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  • Radeon HD 4830 (RV770LE) Launch In October

    AMD is preparing to launch the RV770LE card in October and it will be officially known as Radeon HD 4830. This card will be built by AIBs themselves and it is targeted at the GeForce 9800GT and 9600GT segment. RV770LE is known to have 480 stream processors and expected to be clocked differently by each

  • ELSA Launched G43IM-C2 Board

    ELSA’s G43IM-C2 motherboard features Intel‘s G43 chipset as its north bridge and supports the latest 45 nm processor. G43IM-C2 also comes with a built-in Intel GMA X4500 graphic processor that features several new technologies.It supports up to DDR2-800 and offers a maximum of 12.8GB/s memory bandwidth. In addition, the motherboard also features integrated onboard DVI

  • Intense Red-Hot Action at WGT Singapore 2008

    2008 marks the 3rd year in running for World GameMaster Tournament (WGT) – one of the world’s largest gaming tournament which aims to nurture budding gamers and at the same time, provide the professional gamers with a platform to pit their skills amongst one another. The WGT Singapore 2008 Finals will kick off at Games

  • ZOTAC GeForce Synergy Editions For Budget Consumers

    ZOTAC unleashes its new GeForce Synergy Edition graphics card lineup, the GeForce 9800GT Synergy Edition and GeForce 9600GT Synergy Edition for budget-minded gamers and enthusiasts. "Previously you had to purchase an expensive add-in card to experience PhysX technology. Our ZOTAC GeForce Synergy Editions allow gamers to take advantage of PhysX technology without having to purchase

  • Overclockers, X58 Boards, Showgirls @ GOOC 2008

    Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship 2008 or in short GOOC 2008 is drawing nearer each day and is slated to take place next week in Taipei. It is the second major overclocking event taking place this year after Advanced Overclocking Championship 2008 (AOCC 2008) which was held in late July. According to Gigabyte, we will be

  • Creative Unveiled X-Fi Sound Card For Notebooks

    Creative today announced the new Creative Sound Blaster® X-Fi® Notebook sound card, designed to make all of your iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and MP3 music, movies and games on your notebook PC sound better. It fits easily into the ExpressCard slot to upgrade the latest notebook PCs to premium sound systems with award-winning X-Fi audio technology.

  • NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo

    Designed for home users, the NETGEAR ReadyNAS Duo offers many powerful features, performance and hardware flexibility to cater to even the savviest users storage needs.

  • de-ZEPTO-con Nox A15

    NOX /Nitrous Oxide/ A gas when used as an additive to boost the performance of a standard gasoline combustion engine. The performance level of this Zepto is gassed up with the Montenvina CPU and nVidia 9600GT 512MB DDR3 graphics card. Also, sometimes referred to as laughing gas…this is no notebook to be laughed at.

  • Apple Officially Introduced iPod Nano & Touch in Singapore

      Apple today introduced the new fourth generation iPod® nano, the thinnest iPod ever featuring a sleek new design with a curved aluminum and glass enclosure, in nine vibrant colors. The new iPod nano is available immediately for a suggested price of S$ 248 for the 8GB model and S$ 328 for the 16GB model.

  • AMD Desktop CPU Roadmap

  • ATI Catalyst Driver Roadmap

  • MSI Non-Reference R4850-T2D512 Quad Pipe Card

    MSI today unveils non-reference R4850-T2D512 graphics card with Quad Pipe thermal design. In order to allow the -T2D 512 Quad Pipe graphics card to provide better stability and overclocking performance at full speed, MSI R&D team added a large heatsink in the graphics memory and power module to enhance the cooling performance. So that the

  • ATI FirePro V8700 & V3750 Workstation Cards

    AMD today announced two new workstation products; ATI FirePro V8700 and FirePro V3750. V8700 comes with 1GB frame buffer memory and has 800 shader units while V3750 features 256 MB of frame buffer memory with 320 shader processing units. The new ATI FirePro™ V8700 and ATI FirePro™ V3750 are expected to being shipping in fourth

  • Sony Ericsson Unveiled XPERIA™ X1

    Sony Ericsson today announces 30 September 2008 as the official launch date for the highly anticipated XPERIA™ X1 – initially available to consumers in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The handset will be available in other markets across Europe, Asia and Latin America throughout Q4 2008. The XPERIA™ X1 is the first product under Sony

  • Kingston Hyper Race : Go-Kart Racing!

    VR-Zone brings you the coverage on the Kingston Hyper Race Go-Kart event kicked off over the last weekend with 10 lucky participants picked from the previous week draw.

  • ASUS P552w Glide Enabled PDA Phone

    ASUS today launched the ASUS P552w PDA phone which features Glide – an innovative touch-responsive user interface that makes navigating and performing tasks on a mobile phone more intuitive and interactive than ever before. Equipped with a 624MHz processor and a host of market-leading features such as 3.5G HSDPA connectivity, GPS and seamless Google integration.

  • Kingston Shipping HyperX Mobile Memory

    Kingston today announced it is first to release high performance, ultra low-latency 800MHz notebook memory. The new HyperX mobile memory is a perfect fit for notebook users who want to boost system performance by replacing standard notebook memory with high performance modules that boot to the highest speed possible ― without adjusting system BIOS settings.

  • Palit Released HD 4850 1GB Sonic

    Palit follows up the release of HD 4850 Sonic by introducing the astonishing HD 4850 1GB Sonic equipped with 1024MB king size memory along with pre-overclocked 2000MHz memory speed and 685MHz core speed combining Palit’s own design innovative cooling system and power management technology offering another amazing choice to performance hunters.

  • Sony Speaker Dock Clock Radio For iPhone & iPod

    Sony Electronics has just introduced its new iPod Speaker Dock Clock Radio, a clock radio with a dock for either iPhone or iPod. The convenient ICF-C1iPMK2 allows you to wake up and fall asleep to your favourite music from your iPod, iPhone, the radio or a buzzer. It features a wireless remote with full access

  • New Walkman Video MP3 Players From Sony

    Sony Electronics Asia Pacific expands its Walkman® family to include two new series of stylishly slim video MP3 players, the NWZ-S730F and NWZ-E430F. Ideal for today’s mobile consumers, the NWZ-S730F series is the only video MP3 player in the market with a noise cancelling function that effectively reduces ambient noise to ensure quality entertainment. For