• ASUS RT-N16 Router Review

    In the market of routers, for any to stand out requires outstanding features and plenty of support. Landing in our lab is ASUS latest wireless router RT-N16, can this seemingly normal router be the one that stands out? Check it out inside.

  • Goodbye ‘Halo 2′ and ‘Xbox Live’ on Original Xbox

    Its a sad day for original Xbox users who are playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live. Today is the last day for users to play multiplayer first person shooter game online. On top of that, Microsoft is stopping online support for Halo 2.

  • AMD Phenom II X6 listed in NA E-tail

    Following few price leaks in Asia and Europe, AMD’s upcoming Phenom II X6 has been listed in well-known North American e-tailer Provantage, as well as Howard Computers. The two launch CPUs are the 1090T BE and the 1055T, clocked at 3.2 GHz and 2.8 GHz respectively. Provantage lists the...

  • Sony to allow VAIO laptops to be made by third-party manufacturers

    Sony has announced a new 2-tier system for their VAIO lineup in which 3rd-party manufacturers will be allowed to design and produce notebooks under the VAIO name. Read on for more information

  • Toshiba To Introduce Tablets Later This Year

    Seems like Toshiba will be the next maker to launch their Tablets later this year. Like the iPad, the Toshiba slate devices are designed for for online video, music, e-books, and other content.

  • AMD reports $257 million profit

    Following Intel’s amazing Q1 2010 financials, AMD have reported a strong showing. Despite the typical off-season, AMD posted a rare profit – and this time it didn’t need a billion+ dollar settlement. Furthermore, Q1 2010 marks the first year of AMD reporting without GlobalFoundries. The net result is a...

  • Printers on Chrome OS will not require drivers

    Google believes that it can provide a proper printing experience with its Google Cloud Print. And it will start by eliminating the need for driver printers. Read on to find out more.

  • Spire Launches PacificBreeze III Universal Notebook Cooler

    Spire has launched its PacificBreeze III Universal Notebook Cooler, aimed at mobile users who require an efficient thermal solution for their notebooks/ netbooks. More details…

  • Chieftec Reveals CH-09B-B-OP Mid-Tower Case

    Chieftec has unveiled the affordable CH-09B-B-OP ATX mid-tower case, targeting mainstream users. More…

  • Scythe Unveils Scythe Kama Connect Plus

    Scythe has launched the Scythe Kama Connect Plus (model no: SCUPS-3000), an updated version of its universal S-ATA and IDE multi adapter Kama Connect 2. More next page…

  • Patriot Memory Announces Zephyr SSD series

    Patriot Memory, manufacturer of high performance memory modules and flash products, has launched its Zephyr SSD series, targeting mainstream users. More details…

  • Aerocool Ships Cyborg X Chassis

    Aerocool Advanced Technologies has begun shipping its Cyborg X mid-tower case in Europe. More…

  • A Look Into Intel’s Next Gen Enthusiast Platform : Sandy Bridge E & Waimea Bay

    For months, we’ve heard of the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture taking over the current generation Nehalem microarchitecture. But what do we have to replace the ageing X58 Express + i7-980X Tylersburg Highend Desktop platform? Head in and see all that you wanted to know about the next generation enthusiast platform...

  • Kingston Holds “Vogue”, The Million Dollar Look Campaign

    This may not be Singapore Idol, but if you are looking for the road to fame, then you may want to join this Kingston Vogue contest. The US manufacturer is looking for a new spokesperson to represent the company, who will also get the chance to be featured in Kingston advertisements, and attend trendy...

  • Pwn2Own exploit in OS X patched

    Apple has responded to the security exploits in the recent Pwn2Own hacking competition by releasing a security patch for its OS X operating system. Read on for more information.

  • Twitter to launch its own link shortener service

    Forget about using external link shorterners like bit.ly soon: Twitter has announced that they will be providing a similar service for their users. Read on for more information.

  • Olympus Releases “Olympus Viewer 2″ And New Firmware For PEN Series

    Olympus has announced the “Olympus Viewer 2″ Digital Workflow software, and new firmware for their Pen series of Micro Four Thirds system digital cameras. Read on to find out more.

  • Light Peak to be future successor of USB

    Barely a year ago, Intel made waves when it announced its Light Peak technology, which boasted speeds more than twice than those of SATA2. Today, Intel talks about the future of Light Peak and their plans for it. Read on for more information.

  • Microsoft Unveils Kin ‘social’ phones

    Microsoft debut two new phones recently, Kin 1 and Kin 2, for the youths who are into social networking. Both are touchscreen phones and come with QWERTY keypads for ease of typing.

  • Apple iPad International Release Delayed To May

    Apple have released a media advisory, alerting the international release for iPad have been officially pushed back to May due to strong demand in US.