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  • New iPod Docking Products Expand the X-Fi Experience to iPod Users

    SINGAPORE April 11, 2007 Creative Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: CREAF), a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today launched a collection of Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity enabled products for the home at the X-Fi Your Home press event in the showflat of the prestigious Icon Condominium. X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity is the new audio standard from Creative

  • TSMC To Enter 45nm Production In Sep

    TSMC would complete 45nm technology qualification and enter production as early as September 2007. The new 45nm process combines the most advanced 193nm immersion photolithography, competitive performance-enhancing silicon strains, and extreme low-k (ELK) inter-metal dielectric material. TSMC’s 45nm low power process (LP) provides twice the density of 65nm with significantly lower power and manufacturing cost

  • New WD Drives For AV Products

    Western Digital today announced a new family of hard drives for audio and video recording products, one of today’s fastest growing digital storage markets. Drawing on its expertise as a leading supplier to major consumer electronics and surveillance manufacturers worldwide, WD has designed its new 3.5-inch WD AV hard drives with technologies that provide the

  • AMD Officially Cut Desktop CPU Prices

    Platform Model Feb 20 Apr 9 Quad FX FX-74 999/pair 799/pair FX-72 799/pair 599/pair Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 464 241 5600+ 326 188 5400+ 267 178 5000+ 222 167 5000+ 222 167 4800+ 217 136 4400+ 170 121 4000+ 144 104 3800+ 113 83 3800+ 113 83 3600+ 102 73

  • 8600GTS Gaming Performance

    After taking a look at the Overclocking of the 8600GTS Video Card, we take a look at how the card performs in current games.

  • Intel To Intro ICH9-DH @ $ 1

    DigiTimes reported that Intel will attempt to push Viiv platform further into the market later in 2007 with plans to charge motherboard makers just US$ 1 for its upcoming ICH9-DH chipset, compared to the first and second quarter pricing of US$ 5 and US$ 3 for the ICH8-DH.

  • DisplayPort 1.1; Single Connector Replace All

    VESA has approved version 1.1 of the DisplayPort™ interface standard for use in new designs of flat panel displays, projectors, PCs and CE devices. DisplayPort 1.1 gives manufacturers of LCD panels, monitors, graphics cards, PC chipsets, projectors, peripherals, components, and consumer electronics a next generation digital interface that is designed to replace LVDS, DVI, and

  • Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones

    Creative announced the Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones. Sophistically designed with brushed metal and diamond-cut finishing, these powerful headphones offer precise audio reproduction for discerning music listeners, DJ mixes and home studio monitoring use. Built for ultra-comfort using high-grade acoustic components, the Creative Aurvana DJ Headphones are ideal companion products for any MP3 or portable media

  • ASUS Two New PDAs For SG Market

    ASUS has launched 2 new PDAs for the Singapore market; A626 ultra-slim PDA and A696 ultra-slim GPS PDA at only 1.57cm thick. Both are encased in stainless steel and the whole PDA is less than 165g in weight. The 3.5” anti-glare touch screen completes the outlook of the A696 and provides the feeling of a

  • Scythe Kama Cross Heatsink Review

    VR-Zone is proud to bring you an exclusive review of the new cooling solution from Scythe, the Kama Cross cooler, Featuring a unique cross flow design coupled with 3 heatpipes, how will this particular cooler fare against our almighty Pentium XE 955 heatload? Check out our review for more details!

  • NVIDIA 8600GTS Overclocking!

    The 8600GTS is about to come upon us. It turned out to be a huge surprise for the overclockers… 1GHz Core with just air-cooling! Let’s see how to get there!

  • NVIDIA SLI Blog Contest – Win Inno3D 8800GTS!

    Yes! Enjoy Top-Notch Gaming, Win an Inno3D 8800GTS by entering the SLI Blog Contest! What you need to do is simple. DO UP AN SLI BLOG PAGE! Find Out More @ Official Contest Website :

  • Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI 650i Motherboard

    Abit has been pushing their MAX series of motherboards hard and heavily, evident during their recent CEBIT booth where they had Greek Overclocking Legend Hipro5 down to prove that boys only become men with a MAX board, ultra cooling, and some decent skills. Even so, as hard as they are pushing these costly motherboards, they

  • Intel Paints Nehalem Picture

    Intel today revealed some details on their 45nm Nehalem processors but we will tell you more later about Nehalem-based desktop processors that is not discussed during the press briefing. Here’s what we understand from the briefing : 1. Nehalem is on native 45nm Hi-K and is on track for 2008 release 2. 4-issue Core Architecture

  • Intel Revealed More Penryn Details

    Intel revealed today that 45nm Penryn clocked above 3GHz, a higher FSB, new SSE4 and delivers more IPC than the current 65nm Merom. Micro-tweaks that reduce CPU latency on the Penryn includes a faster divider technique called Radix-16 divider that enables 4 bits per cycle compared to 2 bits on the Merom and a shuffle

  • Intel Talks About 45nm Penryn & Nehalem

    Intel 45-nm Penryn family of processors would be in production during the second half of 2007. Intel claims to have more than 15 45-nm hi-k product designs in various stages of development. 45-nm is “far from” a simple shrink of a 65-nm device. Intel’s 45-nm high-k process technology offers approximately twice the transistor budget, 20

  • Intel & AMD Price War Starting In April

    On April 22, Intel is slated to announce a 40 percent price cut on its current quad-core processors and significant drop on Core 2 Duos. AMD plans to launch its first quad-core processors, developed under the code name Barcelona, in mid-2007. Intel plans price cuts on its Core 2 Duo E6300, E6400, E6420, E6000 and

  • Water-Cooled R600 Close-Up & Performance Scaling

    We have shown you a pic of the water-cooled R600 earlier and here are some close-up shots for you guys to enjoy. We learned that R600 can be overclocked to 850MHz easily on its default cooler and with this special water-cooled edition, we can expect even higher clocks. Interestingly, we heard that any core clock

  • G84 & G86 Firmed For April Launch

    GeForce 8600 GTS, 8600 GT and 8500 GT are all firmed for April 17th launch and card makers have already received revision A2 GPUs from NVIDIA for mass production. We can expect cards to reach distributors and retailers in 2 weeks time ready for mass availability in the market. The performance of the G84 and

  • ASUS Xonar D2/X Sound Card Details

    We first broke the news about ASUS making sound cards over at CeBIT and DigiTimes followed up with an article yesterday stating Xonar D2X is using CMedia sound chips instead of ADI we initially heard. If that the case, Xonar D2/X is most probably based off C-Media Oxygen HD CMI8788 sound chip according to the