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  • BIOSTAR TH55 XE MicroATX Board Preview

    BIOSTAR gave us a sneak peek on their upcoming H55 board named TH55 XE supporting the Core i5/i7 processors with integrated graphics. It is a uATX board featuring “Dura Max” technology comprises of IR DirectFET MOSFET, Ferrite Choke, and Japanese Solid Caps and has 7 phase power design. The board is equipped with multi-VGA and audio outputs: D-Sub,

  • FastMac Readies In-Wall USB Charger

    TruePower UCS Power Outlet FastMac is prepping the “TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports Model: APP-7169” for launch. Read more…

  • Prolimatech Unleashes First VGA Cooler

    MK-13 Prolimatech, well-known for its Megahalems line of high performance CPU coolers, has released the MK-13 VGA cooler. Read more…

  • Thermalright to Release 2 VRM Heatsinks for Radeon 5800 Cards

    VRM-R3 and VRM-R4 Hot on the heels of Spitfire’s release, Thermalright has announced it is working on the VRM-R3 and VRM-R4, two new cooling solutions for the Radeon 5800 series cards.  Read more…

  • Scythe Launches Updated Mugen 2 CPU Cooler

    Mugen 2 Rev B Scythe has unveiled the Mugen 2 Rev B CPU cooler, adding on to its line-up of high performance thermal solutions for processors. Read more…

  • CoolerMaster Prepping CM 690 Advanced II for Launch

    CM 690 Advanced II CoolerMaster is preparing to launch the CM 690 Advanced II chassis at CES 2010 in January 2010. Read more…

  • Logitech Notebook Kit MK605 available in Singapore

    Logitech has announced the new Notebook Kit MK605, which include a notebook riser that can hold laptops of up to 15.6-inches, wireless mouse and keyboard. With three elevation angles to choose from, you can adjust the view to your comfort for watching movies or sharing photos.

  • Fusion Garage tells their side of story and introduces Joo Joo

    Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan, Chief Executive of Fusion Garage, held a web conference this morning and gave his company’s side of the story about the Cruchpad dispute with Michael Arrington from TechCrunch. And the best thing was Rathakrishnan unveiling the 12.1-inch touchscreen tablet called Joo Joo (formerly Crunchpad).

  • Transcend introduces JetFlash 600

    Transcend has recently introduced their new JetFlash 600 thumbdrive which boasts dual-channel technology that offer read and write speeds of up to 32MB/sec and 18MB/sec respectively. Available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB, the JetFlash are compatible with Windows 7 and come with lifetime warranty.

  • I-O Data Releases Slim Blu-Ray Writer

    BRP-US6 I-O data has launched the BRP-US6, a new ultra-slim external Blu-Ray writer. Read more…

  • Thermaltake Updates TR2 RX Series PSUs

    Updated TR2 RX Series Thermaltake will be releasing updated versions of the 450W and 550W TR2 RX PSUs. Read more…

  • Thermalright Unveils Spitfire VGA Cooler

    Spitfire VGA Cooler Thermalright, well-known for its high performance cooling solutions, has launched the Spitfire VGA Cooler. Read more…

  • Enermax Releases Acrylux Wireless Keyboard

    Black Acrylux Keyboard Enermax has launched the Acrylux keyboard, a slim and compact keyboard aimed at office workers and home users. Read more…

  • Game Review: Grand Theft Auto – Episodes From Liberty City

     Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, is the latest expansion pack for the popular Rockstar game, containing The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Both episodes do not require the original Grand Theft Auto IV nor is an Xbox Live account necessary (except for multiplayer).

  • Nokia X3 arrives in Singapore

    The Nokia X3 is designed for the music lovers, featuring stereo speakers, integrated FM radio with RDS support and up to 24 hours of music playback time. It also offers a 3.2-megapixel camera full focus camera with 4x digital zoom. The X3 is available from this week.

  • Intel Larrabee canceled, but not dead

    As we know, the discrete GPU industry has long been dominated by Nvidia and ATI/AMD. Speculation of CPU giants Intel getting in on the act has existed as far back as we can remember. These rumours came to be true as Intel announced their own discrete GPU project – Larrabee. Since then, information about Larrabee

  • Toshiba and Intel launch TOKYO TIME WARP Facebook game

    Toshiba and Intel has announced the launch of a Facebook game called Tokyo Time Warp. Tokyo Time Warp is part role-play, part-adventure and part-arcade, and promises loads of fun for FaceBook users.

  • Monster “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga” earphones now available in Singapore

    Audiophiles and fans of Lady Gaga rejoice! “Heartbeats by Lady Gaga” earphones from Monster is now available in Singapore. Comes in rose red, white chrome and black, the earphones features a jewel-shaped earpiece design that makes it a high-tech fashion accessory.

  • Silverstone Fortress FT02 Arrives in Stores

    Fortress FT02 SilverStone, well-known for its high performance PC chassis, is shipping its long anticipated Fortress FT02 next week. Read more…

  • Vantec Launches SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Series

    SuperSpeed USB3.0 NexStar 3 Vantec Thermal Technologies, worldwide leader specializing in computer peripherals, has jumped onto the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 bandwagon and unveiled four products supporting the new interface. Read more…