• ASUS latest U series notebook PC

    Mobile users who want a thin and light notebook PC may want to check out this latest ASUS’ offering. The new ASUS U series notebook PC not only looks elegant, but it also boasts the performance and features you need to have a joyous mobile computing experience.

  • Microsoft: Windows 7 RC1 Available For Download Now

    Seems like it is a lil earlier than usual, Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) is now available for download on Microsoft’s site. Here are a few things you might want to take note.

  • MSI Unveils GX633

    MSI has recently announced their GX633 notebook PC which boasts a brilliant 15.4-inch LCD screen, supports 7.1 channel output and powered by AMD Turion™ X2 ultra dual-core mobile processor.

  • Swine Flu Video Game… Oh Bother!

    (Swinefighter Official Site) With the world worrying about an imminent Swine Flu pandemic, a video game creator made this light hearted game – Swine Fighter.

  • A New Blackberry Storm Is Brewing …

    (Reuters) Seems like a new storm is brewing as RIM CEO is planning a next-generation version of its touchscreen BlackBerry Storm smartphone as part of a continuing push into the retail market.

  • MSI Gets Ready With 14 inch X-Slim X400 Notebook

    Seems like MSI is getting ready for another rumble, a 14 inch X-Slim series is getting ready for production. Dubbed X400, it was unveiled in a company event during the weekend.

  • Samsung’s New PDP TV Is Just 29mm Thick- Finger Slim

    (Akihabara News) We know you are possibily looking at the gals rather than the TV but spare the TV some seconds as this Samsung PDP (plasma) TV is just 29mm thick as well as being 40% more power efficient that Samsung’s previous Generation TVs and 20% lighter (26kg).

  • World First: SSD based CD Ripping NAS

    (Engadget) It is definitely interesting and often, amusing nowadays to see the “World First” phrase being commonly used. Now we have another world-first – SSD based CD Ripping NAS.

  • ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1008HA

    Looks like ASUS is ramping up their Eee PC offerings, with the latest one arriving in the form of Eee PC Seashell 1008HA. The 1008HA sports a opalescent glossy and durable exterior, 10-inch display and weighs 1.1kg. If you don’t like the typical white model, the Eee PC Seashell also comes...

  • Century’s Netbook Dock Gives More Value To Your Netbook

    (Century Japan) We have seen laptop docking stations but have yet to see one proper dock for netbooks. Don’t be sad, netbook lovers as Century might have the answer for you. Century’s All-In-One dock “CNBS-BK-ODD” includes the fitting just nice for your favorite netbook and features a pop-up fan...

  • Sarotech Announces RAID HDD Enclosure – Frigo

    (Akihabara News) Frigo is one cute looking HDD enclosures that supports RAID. Developed by Sarotech, Frigo allows USB2, eSATA, FireWire 400 & 800 interfaces.

  • Rumor: New PSP To Support Memory Stick HG-Micro

    no..this is not the final design (Joystiq) Rumors of the upcoming PSP are everywhere. Call it PSP2 or PSP Go! up to your liking, a new rumor has surfaced that this new PSP will be supporting Memory Stick HG-micro format.

  • Windows 7 Release Candidate for public available on 5 May

    Microsoft has announced the availability of Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC). The public availability will be available from the Microsoft Download Center at http://microsoft.com/downloads on May 5th.

  • TEC Japan’s Lingo Mini Wireless Mouse

    (TEC Japan) Lingo is TEC’s latest innovation in creating a mini wireless mouse which is set for a tentative release in Mid June this year. Retail price is not set although it is expected to retail around 5000 yen

  • Asus 12.1-inch S121 Netbook Delayed

    (Impress) The 12.1 inch S121 netbook by Asus which was set for a tentative release in May has been delayed to the later half of this month. Specifications of the S121 raised some queries of its performance as it uses the Atom Z520 processor which is a mere 1.33Ghz

  • Windows 7 RC and XP Given Life Extension

    (Gadgetmix) Rejoice! as Windows XP and Windows 7 RC have been confirmed for life extension until 2010. Great news as netbook vendors may continue deploy Windows XP on their systems at a low price.

  • Fujitsu Introduces M2010 netbook

    Building on the success of the M1010 netbook, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific has announced the new M2010 that features brilliant screen, bigger keypads and higher processing performance for the mobile users.

  • Canon adds HV40 to their LEGRIA camcorder series

    Today, Canon announced a new addition to its LEGRIA line of camcorders, the HV40. This camcorder features True Full HD CMOS sensor (1920 x 1080), 10x optical and 200x digital zoom, Canon’s DIGIC DV II imaging processor and claims to be the ideal choice for video enthusiasts and independent film-makers.

  • Samsung Announced Two New Digital Camcorders

    Samsung has unveiled two new digital camcorders – SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 – for users who want to capture videos on the move easily. Both offer 10x optical zoom with Hyper Image Stabilization, swiveling 2.7-inch wide LCD screen and decent battery life.

  • Sharkoon SilentStorm CM PSUs Available In Mid May

    Sharkoon unveils its SilentStorm power supply series featuring a new design with modular cable system, 135mm fan and in three different power ratings: 460, 560 and 660W. There are 4 separate 12V rails producing 72 amps with a maximum efficiency rating of 84 percent. Sharkoon SilentStorm CM will be available...