in desktop replacements, has cracked the 3TB storage barrier on a single laptop by cramming up to four laptop hard drives in its mobile server and mobile workstation lines. High capacity laptop drives typically require three platters, resulting in a thicker drive. However, not only has Seagate...