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Oppo unveils camera-centric N1: 13 MP rotating snapper, 5.9-inch screen, Color OS and CyanogenMod

Instead of bringing to light yet another artificial spec buster unable to top the Android food chain for more than a few months, up-and-coming Chinese OEM Oppo has adopted a slightly different strategy for the N1, which is a road-opener in many ways, while in others… it’s fairly mediocre. (more…)

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‘Metal Gear Solid V”s advanced enemy AI causes problems for Hideo Kojima’s planned TGS 2013 demo

Traditionally, upcoming games are demoed in a series of choreographed events--that is to say that there are natural elements to the gameplay, but the studio has a certain level or gameplay element that they want to showcase. This is often determined by the game's current development status, i.e. if it's

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Nexus 7 (2013) expected out August 24 in UK, global sales projected to hit 3.5 million in 2013

Given the gushing enthusiasm that seemed to accompany each and every second-gen Nexus 7 leak in the past six months, you’d think now that it’s out and about, no one could shut up about it. And yet I have to say things are unusually quiet on the N7-2 front. (more…)

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