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  • Scythe Announces Kama Cabinet

    Kama Cabinets Scythe, well known for its high performance CPU coolers, has unveiled the Kama Cabinet. The Kama cabinet converts a 5.25” drive bay into a drawer for storage of various items e.g. CDs, tools etc. Read more…

  • Zone Alarm Extreme Security Windows 7 Edition in stores from tomorrow

    If you are using the latest Windows 7 on your PC, you may want to check out the latest Zone Alarm Extreme Security software for this operating system. It comes with various features including anti-spam, online backup and PC Tune-up, and the Zone Alarm Extreme Security is available at all Challenger superstores from tomorrow.

  • Download Logitech’s Ultimate Ears iPhone App from iTunes store

    With this Logitech’s Ultimate Ears iPhone App, you can measure sound pressure levels and decibels with an SPL Meter. The app is available for free download from iPhone app store.

  • ASUS UL80Vt Review

    The new ASUS UL80Vt is designed with good portability and performance for the mobile users. Let’s see what this 14-inch laptop has to offer and how well it performs in our benchmark tests. Read on.

  • Nokia’s colorful 5230 touch phone

    Nokia has recently announced their new and colorful 5230 touch phone that features a large 3.2-inch touchscreen wide display (640×360), A-GPS and music player (with Come with Music service). Update: The Nokia 5230 will be available in White/Red, White/White, White/Pink and White/Blue, at S$380 from this week onwards.

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Fermi release

    A contrasting set of rumours regarding Nvidia’s Fermi have hit the web following a meeting involving Nvidia’s top men in Hong Kong. First up is a Fudzilla report which claims a late January release for Fermi based Geforce products. On the other hand, HardOCP is speculating an April 2010 release. More next page.

  • Creative Technology unleashes Vado HD Pocket Video Cam

    Creative has announced their new Vado HD Pocket Video Cam which features wide-angle lens, HDMI video output and improved low light video capture. Comes in 4GB model, the Vado HD can record up to 120 minutes of High definition videos or up to 7,000 still photos.

  • Evercool Unveils Armor HDD Cooler

    Armor HDD Cooler Taipei based Evercool has launched the Armor HDD Cooler, adding on to its portfolio of cooling products. Measuring 150 x 85 x 162mm and weighing 585.5g, the cooler converts two 5.25” drive bays to accommodate three 3.5” HDD. Read more…

  • Nvidia: Data on Fermi’s gaming features “forthcoming”

    Despite constant rumours that Nvidia is focusing on the potentially lucrative HPC industry with Fermi – rather than gaming – company spokesperson Bryan Del Rizzo dismisses such rumours as “unfounded” and “ludicrous”. “Gaming remains our bread and butter focus area. However, there are other opportunities for us to explore as the company grows, such as

  • Garmin-ASUS nuvifone M20 is now equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5

    Garmin-ASUS has recently announced their nuvifone M20 all-in-one phone will come equipped with the latest Windows Mobile 6.5, allowing users to enjoy a better experience with the new user interface and applications. You can also choose to download additional applications to the phone from Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace.

  • Samsung unveils Multimedia Player R0 in Korea

    Samsung has unveiled their latest R0 (YP-R0) multimedia player in Korea which supports both audio and video playback, and comes with a microSD card slot for expansion. The R0 comes in three colors – black, silver and pink – and feature a 2.6-inch TFT LCD screen and DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology.

  • ASUS Unveils New Eee PC, EeeTop and EeeBox Powered by NVIDIA ION

    ASUS has adopted award-winning NVIDIA® ION™ graphics for many of its top-selling “Eee” netbooks and nettop PCs. All of the NVIDIA ION-based PCs and motherboards from ASUS fully support Windows 7, which takes advantage of graphics processors to accelerate a variety of applications, freeing the CPU to handle other tasks. The new ASUS products include:

  • NZXT Unleashes Tempest EVO Case

    NZXT Tempest EVO Californian based NZXT has unveiled the Tempest EVO, a great-looking budget chassis aimed at the mainstream market. easuring 211.5 X 521.5 X 562mm and weighing 11.2Kg, the water-cooling friendly steel chassis features a Screwless Rail Design, 8x 3.5” bays, 3x 5.25” bays, 7x expansion slots and a top-side panel with 2 x

  • Asus Launches the TS Mini Soho Server

    TS Mini Soho Server Asus, well-known for its high performance motherboards and graphic cards, has announced the TS mini Soho server , targeting modern home and small office users. Measuring 245 x 96 x 204mm and weighing 2.7kg, the mini server features a 1.66 GHz Atom N280 processor, 1Gb of RAM, a 500Gb or 2Tb HDD

  • Sony announces new PS3 with 250GB storage and FF XIII Lightning Edition

    If you have recently bought the new 120GB Sony PlayStation 3  (PS3) Slim, you are going to hit the ceiling when you hear this; the Sony PS3 Slim with 250GB hard drive is going to be in stores soon and will be about S$40 more expensive than the original PS3 Slim announced in mid September. In

  • HTC unveils HD2 Windows Phone

    Today, HTC unveiled their latest Windows Phone, the HD2, which claims to be the first with capacitive touch display. The HD2 sports a 4.3-inch screen and features Qualcomm 1Ghz processor, a 5-megapixel camera and incorporates Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.

  • Mionix Naos 5000 Gaming Mouse Provides The Perfect Grip

    Mionix today unveiled their new gaming mouse, Mionix™ Naos 5000 that fully support all five fingers. It has been under development since the beginning of this year and has been tested by gamers, both professionals and amateurs in order to find the perfect ergonomic grip. The gaming mouse has a centralized weight tuning system that improves

  • Google and LTA Singapore collaborates to help users get to places more conveniently

    Google and Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore held a press conference this morning to announce their collaborative effort to provide commuters with the info they require - from mapping, route planning to traffic congestion information and bus/train arrival schedule.

  • ATI Radeon HD 5970 Roundup

    ATI’s much anticipated and slightly delayed Hemlock – Radeon HD 5970 is here. To be honest, there are really no notable surprises surrounding this release. Our forum member, adrianlee, has once again created a comprehensive list of reviews across the web. However, the HD 5970 is something more. It is not just about benchmarks and

  • Nvidia Fermi demonstrated at SC ’09

    Following the release of ATI’s flagship Hemlock, we first witnessed the first picture of a working Fermi based Geforce system, and now at SC ’09, Nvidia have demonstrated Fermi going up against GT200. All in one day! The demonstration is a N-body simulation running on CUDA with 20,480 body interactions in double precision. This demonstration