• Arctic Cooling Unleashes Accelero XTREME 5870 & 5970

    Accelero XTREME 5970 Swiss based Arctic Cooling has launched its Accelero XTREME 5970 and Accelero XTREME 5870 GPU coolers, targeting enthusiasts. More details…

  • Spire Launches TherMax Eclipse II CPU Cooler

    Spire TherMax Eclipse II Spire has announced its TherMax Eclipse II CPU Cooler, building on the success of its predecessor, the TherMax Eclipse. Read more…

  • AMP Unveils 1.8″ SaberTooth ZT SSDs

    AMP, leader in netbook SSD upgrades and cute USB flash drives, has launched the 1.8” SaberTooth ZT SSD series, adding on to its family of Half/Mini PCIe SSDs. More…

  • Dawn of War II : Chaos Rising

    Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is an expansion set to the original Dawn of War II, featuring the treacherous Chaos faction and a new campaign that pits the Space Marines from the previous Dawn of War II into the new story. Are you brave enough to face the...

  • Nokia N900 Is Now Ready For Pre-order

    The Nokia N900 will be available in Singapore from 27th March, but for those waiting to lay your hands on this mobile computer, you can secure a unit by preordering from Nokia’s website – http://www.nokia.com.sg/n900/preorder .

  • LG Offers More Flavours of Cookies

    Building on the success of their popular Cookie phones, LG has added two more touchscreen phones to their Cookie series – Cookie Plus and Cookie Fresh. Both come with cartoon-styled user interface and are targeted at mobile users who want to stay connected on their social network sites such as Facebook...

  • Nvidia’s 3D Vision To Be Integrated With Unreal Engine 3

    In a press release by Nvidia, the company announced that it will include the addition of Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology together with Epic Games’s Unreal Engine 3.

  • China Warns Google

    In an article by Wall Street Journal, a top Chinese minister warned Google Inc that it “will have to bear the consequences” if it stops filtering its search results in China. Internet censorship has been a controversy topic in China

  • Dell’s G2410H Monitor

    Dell’s G2410 24 inch monitor just got a lil refresh. G2410H. Coupled with a slim design and a variety of features. What does this monitor have to offer ?

  • Dead iPad Battery ? Apple Tells You How

    Found your iPad battery giving you a problem and needs a replacement ? Apple’s support page tells you how to go about with the instructions.

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Geforce GTX 480 TDP at 275W

    Initially expected to be rated at ~220W, Fermi/GF100′s troubled development meant rumours of as high as 280W was circulating around the internet by the time it was demonstrated at CES 2010. Of course, Nvidia denied these rumours. Following further information and leaks during Cebit 2010, against Nvidia’s precautions, a...

  • Sony Unveils Disney-styled S series Walkman

    Sony Japan have announced its next lineup of S series Walkman players with lovely Disney characters – Mickey and Minnie. More after the break

  • Sony Unveils Playstation Move

    Sony have announced “Playstation Move”, its official name for the motion controller in GDC with various lineup of games supporting the controller

  • LG Unleashes First Quad-Core 3D Gaming Laptop

    The WIDEBOOK R590 is LG’s latest brainchild that claims to be the maker’s first quad core 3D gaming laptop. The 15.6-inch giant also features NVIDIA GeForce GT230M graphics that provides the performance you need to run the latest games on the market.

  • [Rumour] Dual GF100 to release later?

    Fudzilla is now reporting that the rumoured dual-GF100 card isn’t coming before end Q2 2010, at the earliest, contrary to their earlier reports. This comes as absolutely no surprise. In fact, the surprise will be if they could even manufacture such a card by Q3 2010! Given GF100′s thermal...

  • Get Microsoft Office 2010 for free

    It’s still currently in beta status, but Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Office 2010 office productivity suite will be given away for free to customers who fulfil a specific set of conditions.   Read on for more information.

  • IT SHOW 2010: The Coverage

    It’s quite a weird feeling being bumped around like a pinball at the IT SHOW 2010 show grounds. We’re seeing a record number of people here, even though the first two days of the show were on weekdays. Follow us for the good deals and interesting stuff; what you...

  • [Rumour] Fermi Notebook shown at Cebit

    Surprisingly, SemiAccurate have caught eye of a Geforce GTX 480 placed in a notebook. It is unclear as to exactly what this particular “GTX 480″ is, but it is unlikely to be a mobile part, unless a rebrand. This is not a first, however, as we have seen laptops...

  • Intel Core i7 980X Roundup

    Intel’s much awaited flagship, Core i7 980X, previously codenamed Gulftown, is finally here. And it is as good as anyone anticipated. 6 cores, 12 threads, 12MB L3 cache, 3.33 GHz are some of the numbers we have known for a while. Some massive numbers too, and the i7 980X...

  • Owns a Netbook but missing the functionality of a DVD drive?

    Loving its lightweight design but missing the functionality of a DVD drive? Unveiling the second offering from Japanese PC peripheral manufacturer, I-O Data, made available in Singapore for the first time by Version 2