• Dell Streak tablet: Is it coming?

    Dell has announced that it will be launching a 5-inch tablet-phone this summer. Called Dell Streak (formerly Mini 5), the portable device is based on Google’s Android OS version 1.6, though it will have the option to the updated 2.2 (Froyo) by the end of this year.

  • AMD overtakes NVIDIA in discrete GPU shipments

    It has been a long time coming – AMD GPG has finally managed to oust NVIDIA in terms of discrete GPU market share. With the dominant GeForce 8000 series in 2006/07, who would have predicted such a major turnaround? The first signs were the HD 4000 series vs. GeForce 200 series...

  • Transcend unveils 16GB JetFlash V95C luxurious USB thumbdrive

    Who says USB thumbdrives have to be dull and ugly? Well, Taiwanese memory manufacturer, Transcend, has announced the luxurious 16GB JetFlash V95C which has a deep-gloss lacquer accent panel and Swarovski sapphire crystal.

  • AMD Ontario TDP well below 25W

    A source of Xbitlabs has responded to recent rumours that claim AMD’s first Fusion APU, Ontario, will have a TDP of 18W or even 25W for the dual core. The source, said to be close to AMD, has stated that categorizing Ontario as “18W or 25W is not reasonable...

  • Samsung ST80 digital camera lets you share your pictures wirelessly

    Samsung’s latest ST80 digital camera not only claims to capture good quality photos and videos, but with built-in wireless connectivity, users can now share their pics with friends and family easily.

  • GIGABYTE On/Off Charge Works With Apple iPhone 4

    GIGABYTE is proud to announce that GIGABYTE On/Off Charge technology also works on the Apple iPhone 4. GIGABYTE first announced On/Off Charge in April this year by demonstrating how it speeds up iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch charging from a PC’s USB port whether the PC is operational or...

  • Super Talent introduces new UltraDrive MX SSD

    Super Talent Technology has announced the new UltraDrive MX SSD. The speedy UltraDrive MX features a new dual-interface for both SATA II and mini-USB connections. More information inside.

  • SPARKLE introduces custom GeForce GTX 465 and GTX 470

    Sparkle today announced two brand new custom graphics cards based on NVIDIA’s GF100 – GeForce GTX 465 and GeForce GTX 470. The graphics card cooler used on these cards feature Solderless Product With Green Process and Free Contact Process Cooling Technology.

  • LG Launches X140 Netbook

    LG has announced the launch of the new stylish X140 netbook. It comes preinstalled with Windows 7 Starter OS, and features 1.83 GHz Intel Atom processor, 2GB memory and a 320GB SATA HDD.

  • SingTel, M1 release iPhone 4 price plans

    Yes.. StarHub sent out the press release first. But SingTel and M1 aren’t too far behind as the other two telcos have also released their Apple iPhone 4 price plans. So which mobile operator are you signing up for the iPhone 4?

  • ASRock launches PV530 mATX motherboard with integrated CPU and graphics

    Looking for an Intel Atom alternative? This might very well be your answer. ASRock has launched the PV530 micro-ATX motherboard, designed to offer a compelling yet energy-efficient computer experience – low cost does not necessarily mean low performance. Using an integrated VIA PV530 central processing unit (CPU) and VIA...

  • Logitech Wireless Mouse M310

    The Logitech Wireless M310 is the latest member in the manufacturer’s portfolio for mice, and features soft rubber grips, suits ambidextrous users and is easy to use. It boasts 12-month battery life which means saving you the hassle from changing batteries ever so often.

  • Blizzard and IAHGames launch Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

      For a long time, fans of Starcraft have waited patiently, putting their faith in Blizzard and believing that the game developer would deliver on its promise to produce a sequel to the original game and not abandon the franchise. It seems that their faith has been answered as Blizzard...

  • [Rumour] NVIDIA to replace GTX 470 with fully enabled GF104

    It should come as no surprise, and has been rumoured for a while now. The first GF104 cards, the GTX 460s, had 1 full cluster, or 48 shaders disabled. Based on yields, a faster GF104 was speculated, possibly as a replacement for GTX 470. Fudzilla reports that NVIDIA is...

  • StarHub Unveils iPhone 4 Price Plans

    Good news for Apple fans. With the iPhone 4 retailing in Singapore this Friday, local mobile operator StarHub has just announced the iPhone 4 price plans. The iPhone pricing starts from S$0 (depending on the plan). Read on for details.

  • HTC Added SLCD Display Technology To Their Phones

    HTC has announced the incorporation of Super LCD display (LCD) technology to their phones including the HTC Desire and Nexus One later this summer. This gives better display and viewing angles for images and videos on your phone.

  • Singapore: Apple iPhone 4 Standalone Prices, Official Date Confirmed

    Apple’s iPhone 4 will be available beginning this Friday, 30 July 2010 in Singapore along with other countries – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Standalone prices are confirmed and the phones will be available on...

  • Active Media Products Releases IDE Flash Disk on Module (DOM) Line

    Active Media Products (AMP) has announced its new IDE Flash DOM (Disk on Module) drives, adding on to its line-up of storage solutions for industrial use.

  • Thermaltake Announces Massive23 LX Notebook Cooler

    Thermaltake Technology, well-known amongst enthusiasts for its high performance thermal solutions and PC cases, has released the Massive23 LX Notebook Cooler, targeting laptops and net-books users.

  • [Rumour] First AMD Fusion APUs in Q4 2010

    ATI-Forum.de have uncovered details about AMD’s upcoming Fusion APUs. The first products, codenamed “Zacate”, will be single-core and dual-core APUs with 18W And 25W respectively. Zacate is a codename that has been previously rumoured – and assumed to be Ontario. Ontario was previously announced to be operating in the...