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  • MSI Released HD4350 Low Profile Cards For HTPC

    MSI today unveils its R4350 series graphics cards, the R4350-D512H and R4350-D256 graphics cards utilize the ATI Radeon™ HD 4350 GPU core (codenamed RV710), with 80 stream processors. Both R4350-D512H and R4350-D256H use low profile design, which is suitable to install in the barebone or HTPC small chassis.

  • Biostar TPOWER X58 Board Photos & Specs

    After coming out with the successful line of TPOWER P45 motherboards which are popular among the overclockers, Biostar is set to accomplish another feat with the X58 chipset. Biostar touted 12 phase power design for Core i7 processors, support for DDR3-2000(OC)/1600/1333 memories and dual PCIE X16 slots for SLI/CrossfireX.

  • Sapphire Unveiled Cheap HD 4550 & 4350 Cards

    SAPPHIRE is introducing two new graphics families aimed at mainstream users. The new SAPPHIRE HD 4550 has 80 stream processors, core clock speeds of 600MHz and 512MB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 900MHz (1.8GHz effective). The SAPPHIRE HD 4350 has a similar architecture, and has the same 80 stream processors and 600MHz core clock speed,

  • ACRyan Playon! HDMI Network Digital Video Recorder Review (Updated: 13 Oct)

    The feature packed Playon! DVR is an interesting product for the next-generation consumer that bridges the gap between downloaded multimedia content and the living room HDTV.

  • VR-Zone Wins in Singapore

    VR-Zone comes out the winner from the Media and Amateur gamers invited to Intel’s Asia Gaming Playoff in Singapore at the Geek Terminal.

  • EVGA 790i SLI FTW Digital PWM Board

    EVGA took the original overclockers dream; The EVGA 790i SLI FTW; and made it even more extreme with the addition of Digital Power Management (Digital PWM - Pulse Width Modulation), once again improving upon the voltage stability and efficiency. In addition, the EVGA 790i SLI FTW Digital PWM includes solid state capacitors, an 8-Phase Power

  • Albatron Released 780G Mini-ITX Board

    Albatron has announced the KI780G Mini-ITX mainboard featuring the AMD 780G chipse. This Mini-ITX board supports AM2+ socket, 4-core/3-core AMD Phenom™ processorsa PCIe X16 slot, 128MB side-port DDR2” memory, 8-channel audio and up to 10 USB 2.0 channels.

  • A-DATA Unveiled X Series v2.0 For DDR3 Line-Up

    A-DATA introduces the latest cooling solution for extreme performance X Series memory modules. A-DATA’s X Series version 2.0 includes 4 types of cooling solutions* – active cooling, passive cooling, water cooling, and liquid cooling. This product clocks at DDR3-1600 CL7-7-7-20 by 1.75V~1.85V and is available as 1GB x 2 and 2GB x 2 dual-channel kits.

  • Creative Adds Two New Inspire™ Speaker Systems

    Creative today announced the new Creative Inspire™ T3200 and Creative Inspire™ T6200 speaker systems. The Creative Inspire T3200 is perfect for PC and MP3 audio entertainment while Inspire T6200 delivers consistent high-quality surround sound performance, ensuring that users are fully immersed when gaming on the PC or watching movies. The speaker systems are available from

  • Dell Launched Inspiron Mini 9 In Singapore

    Dell today officially unveiled the Inspiron Mini 9 in Singapore and is available now locally through Dell’s affiliated retail stores starting from S$ 599 in Obsidian Black or Alpine White colour. It weighs 2.28 lbs and comes with 8.9 inch glossy LED display (1024×600), SSD storage, Wi-Fi, Webcam, Bluetooth etc.

  • Cheap HD4550 & 4350 Cards From TUL

    TUL introduces value segment VGAs, HD4550 and HD4350 Series. With all the latest features, the new series delivers superior high-definition experience to a new level at home, work and gaming. PowerColor HD4550 clocks at 600MHz core speed and 900MHz memory speed while HD4350 clocks at 600MHz and 400MHz respectively.

  • Computing in the F1 with Lenovo

    Lenovo powered Nico Rosberg’s Formula One car to a second place finish at the debut of the first night race at the Singapore Grand Prix.

  • Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte Debut in Singapore For S$ 2088

    The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte will be commercially available in Singapore from tomorrow, 27 September 2008 at the recommended retail price of S$ 2088 without operator subsidies. Engineered from carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass and stainless steel, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte is for individuals who appreciate uncompromised high performance.

  • Radeon HD 4830 Gaming Performance vs GeForce 9800 GT

    AMD has prepared a slide on the Radeon HD 4830 performance vs the GeForce 9800 GT with 6 games benchmarks. No words on the system configuration or drivers used for these tests. AMD is banking heavily on this card to outperform and to outsell the GeForce 9800 GT at the same price point. In another

  • Nvidia SLI Implementation On X58 Boards

    Nvidia recently announced the support of SLI technology on selected non-Nvidia chipsets through a SLI certification program and seems like board makers are starting to send their boards to Nvidia for verification already. Firstly, the manufacturers will have to submit a certification package to NVIDIA that includes hardware to test with (such as board, CPU,

  • OCZ Unveiled HydroFlow CPU Waterblock

    OCZ unveiled the “HydroFlow” HF-MK1 Waterblock for superior CPU watercooling. The triangular fins in the HF-MK1 provide the volume to surface ratio of any geometric shape for best dissipation possible, and this design also creates sufficient turbulence to eliminate the “skin” effect caused by laminar flow. The base block of the HydroFlow increases center contact

  • Glacialtech Launched HTPC Chassis

    GlacialTech announced the launch of Altair A381 HTPC chassis in India. The brand new Glacialtech Altair A381 HTPC is an aluminum base HTPC chassis with remote control, available in black and white colors and supporting Microsoft Vista media centre applications, is provided along with the Altair 381 to manage all existing home theatre components including

  • ASUS Launched Bamboo Series Notebooks

    ASUS today launched the ASUS Bamboo Series notebook, a groundbreaking bamboo-clad product that is truly green throughout every phase of its life – from its conception, production and use to its eventual recycling and disposal. The ultra slim ASUS Bamboo Series notebook is currently available in two versions: a 12.1” model that weighs 1.57kg and

  • Palit New HD4870 Card Comes With OC Switch

    Palit announces Palit Radeon™ HD 4870 1GB Sonic Dual Edition with pre-overclocked 750 MHz core speed and 3.8 GHz memory speed. This innovative Sonic Dual Edition card features the overclocking friendly “Smart Switch” allowing users to easily turbocharge the card to 775 MHz core and 4GHz memory speed. Furthermore, Palit HD 4870 1GB Sonic Edition

  • Synology Disk Station DS207+

    This Synology DS207+ NAS server may look a little small but it is big on features for small businesses and corporate users. Features include: Advanced Data Protection, Windows ADS Authentication and even a Web Server.