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  • Nvidia Produces Cheaper SLI Chipset For AMD

    Nvidia is planning to release the cheaper SLI capable chipset for AMD platform this month end. The NVIDIA nForce 740a SLI SPP includes 2×8 PCI Express 2.0 lanes (configurable as 1×16) and 2×1 PCI Express 1.0 lanes, 12 USB ports, six SATA ports, and single GigE.

  • Meizu To Launch M8 mini One In August

    Meizu are working on developing the M8 prototypes right now and scheduled to release it in August this year. There will be 8GB and 16GB versions when launched. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Fujitsu Released 7200rpm, 2.5-inch HD w/ Encryption

    Fujitsu announced the release of the MHZ2 CJ Series of 320 GB(1) 2.5″ hard disk drives with automatic hardware-based encryption to effectively secure data against theft or loss, along with the industry’s highest rotational speed of 7200-rpm and a 3.0 Gb/s Serial ATA interface. The new series of drives for computers and external storage devices

  • WD Shipping VelociRaptor 10K RPM Drives

    WD is now shipping WD VelociRaptor™ hard drives, the next generation of its 10,000 RPM SATA “Raptor” series of drives. The 2.5-inch WD VelociRaptor drive is enclosed in the IcePack™, a 3.5-inch mounting frame with a built-in heat sink. WD VelociRaptor hard drives will be shipping exclusively through Alienware this month and will be available

  • Asus Eee PC 900 Review and Dissection

    we’ve tore apart its predecessor, now we’re giving you a piece of our mind on Asus’ latest rendition of their world wide best selling UMPC, the Eee PC 900. Will new features like a full fledged 9 inch screen, a 1.3 MP web cam and massively increased SSD storage be enough to tempt you? Read

  • More 55nm GeForce 9800 GT Info

    Earlier, we revealed that Nvidia is planning to release GeForce 9800 GT  based on 55nm G92 core in July and now we learned a little more details on this new card. The new 9800GT card is codenamed G92-280 and it is using a new P393-C00 PCB that supports Hybrid Power. There will be 256MB and

  • Sapphire Motherboards Support 125W Phenom

    Sapphire is pleased to announce that the new high end, 125W Phenom CPU’s just released by AMD (Model numbers 9750 and 9850) are fully supported across the latest range of SAPPHIRE mainboards, including the high end PC-AM2RD790 – PURE CrossFireX 790FX, the new mainstream CrossFire board PC-AM2RX780 – PURE CrossFireX 770, and the microATX Hybrid

  • Intel Atom Power Consumption Preliminary Tests managed to lay our hands on Intel’s latest Little Falls ES mini-ITX solution, featuring their latest low power processor, the Intel Atom. The Atom on the board is based on the Diamondville core, clocked at 1.6Ghz and comes with Hyperthreading technology. This is the first time that Intel incorporated their own chipset into their

  • ASUS Eee PC 900 Launched

    Amid the buzz of reaching a new milestone of 1 million Eee PCs sold in just 5 months after its launch, ASUS has provided yet another round of excitement with its release of the new Eee PC 900. This new generation of the ever popular PC packs in a whole range of hardware that includes

  • Update : DFI Goes After Imitations; Buyers Beware

    DFI issued a warning earlier this week about imitation of their motherboards in Indonesia. Ironically, DFI doesn’t even carry those imitated models; MCP78V and MCP68PV. We learned that an Indonesian company by the name of TIGA is said to be distributing these imitations using DFI branding and the OEM maker of these boards is J&W

  • Scythe Orochi – Monster in a box (Preview)

    A short preview of the Scythe Orochi before we show you the real deal, soon.

  • Nvidia First 55nm Desktop Graphics; GeForce 9800 GT

    VR-Zone first revealed Nvidia’s plan to shift from 65nm to 55nm to lower costs and we have also told you a series of 55nm based mobile graphics GPUs based on G94b and G96b. Now we learned that the first desktop graphics card to be based on 55nm G92b core will be GeForce 9800 GT and

  • Sim Lim Sq Walkabout: Week 15, 2008

    After a rather long quiet period in the DIY scene, we are starting to see quite a number of new products on the shelves. Let’s see what’s available this weekend!

  • Arctic Cooling Upcoming Products In May

    Artctic Cooling is planning a slew of new products in May. They are Accelero Xtreme 9800 for GeForce 9800 GTX, Accelero Twin Turbo for GeForce 9600, 8800 series (G92) and Radeon HD3870, 3850 and much more, Freezer 7 LP for Intel processors, ARCTIC RC for both DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM modules.

  • OCZ Unveiled PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB Kit

    OCZ today unveiled the Flex II memory series, designed for blazing speeds demanded by enthusiasts. These premium modules run at incredibly fast DDR2-1150 speeds for high-performance systems with integrated water-cooling. The PC2-9200 Flex II modules are optimized for the latest cutting edge platforms and will be available in high-capacity 4GB (2x2048MB) dual channel kits for

  • Canon Launched New DC300 Series DVD Camcorders

    The DC330 and DC320 camcorders feature a 45x advanced zoom whilst the DC310 features a 41x advanced zoom. All three camcorder models offer a 37x optical zoom with electronic image stabilization. The new camcorders all offer true wide high resolution 16:9 recording which is ideal for playback on widescreen television. The Canon DC330/DC320/DC310 camcorders are

  • PSU Makers Unfazed By Ultra Products Law Suit

    Ultra Products filed a suit against almost all the PSU makers out there like Antec, Channel Well, Corsair, Enhance, E-Power, SPI, FSP, Koolance, Mushkin, OCZ , Sea Sonic, Silverstone, Spire-Bytecom Fanner, Tagan, Thermaltake, Topower and Zalman. Apparently, the case is on modular power supplies. We have contacted some of the PSU makers and seems like

  • Nvidia 55nm Mobile Graphics Cards Unveiled

    We have told you earlier that Nvidia is preparing 55nm GPUs against current ATi’s offerings like RV670, RV635, RV620 as well as RV770. VR-Zone has managed to find out Nvidia is planning a GeForce 9800M GTS refresh codenamed NB9E-GT1 and a new GeForce 9800M GT codenamed NB9E-GS1 based on 55nm G94b architecture. Both GeForce 9800M

  • Practical Power: SilverStone Olympia & FSP Everest

    Power supplies are flooding the market. Two appeared on our doorsteps and we took them through the torture. PSU for dummies!

  • Partners Released GeForce 9800 GTX OC Editions

    Some AIC partners have gone aggressive and unveiled their 9800GTX OC editions based on the reference designs while the majority still remains with the default clocked reference 9800GTX card. EVGA has their SC, KO and SSC editions, BFG with their OC, OC2 & OCX, ASUS with EN9800GTX TOP, ZOTAC with 9800GTX AMP Edition. The highest