• Microsoft Kinect (Natal) Goes Official. Video Chat Supported

    Microsoft’s Project Natal is no more. No, it didn’t get canceled but rather it gets an official name – Kinect. More after the jump

  • AMD prepares Fusion APU for servers

    It has been nearly five years in the making, but finally, we are edging closer to the Fusion APU. The first Fusion product will be Llano, designed for mainstream desktop and notebook, is set to hit retail early in 2011. However, the scope of Fusion in the server environment...

  • Intel Sandy Bridge performance previewed

    Coolaler have revealed preliminary performance benchmarks of an engineering sample of a quad core Sandy Bridge. The sample tested is a quad core, eight thread CPU, running at 2.5 GHz. In essence, it is the evolution of Lynnfield, with an integrated GPU on the same die. As expected, L3...

  • Adobe Flash 10.1 Officially Available

    Looks like Adobe is finally serving the official version of Flash 10.1 on the website. It is about time.

  • AMD to introduce Evergreen Firestream in June

    While AMD is thriving in the desktop and notebook GPU markets, Nvidia still dominates the workstation and HPC markets. It is clear that Nvidia takes HPC very seriously, with the latest Fermi-based Tesla cards release shortly following the GTX 400 series. This focus on HPC is further aided by...

  • Intel to release new flagship – Core i7 990X

    Intel is planning to update their fastest CPU – the Core i7 980X – in Q4 2010. The 980X is easily the fastest desktop CPU in the world today, and the most expensive, at $999. The Q4 refresh, the i7 990X, is likely to replace the 980X at $999....

  • PC Show 2010 Coverage

    The annual PC Show 2010 took off at Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore today, with a huge turn out even before the 12 noon show time. Seems like the public has been eagerly anticipating the new bargains that would be offered on the tech gadgets and other products.

  • LGA1155 vs LGA1156 – Sockets Compared

    Intel’s next generation microprocessor architecture – Sandy Bridge, will first see the light in the Mainstream segment. Sandy Bridge-MS, as it is called, will find itself on FCLGA1155 sockets. Join us in staring hard at the differences between these sockets.

  • Foxconn: Suicide Compensation Axed, Relocation Announced

    Terry Gou, Foxconn company founder have announced that the compensation for suicides to be axed due to pressing evidence that workers might have killed themselves to trigger the payment to their relatives. More after the jump 

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Q3 Roadmap

    Nvidia is preparing a slew of GF10x series cards in Q3. With the troubled GF100 chip holding the price points between $280 and $500, Nvidia is finally ready to strike the high volume mainstream and budget segments. First up is the GF104 card. While optimistically rumoured to be “Fermi...

  • Changing Background Image In Google Homepage

    Getting tired of the plain white background when you visit Google homepage for a search? Here is how you can change the background. It is that simple.

  • 114,000 Email Addresses Exposed Due To AT&T Breach

    It looks like a bad day at AT&T as news of a breach to AT&T had exposed 114,000 email addresses associated to iPad owners.

  • Playstation 3 To Launch 3D Titles Tomorrow

    With the firmware update that was launched on the PS3 before, the Playstation Networking will be making 4 titles available for gaming in stereoscopic 3D

  • Motorola Launches Milestone XT in Singapore, Exclusively on StarHub

    Motorola and StarHub once again had an exclusive partnership to launch the new Motorola Milestone XT in Singapore. The phone maker and the telco had done the same for the Milestone (also known as Droid in US) in late March. The Milestone XT will be available from tomorrow.

  • AMD Unveils New Consumer Products In Singapore, Under Vision Brand

    AMD held an event yesterday to showcase some of the latest consumer laptops based on the new Vision brand. The Vision comes in four different experience levels – Vision, Vision Premium, Vision Ultimate and Vision Black.

  • Alienware M11x gets a hardware refresh, sports Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA Optimus

    Alienware’s M11x has been given a performance boost to please diehard enthusiasts who want a powerful yet compact gaming laptop. The M11x is now configurable with Intel’s latest Core i5 and Core i7 processors and high-performance discrete graphics. More information on the updated M11x from the press release inside.

  • HTC Acquires Mobile Software Company, Abaxia

    HTC has announced the acquisition of Abaxia, a mobile software company that design mobile phone home screens. The french company’s software has been deployed over 25 million phones and 60 different handset models.

  • MSI GT660, The Ultimate Gaming Laptop

    The new MSI GT660 boasts top-notch hardware components and claims to be the ultimate gaming laptop for the avid gamers. It features Intel Core i7 processor, DDR III memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285M graphics with 1GB GDDR3 VRAM, and 16-inch High Definition LED LCD display.

  • M1 To Launch iPhone 4 In “Coming Months”

    The good folks from M1 have sent us a press email hinting they are going to launch the iPhone 4 in the “coming months”

  • ‘Guitar Hero’ Comes to iPhone and iPod Touch

    If you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch and enjoy Guitar Hero, you can now play the popular game on your mobile devices. Activision has launched the app for iPhone and iPod Touch, which you can download from the iTunes app store.