• Unigine Heaven Benchmark 2.0

    Unigine’s Heaven Benchmark has now been upgraded to 2.0, featuring a slew of new tests that put your DirectX 11 card to the test.

  • Bill Gates And A Nuclear Startup

    We have seen Bill Gates on news about his Windows, his philanthropic efforts in 3rd world countries. Now there is something new – Investment in an alternative nuclear startup.

  • HTC EVO 4G Sets To Amaze

    America’s first 4G phone, as mentioned on Sprint’s latest release with its latest launch of HTC’s Evo 4G. It sets to amaze with its various interesting specifications and of course the support of 4G technology and it is coming pretty soon. More after the break.

  • Samsung Announces Android-powered Galaxy S

    At the International CTIA Wireless 2010, Samsung announced their new mobile smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S. The Android-powered Galaxy S sports a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz processor, and features ‘Social Hub’ for accessing your social networks.

  • [Rumour] AMD Phenom II X4 900T Details

    Along with the imminent release of its Phenom II X6 CPUs, AMD will also be releasing Phenom II X4 900T quad-core CPUs. The main difference from the current Phenom II X4 900 products is that the 900T variants will be based on Thuban – i.e. X6 – with 2...

  • Intel to release unlocked, non-Extreme version of Core i7 processor

    Unlike AMD, which releases multiplier-unlocked versions of their processors known as the ‘Black Edition’ very little price differences between both versions, Intel only has its pricey Extreme editions. Is this a sign of better things to come from the chip giant? Read on to find out more.

  • Samsung Modus Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset Is Available In US

    Samsung (in US) has a new Bluetooth headset that comes in the form of the Samsung Modus. It features a dual microphone design which claims to separate the user’s voice from the surrounding background noise, providing noise cancelling capability.

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 has 215W TDP

    Just 3 days short of Nvidia’s official release of the Geforce GTX 400 series, Fudzilla are reporting that the the GTX 470′s TDP has been dropped to 215W. The GTX 470 has rumoured to be a 225W TDP product for quite some time – which is right on the...

  • Motorola and Sprint Announces Rugged i1 Smartphone

    Motorola and Sprint have jointly announced they would be offering the Motorola i1, the first Android Push-To-Talk smartphone, to users this summer. The new Motorola i1 is equipped with Android v1.5, 3.1-inch TFT touch screen display, 5-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi.

  • SanDisk Unleashes 32GB microSDHC card

    If 16GB microSDHC card isn’t enough to store your photos, videos and other data, you may want to consider a 32GB. SanDisk has just announced their new 32GB microSDHC card for the mobile and smartphone users, and claims to be the first to ship such high capacity card.

  • ARM for video game consoles?

    ARM is well known for its processors in the embedded space, and even handheld gaming consoles like the Nintendo DS uses them for their processing power. But can ARM break into the mainstream video game consoles with its Mali-based GPU? ? Read on to find out more.

  • Sony Ericsson Unveils Elm Smartphone

    The Sony Ericsson Elm is designed as a green choice for users without compromising on features. The phone also offers better voice quality experience with Noise Shield, Clear Voice and Intelligent Volume Adaptation.

  • [Rumour] More AMD Phenom II X6 Prices, Turbo speeds

    Following the first rumours of AMD Phenom II X6 prices, Norwegian site MicroPlex have leaked very similar news. MicroPlex, have also listed two products – The AMD Phenom II X6 1055T and the 1090T BE, clocking in at 2.8 GHz and 3.2 GHz. However, the new bit of information...

  • [Rumour] AMD Phenom II X6 Prices

    Alienbabeltech have spotted “official” prices of two AMD Phenom II X6 products. Surprisingly, one of these products is none of the three expected, but rather a model expected in the future – the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE. The 1090T has 6 cores running at a substantial 3.2...

  • SANYO Introduces New Xacti Series Dual Cameras

    The VPC-CS1, VPC-CG100, VPC-GH1 and VPC-CG20 are the latest additions to SANYO Xacti range of dual cameras and boast to be world’s smallest, lightest and thinnest. They are now available at all authorized retailers.

  • Asus Ares Support in Catalyst 10.3a

    Feeling rather nosey in recent days, we took a look at the latest Catalyst beta drivers (10.3a) and found some interesting additions. Yes, that’s the Asus Ares hidden amongst the goods.

  • Beware Email Lottery Scam using Microsoft’s name

    Microsoft has recently issued a statement that many customers in Singapore have received emails that claimed they have won Microsoft lottery. That is not a legitimate mail and Microsoft advises not to open the mail or reply with your personal information. Read more for the detailed advisory.  

  • In Win Announces Ironclad

    Taipei based In Win has unveiled the Ironclad, a full-ATX tower chassis aimed at modders. More…

  • Silverstone Launches Treasure TS03

    Taipei based SilverStone Technology, well-known for its high performance PC cases, has introduced its Treasure TS03. Read more…

  • Intel Readies X25-V Value SATA SSD

    Intel Corporation has unveiled its X25-V Value SATA SSD, targeting mainstream users on a budget. More details…