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  • Kingston Unveils DataTraveler Locker+

    DataTraveler Locker+ Kingston, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products, has launched its DataTraveler Locker+ series of USB flash drives. Measuring 65.76 x 17.98 x 10.7mm, these compact flash drives  feature 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption on all its stored data, waterproof and simple to use. Read more…

  • Arctic Cooling Unleashes Accelero XTREME GTX Pro VGA Cooler

    Accelero XTREME GTX Pro VGA Cooler Hot on the heels of Accelero Twin Turbo Pro’s release, Arctic Cooling has unveiled the Accelero XTREME GTX Pro VGA Cooler, adding on to its line-up of high performance thermal solutions for graphic cards. Read more…

  • Samsung Singapore Introduces new mobile phones and projector

    Samsung Singapore has announced four new mobile phones – OmniaPRO B7610, OmniaPRO B7330, OmniaLITE B7300 and Samsung CorbyTXT - and a pocket projector which would be available soon in stores.

  • Logitech G27 Racing Wheel coming to Singapore

    Gamers would want to check out the new Logitech G27 Racing Wheel for a superb driving and gaming experience. It features a dual-motor force feedback mechanism that accurately delivers high-fidelity force effects to the wheel. Other features include six-speed gated shifter and RPM/shift indicator LEDs. And best of all, its going to be available soon.

  • Enjoy music on the go with the Bose Mobile In-Ear headset

    Bose has announced their new Mobile In-Ear headset designed for music lovers who enjoy listening to their favorite songs on the mobile phones. It features a one-touch answer/end call button which allow you to switch from music and call.

  • Epson holds 3LCD Technology Forum in Singapore

    Epson Singapore held a 3LCD Technology Forum for the media at Suntec Convention Centre this morning, and announced nine new projectors for home, business and educational institutes.

  • Transcend launches StoreJet 35T External HDD and new 64GB CF Card

    Today, Transcend launched their new StoreJet 35T external hard drive which comes with TurboHDD USB transfer mode and One Touch auto-backup button, and offers up to 1.5TB capacity to store your photos, music and video files. In addition, the manufacturer has also announced their latest 64GB CompactFlash memory card that supports even the high-end digital

  • MSI Releases N240GT Series with Afterburner OC Tool

    MSI introduces the world’s first graphics card to support overvoltage functionality: the N240GT series. The N240GT-MD512-OC/D5 and N240GT-MD1G allow the user to adjust GPU voltage and the overclocking configurations via MSI Afterburner overclocking software allowing OC potential up to 30%. MSI’s N240GT series of graphics cards implements the military class components:Hi-c CAPs, solid state capicators and

  • DFI Dual Chipsets Board Unveiled – Intel P45 + NVIDIA ION

    DFI announced Hybrid platform that adopts the latest DFI patent technology. The DFI HB P45-ION-T2A2 board combines P45 + ICH10R with NVIDIA ION which operate completely independently. The first platform consists P45 + ICH10R chipset where you need to install an Intel processor, DDR2 memory and a graphics card. As for the second platform, it is NVIDIA ION

  • More Radeon HD 5970 Details leak

    While we are only a few hours away from the official release, there’s information galore for the impatient of us. Like they did with the HD 5800 launch, Czechgamer are back with more leaked slides. First up, the final heatsink is indeed much like the HD 5800/5770, just a larger version. The clock speeds, as

  • Galaxy GeForce GT240 D3 and D5 Announced

    Galaxy releases the new GeForce GT240 D5 and Galaxy GeForce GT240 D3 with 1GB/512MB. It is based on 40nm process with 96 stream processors, 128-bit memory interface, 512MB GDDR3/5 memory. The cards come with its own custom cooler to keep the GPU operating 10-15 degrees lower than the standard cooling system.

  • Fermi in trouble?

    We all know it is constantly being delayed – but at the end of all those delays, what we were expecting was a stellar product from Nvidia. However, with today’s press release, certain inconvenient details are revealed. Let’s forget about the delays for now, and just consider the product itself. The first Fermi GPU –

  • [Press Release] Nvidia announces Fermi Tesla GPUs

    Nvidia have “paper launched” the HPC version of its next-generation Fermi architecture. Branded as Tesla 20 series, the HPC GPGPUs will release in Q2 2010. Like the Tesla 10 series based on GT200, Tesla 20 will feature single GPU and four GPU options. The single GPU will come in to variants – C2050 and C2070,

  • UPDATED: AMD powers 4 of top 5 Supercomputers

    The new edition of TOP500 is out – and it is a surprise to see AMD heavily featured in the fastest supercomputers. Of the top 5 supercomputers in the world – AMD products find there way into all but one. Surprisingly, we have to look at #5 for the first showing of Intel. Architecturally, Intel’s

  • Arctic Cooling Announces Standalone Accelero Twin Turbo Pro

    Accelero Twin Turbo Pro Swiss based Arctic Cooling has launched its standalone Accelero Twin Turbo Pro, a revised version of its predecessor, the Accelero TWIN TURBO. Measuring 215 x 115 x 52mm and weighing 450g, the Accelero Twin Turbo Pro is embedded with 2x 92mm (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fans, capable of up to 2000 RPM

  • [Rumour] Pre-launch ATI Radeon HD 5970 Details

    We are less than two days away from the big launch of AMD’s current generation flagship – Hemlock, or to be branded as ATI Radeon HD 5970. As we know, the HD 5970 is basically two Cypress dies from the HD 5870 on one PCB, much like the HD 4870 X2 was to RV770. HD

  • Nvidia Geforce GT 240 priced at $99

    A day before release, Fudzilla have finalized specifications and price for what is likely to be Nvidia’s final release before Fermi. The product is the GT 240 – based on the 40nm GT215 shrink. It packs in 96 shader units and an unusually low clock speed for a product of it’s kind of 550 MHz.

  • Shuttle to Unveil New J Series XPC at CES

    SHUTTLE today announced that the new J Series from its new XPC modelslineup will be unveiled at the 2010 International CES, the world’s largest tradeshowfor consumer technology, returning to Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2010. SHUTTLE will be unveiling its new XPC models, including the new J Series, with three models designed for entry-level, mainstream, and

  • Sony Singapore Announces New Hybrid Voice Recorders and Headphones

    Sony Singapore has announced their new hybrid voice recorders designed with high quality audio recording and larger storage capacity of up to 8GB. The maker has also launched three new headphones for audiophiles with improved sound resolution and cushioned earpads for comfortable use. Read on for the product releases.

  • PC-Cooling Unveils Cooltek K4 Case

    Cooltek K4 PC-Cooling has launched the Cooltek K4 mid tower chassis, an entry level case aimed at the budget conscious. Measuring 430 x 190 x 480mm and weighing 5.2kg, the case features a tool free design for both 5.25” and 3.5” devices, and PCI slots. Read more…