• Sony Singapore unveils BRAVIA WE5 Series LCD TV

    Sony Singapore has announced the new BRAVIA WE5 series LCD TV which claims environmentally friendly features such as the Microtubular HCFL, Presence Sensor and Energy Saving Switch to achieve minimal usage of energy.

  • MSI Entertainment Series Notebook: MSI EX300 Review

    The MSI EX300 notebook is loaded with Intel’s Centrino 2 technology and discrete graphics for all your entertainment needs. Join us for a quick run-through of this machine.

  • GSkill Releases DDR3-2000 “Trident” Tri-Channel Series

    G.Skill today launches Triple Channel DDR3 2000HMz “Trident” series for Core i7 processors and X58 chipset rated at CL 9-9-9-24 and 1.65V. It comes in 6GB kit (3 x 2GB) capacity and has some nice looking heatspreaders tested for best cooling effectiveness. Best suited for enthusiasts, overclockers and extreme gamers, it comes...

  • PowerColor Unveils Water-Cooled HD 4890 Card

    TUL announces the PowerColor Liquid Cooling Solution (LCS) HD 4890 card to be available from April 16th onwards for USD$339. In comparison, the standard edition is priced at around USD$249. The card uses EK copper water blocks, fully covering memory and power regulator chip with the ability to reduce temperature...

  • Toshiba Launches New Regza Z series in Japan

    (Akihabara News) Toshiba launches new Regza Z series in Japan with a slew of features to attract the consumers. Some of them had some interesting features that might catch your attention

  • OCZ Debuts $300 UPS For Enthusiasts

    OCZ unveiled the Pro-Source 1500, the first UPS from PC Power & Cooling. The Pro-Source 1500 features 10 minutes of back-up battery time at typical load (600W). The software and the front panel both show Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Frequency, Load, Backup Time, and Temperature. It is retailing for US$299.99

  • Samsung Impression Retailing At AT&T

    (Engadget) If you were hoping for a cellphone that comes with a big OLED screen, you might wanna take a look into Samsung Impression. The down side about it ? It is retailing at AT&T, right in North America.

  • Logitech Cooling Pad N100 and Notebook Riser N110

    Logitech Singapore has introduced their Cooling Pad N100 and Notebook Riser N110 which are designed to make mobile computing more comfortable for users at home. Both the N100 and N110 will be available this month at SGD39 each.

  • LG’s New W53 SMART Monitors Just Got Cleverer

    (Engadget) Hitting worldwide this month, the new W53 SMART Monitors series by LG includes a few “smart” features.  Sizes will range form 18.5 to 27 inch with resolutions up to 1920×1080, offering contrast ratios up to 50000:1 at a response time of 2ms.

  • LG Introduces New Music Player Phone in Korea

    (Akihabara News) The  LG-GM310, LG-GM210 or LG-GM205 is the latest walkman music phones by LG. Sporting a trendy look, lets take a peek at what it has to offer

  • ASUS DSL-N11 Wi-Fi ADSL 2/2+ modem router

    ASUS has announced their new DSL-N11 Wi-Fi ADSL 2/2+ modem router that claims to offer fast Internet access with a hassle free EZ UI graphical user interface. Other features include Quick Internet Setup (QIS), Network Map, Dr. Surf and EZQoS (Quality of Service).

  • Nehalem-EP based Xeons Hit Akiba

    (Impress) With a TDP of 60W to 130W, these lovely Nehalem-EP based Xeon 5xxx series have hit Akiba stores. They don’t come cheap but these beasts has got the features packed to make its worth.

  • Galaxy Launched GTX 275 OC Edition with Digital PWM

    GALAXY has launched GeForce GTX275 OverClocked /w Digital PWM card that is clocked at 650MHz core, 1475MHz shader and 1200MHz memory. It has 240 stream processors same as GTX285 and 896MB of 0.8ns GDDR3 memory across a 448-bit wide memory bus. Find out why this card is different from the...

  • Dell’s Netbook Roadmap Leaked ?

    Engadget reports that Dell has leaked its netbook roadmap, revealing that the upcoming Mini 11 is scheduled for a Q3 2009 release.

  • Lian-Li Launches 4 New External HDD Rack Mount Kits

    Akihabara News report that Lian-Li Industrial has launched EX-10 (1xHDD), EX-20 (2x HDD’s), EX-30 (3xHDD’s) and EX-50 (5xHDD’s) external HDD rack to support your storage needs in an all aluminum frame and housing.

  • Samsung UltraTouch S8300

    The stylish Samsung UltraTouch S8300 has finally arrived in Singapore (in late March) and VR Zone managed to get one in for review. Read on. 

  • NEC NP52 portable projector

    Today, NEC Asia announced their new portable DLP projector, NP52, that features 1,600:1 contrast ratio, 2,600 ANSI lumens brightness and weighs just 1.7kg. The NP52 is available now at SGD1,999 and comes with 2-year limited warranty.

  • Sony announces HDR-TG5V Handycam camcorder with GPS

    Sony has announced their latest HDR-TG5V Handycam camcorder that can record high-definition 1920×1080 videos and 4-megapixel images, and also features built-in GPS antenna. The GPS function with the included NAVTEQ® digital maps allow users to geo-tag their videos and photos and document their destinations on a map.

  • Super Talent’s 2TB PCIe RAIDDrive: 1.3GBps sequential writes, 1.2GBps reads

    (Impress) It just gets better, aint it? Announced yesterday, Super Talent’s 2TB PCIe RAIDDrive is one monster SSD that gives you up to 1.3GBps sequential write speed, while the read speed gives you up to whooping 1.2GBps

  • MSI unveils 17-inch GX733

    MSI has unveiled their latest multimedia powerhouse, the GX733, which sports a 17-inch WUXGA display and powered by AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core mobile processor and ATI Mobility Radeon HD4670 (with onboard DDR3 512MB VRAM).