• [Rumour] AMD Phenom II X4 970 in September; Deneb and Zosma Variants

    The Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition has been AMD’s fastest quad core CPU for almost exactly one year now. Though a new C3 revision was introduced in November 2009, AMD’s Phenom II X4 line-up has remained largely unchanged, as other products have been regularly refreshed. The Phenom II...

  • VisionTek lowers price of Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card

    A killer price for a killer product: VisionTek has lowered the price for its Killer™ 2100 Gaming Network Card to less than US$100, just in time for the back-to-school season.

  • Student develops software to remove people from Google Street View

    Have you played around with Google’s Street View feature, only to find yourself caught on camera at your most unglamorous moment? If so, there may be hope yet, for a computer science student has written a software which serves only one purpose: to make the people in the photographs...

  • PhotoFast GMonster X Drive – CompactFlash / 1.8-inch ZIF / 1.8-inch IDE to USB 3.0 enclosure

    Time to dump that USB 2.0 enclosure or adapter of yours? Designed for smaller sized storage devices such as 1.8-inch ZIF or IDE hard disk drives or solid state drives, and even CompactFlash cards, the PhotoFast GMonster X Drive 1.8″ USB 3.0 enclosure makes it easy to transfer large...

  • Spire Corp releases Slimod 282 direct-touch VGA cooler

    Spire Corp has released the Slimod 282 VGA cooler. The Slimod 282 uses the heatpipe direct touch design and two large fans for efficient cooling, yet keeping noise levels down. More details from the Press Release.

  • Apple in Japan to replace overheating iPod Nanos

    With battery problems on the some early-generation iPod Nano, Apple in Japan has been under pressure from the government to resolve the issue. And the company has agreed to replace the devices that are overheating.

  • Toshiba’s Wipe will erase your encrypted data…without you having to command it to

    Do you have some data which is so sensitive that it must not ever leave the PC intact at all? If so, Toshiba has the ideal solution for your needs: a software which securely erases user data upon shutdown, or when the hard disk is extracted from the PC....

  • [Rumour] Intel Sandy Bridge Roadmap Leaked

    Computerbase has leaked a table listing upcoming next-gen CPUs from Intel – Sandy Bridge. The first Sandy Bridge CPUs are quad/dual core, and is expected to release in January 2011. Enthusiast class 6/8 core Sandy Bridge variants will release in H2 2011. For now, however, Computerbase’s list is dedicated...

  • Sony PlayStation Move to launch in Singapore on 15 September

    This afternoon, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH) announced their highly anticipated PlayStation Move motion controller for the PlayStation 3, which will be available in Singapore next month, on 15 September.

  • Samsung to unveil new Android tablet?

    Rumour has it that Samsung is planning a tablet release sometime later this year. As per most mobile devices on the market today, the Samsung tablet will run on Android, and is slated to be exhibited at IFA in Berlin next month. Read on for more information about Samsung’s...

  • New version of Flash for Mac gets hardware-accelerated decoding

    For years, Mac users had to watch their Windows counterpart with envy about getting Flash with hardware accelerated features. The good news is that the wait has finally come to an end today, for Adobe has just announced a new version of Flash for OS X which comes with...

  • Nokia E5: Available in stores now

    The Nokia E series smartphones are designed for the business users and features enhanced connectivity as well as support for corporate e-mail push services. The E5 is the latest model in the series that offers a full QWERTY keyboard, 5-megapixel camera, as well as HSDPA/HSUPA and WLAN capabilities.

  • Post-National Day Special: GIGABYTE Power Users’ Gathering

    CDL Trading Pte. Ltd., distributor for GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. products in Singapore, invited GIGABYTE’s Technical Marketing Manager to showcase GIGABYTE’s latest technology focus and demonstrate the recently-launched Cloud OC to our local PC hardware enthusiasts. Food and drinks included, of course.

  • ASUS announces new B-series business notebooks with Sonata batteries

    Give most standard notebook batteries a year of charge-discharge cycles, and chances are they would only retain slightly more than half their original capacity after that period. For busy professionals who are always on the move with their notebooks, that usually spells trouble. And that is precisely the kind...

  • Aiptek launches world’s first 3D camcorder, brings 3D home video to consumers

    Think only the big production studios like Hollywood can make movies with 3D technology? Think again: the newly launched Aiptek 3D camcorder brings the power of 3D technology to the average Joe, without the need for expensive 3D-capable TVs. VR-Zone heads down to Jurong Point to bring you the...

  • ASUS CineVibe force feedback headphones

    The ASUS CineVibe headphones is not your regular pair of ‘gaming’ cans; besides offering advanced audio rendering, the CineVibe has integrated reactive force feedback technology, making it vibrate in tandem with the action on the screen.

  • Microsoft reignites ‘PC vs Mac’ comparisons

    Apple may have already dropped their ‘I’m a Mac’ advertisements, but it seems certain that Microsoft is not about to let its rival walk away like a smug winner. And what better way to take the sting out of a Apple’s campaign by using the competition’s own comparison against...

  • Is iPhone executive’s departure linked to AntennaGate?

    According to Apple spokesperson, an executive who’s overseeing the iPhone hardware engineering is leaving the company. However, no reason was cited as to why Mark Papermaster was leaving though speculations were because of the AntennaGate issue on the iPhone 4.

  • Apple to use AMD’s GPUs in iMacs and Mac Pros

    At one point of time, rumours were abound that Apple was seriously considering AMD’s GPUs over Nvidia’s, no doubt due to the licence issues between Nvidia and Intel. Those rumours have finally been proven true: the company’s new iMacs and Mac Pros will be powered by AMD’s Radeon graphics...

  • Evercool Unleashes Battle Hero Laptop Cooler

    Taipei-based EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., has announced its Battle Hero laptop cooler, expanding its line-up of thermal solutions for laptop / netbook users.