• Akasa Preps Venom CPU Cooler

    Akasa is readying its Venom CPU cooler (AK-CCX-4002HP) for release. More details…

  • Xigmatek Readies Midgard White Knight

    Xigmatek is preparing its Midgard White Knight PC Case for release. More…

  • Blackberry Bold 9800 With OS6 Caught On Video

    It’s fun sometimes to check out videos, here is a video of a BlackBerry Bold 9800 in action in BlackBerry 6 OS Overall design looks cool

  • [Rumour] AMD platform in over 100 laptops

    The mobile CPU/chipset segment has long been dominated by Intel – with nearly 90% market share. With the release of AMD’s new Phenom II, Turion II and Athlon II quad, triple and dual core 45nm CPUs codenamed “Champlain”, AMD is finally looking to throw a serious challenge to Intel...

  • iPad Official Release For Singapore Announced

    It is official ! Apple has announced that the official international availability for the iPad. Do take note that different regions will get different launch dates. Singapore is in one of them.

  • Opera insists its browser is still the world’s fastest

    Apparently, reports of Google Chrome’s speed gains in its latest beta release has rattled Opera, and the company which claimed to have the world’s fastest browser is determined to defend its title. Read on to find out more.

  • MSI Announces CX705MX Multimedia Laptop

    MSI has recently launched their new CX705MX laptop, designed for best value in multimedia computing. Weighing slightly below 3kg, the MSI sports a wide 17.3-inch cinema-class 16:9 ratio LED display and ATi Radeon HD 545V discrete graphics card for superb graphics performance.

  • Microsoft’s security patches may undermine secure computing

    Most people may not know it, but security updates sometimes do more than just patch the specific flaw they were written to address, like unintentionally finding other flaws or exploits related to the current patch and fixing them up at the same time as well. So why is this...

  • VR-Zone Exclusive: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Previewed

    While we’re not quite finished with the full review of Creative’s Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD, here’s a preview for you dear readers. Rest assured there’s sufficient content to keep those privy eyes of yours delighted. Hit up the link if you’re still not very sure this sound card actually exists.

  • Verbatim insists floppy disk is not dead, promises continued production of such devices

    The humble floppy disk may be all but dead in the consumer market today, but storage device manufacturer Verbatim believes that they still have their place in the world despite being completely outclassed by faster, more powerful alternatives such as flash drives, portable hard disks and recordable optical media....

  • Gigabyte KM7600 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

    It has been a fair few months since we last reviewed any Human Interface Device. Today, we take a good long look at a wireless keyboard/mouse kit from an unlikely maker: Gigabyte.

  • Scythe Announces “Stronger” Series PSUs

    Japan based Scythe has unveiled its Stronger series of PSUs, targeting mainstream users. More next page…

  • Mach Xtreme Preps MX JET SSD series

    Mach Xtreme Technology is preparing to launch its 2.5” MX JET SSD series. More…

  • Sony Singapore Launches New Walkman W series

    Sony Singapore today announced the launch of their new Walkman W series (NWZ-W252) that claims to be water resistant and washable. Comes in pink, green, black and white, the Sony Walkman will be retailing at all Sony retailers at S$129.

  • Non-reference and factory overclocked: First Looks at the GALAXY GeForce GTX 470 GC

    Custom-designed graphics cards often bring better thermals and overclocking prowess. GALAXY has taken up the challenge to manufacture the world’s first non-reference and factory overclocked NVIDIA Fermi card – the GALAXY GeForce GTX 470 GC. Head in to find out more about this unique-looking card. We have a sample in da...

  • Skype to charge a fee for group video chat

    Skype is known for their voice over IP calls, but it is also one of the software applications in the market that supports group video chat (on various platforms). According to Wall Street Journal, the company has announced new group video chat service and subscription plans.

  • Transcend Launches StoreJet 25D2 portable HDD

    Transcend Information, Inc., a global leader in storage and multimedia products, has unveiled its new 2.5” StoreJet 25D2 external HDD. More…

  • Encrypted storage: Universal Tech NoTouch Elite NT2800 Portable HDD Review

    While many PC users today take pains to safeguard their PCs and important data stored within them, sensitive information on external storage are almost always left unsecured. Will encrypted external storage be able to plug that major hole in computer security? We take a look at Universal Tech’s NoTouch...

  • [Rumour] Nvidia next-gen entry level GPUs in July/August

    Nvidia’s entry-level GPUs, based on GF106 and GF108, are set to release in July and August respectively, according to Digitimes’ sources. While the last suffix 6 and 8 are normally associated with the $50 and $100 price points respectively, the rumour suggests rather alarming prices of $100 and $180...

  • NEC Announces New CPU Cooler

    NEC has developed a new CPU cooler that uses 80% less energy than your typical stock HSF setup, and 60% less than a water-cooled setup. More next page.