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  • Dwelling into the ASUS Energy Processing Unit

    With the focus now shifting towards making more energy-efficient products, motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS have come up with technologies to keep power consumption (and heat output) down. Read on to find out more about the ASUS EPU as we put the ASUS P5E3 Premium to the test.

  • Arctic Freezer 7 LP Cooler For HTPC Users

    ARCTIC COOLING today unveiled the Freezer 7 LP, an Intel CPU cooler designed for media centre users. The heatsink design of the Freezer 7 LP reduces the size of the cooler leaving it only 42mm slim (to the air intake level) / 53mm (with fan holder) and 263g light, almost half the size of usual

  • ASUS Combines Splendid HD w/ HD3850 MXM Card

    ASUS launched the world’s first stand-alone color processor with a modularized graphics card – the ASUS Splendid MA3850M; which combines a video enhance card with the ASUS Splendid HD processor and a modularized VGA card. The overall length of the Splendid MA3850M is 27% shorter than generic ATI Radeon™ HD 3850 graphics cards – allowing

  • Gigabyte Unveiled EP45 Extreme Features

    The P45 chipset based boards war is heating up as we speak as motherboard manufacturers are gearing up to launch their boards. Gigabyte has unveiled their EP45-Extreme specially for the enthusiasts with features such as Hybrid-Silent Pipe – a combination of air and water cooling, DES Advanced that phase switch even during overclocking, hardware overvoltage

  • ASUS Unveiled P5Q Series w/ EPU-Six Engine

    ASUS has announced the new ASUS P5Q series of motherboards; which feature the new ASUS EPU-Six Engine. This new version of the EPU is able to detect current PC loadings in real time and automatically moderate the power supply for complete system level power savings. With automatic power management for components, the EPU-Six Engine provides

  • Sim Lim Sq Walkabout: Week 18, 2008

    The new Western Digital Caviar SE16 640GB has finally showed up in Sim Lim Square. But that’s not all. We also have Silverstone’s latest casing, as well as XFX’s much talked-about Black Edition graphics cards this week.

  • Kingston Offers HyperX DDR2 Series For Notebooks

    Kingston today announced it is first to offer high performance, low-latency DDR2-667 SO-DIMM notebook memory to the world. Offering greater performance options for existing mobile platforms, the HyperX DDR2-667 CL4 SO-DIMM kits in 2GB and 4GB capacities are the first in a new line of memory innovations Kingston plans to release over the next few

  • Nokia Opens Music Store In Singapore

    Nokia announced today that the Nokia Music Store in Singapore is now “live” at With millions of tracks from major international artists, independent labels and Asian content, the Nokia Music Store brings true freedom to music lovers letting people buy and enjoy music directly from their Nokia device or personal computer 24/7. Individual tracks

  • A-DATA Expands USB Flash Drives To 32GB

    A-DATA Technology today announced its largest capacity USB flash drives in two models, the 32GB PD2 and PD9 that it is expanding its USB flash drive family lines with new 32GB capacity offerings. The 32GB PD2 and PD9 which is about the size of 69.6mm x 17mm x 10mm (L x W x H ),

  • Chaintech Unveiled APOGEE GT DDR2-1150 &1200 4GB Kit

    Walton Chaintech introduces its new APOGEE GT DDR2 1150 and 1200 memory module 4GB KIT (2GB x 2 pc). It is specifically designed to be made with 8-layer PCBA and dual-channel configuration support and a latency of CL 5-5-5-15. The famous fin-shape heatsink with a touch of APOGEE red is featured with each pair of

  • Brother Labour Day Promotions

    For more promotions, please click on the image above.

  • Sim Lim Sq Walkabout: Week 17, 2008

    You might find yourself fishing out your wallet for some of this week’s interesting cards, new motherboards and peripherals.

  • Nvidia Upcoming GPUs Line-Up For Q2/Q3

    For the high-end enthusiasts segment., Nvidia will launch GeForce 9900 GTX and 9900 GTS in July to replace the 9800 GX2 and GTX. There is a die shrink on G92 for GeForce 9800 GT cards. Nvidia has also cancelled plans to launch GeForce 9800 GTS because there are simply too many high end GPUs. We

  • Green ASUS Supports PC Recycling Program

    In 2004, 20-50 million tons of e-waste was produced worldwide, according to research carried out by Greenpeace. This will equal the total waste produced in Taiwan in 2 to 6 years time. In light of this, inappropriate disposal of IT-waste will no doubt cause irreparable damage to the earth we live on. At a press

  • GeForce 9900 GTX & GTS Slated For July Launch

    The first 2 models from the GeForce 9900 series will be 9900 GTX and 9900 GTS instead of 9900 GT we reported earlier and they will be GT200 based not G92b based. Nvidia is slated to launch them in July to counter AMD RV770 series which is slated for launch during Computex. Nvidia will differentiate

  • Of Orbs and Blocks – ThermalTake DUORB and Scythe OROCHI

    We have in the labs today, a pair of interesting CPU coolers coming from ThermalTake and Scythe – the DUORB CPU cooler and the OROCHI Cooler respectively. One follows in the tradition of its predesessors and the other breaks from convention of heatsinks in general. Follow us as we take both coolers to the test

  • Nvidia Produces Cheaper SLI Chipset For AMD

    Nvidia is planning to release the cheaper SLI capable chipset for AMD platform this month end. The NVIDIA nForce 740a SLI SPP includes 2×8 PCI Express 2.0 lanes (configurable as 1×16) and 2×1 PCI Express 1.0 lanes, 12 USB ports, six SATA ports, and single GigE.

  • Meizu To Launch M8 mini One In August

    Meizu are working on developing the M8 prototypes right now and scheduled to release it in August this year. There will be 8GB and 16GB versions when launched. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Fujitsu Released 7200rpm, 2.5-inch HD w/ Encryption

    Fujitsu announced the release of the MHZ2 CJ Series of 320 GB(1) 2.5″ hard disk drives with automatic hardware-based encryption to effectively secure data against theft or loss, along with the industry’s highest rotational speed of 7200-rpm and a 3.0 Gb/s Serial ATA interface. The new series of drives for computers and external storage devices