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  • Updated: Intel faces yet another Antitrust lawsuit

    Intel has once again found itself in the middle of legal troubles. Following the mammoth $1.45 billion EU fine earlier in the year, an FTC complaint to be made soon, New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo has sued Intel for similar antitrust violations. Cuomo accuses Intel of “abusing its dominant position in the chip

  • Super Talent Launches World’s First USB 3.0 RAIDDrive

    Super Talent SuperSpeed USB 3.0 RAIDDrive Super Talent has unveiled the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 RAIDDrive, the world’s first USB 3.0 flash drive. Measuring 95 x 37 x13mm, the compact SuperSpeed drive reportedly supports transfer speeds of up to 10 times faster than conventional USB 2.0 flash drives and is fully backward compatible with USB

  • Enermax Unveils Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard and Trackball

    Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless keyboard Enermax has announced the Aurora Micro Wireless keyboard, aimed at HTPC enthusiasts. Measuring 319 x 193 x 33 mm and weighing 800g, the Aurora features a compact keyboard with a high-precision (1200 dpi sensor) trackball, eliminating the need for a mouse. Read more…

  • Be Quiet! Launches SilentWings PWM Series Fans

    Be Quiet! SilentWings PWM Series Fans German based Be Quiet!, well-known for its Pure Power series of PSUs, has announced the SilentWings PWM series of case fans. Featuring a screwless mounting system for easy installation, the fans have Copper-Core Fluid Dynamic Bearing (for longer service life of up to 300,000 hours) and an embedded PWM

  • [Rumour] Nvidia developing x86 CPU?

    This is a rumour that has surfaced and died several times, and it has resurfaced again. However, this time, there is more evidence than usual. Over the last year or two, Nvidia have spent a lot of time and effort into marketing stream computing. GPUs, or parallel processors, are significantly more powerful than their CPU

  • Western Digital announces the S25 SAS drive for enterprise

    Yes, Western Digital has now entered the traditional enterprise drive market with its first SAS hard disk drive, the S25. It spins at 10,000 RPM, has a 2.5″ form factor, and has SAS interfaces of 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s. Sequential transfer rate is clocked at 128MB/sec. And the drives have a 1.6 million MTBF estimate to go with

  • Updated: [Rumour] Nvidia Fermi to be demonstrated in January?

    While Nvidia and a few other reporters (most notably, Fudzilla) claim Fermi based products are well on their way, a host of other reporters are now claiming Nvidia is “doing their best” to have a working Fermi demonstration at CES 2010, which is scheduled for 7th to 10th November. Nvidia’s original release date was apparently

  • World’s Largest Data Center

    Microsoft’s new Data Center in Chicago Cnet has an article on Microsoft’s new data center in Chicago. For those who are curious to know what goes on in a data center and how it looks like inside can check out the article here. Read more…

  • Kingston, Paramount Join to Deliver Movies via Flash Drives

    Kingston has announced its collaboration with Paramount Digital Entertainment (PDE) to deliver full-length movies on Kingston Flash memory products. These movies will be available to users “as part of a bundle package and for sale”. Paramount has claimed that as more and more movies are watched on portable devices like netbooks and handhelds, it’s only

  • GELID Launches “Tranquillo” CPU Cooler

      GELID Tranquillo GELID Solutions has announced the “Tranquillo” CPU Cooler, targeting mainstream users. Measuring 74 x 125 x 153mm and weighing 645g, it comprises of 4 copper heat pipes fused to a copper base and aluminium heatsink. Read more…

  • Icy Dock Announces 2.5″ to 3.5″ SATA & SSD HDD Converter

    MB882SP-1S-2B Icy Dock has unveiled the MB882SP-1S-2B, a user friendly 2.5″ to 3.5″ SATA & SSD HDD converter which allows users to install 2.5” SATA or SSD HDD onto their PC easily. Measuring 145 x 101 x 25mm and weighing 163g, the lightweight plastic converter is able to support transfer speeds of up to 3Gb/sec. Read

  • Simplicity at its best: Lancool PC-K62 Casing Review

    We managed to get hold of this pretty interesting casing. On first look, it does resemble some of the common cases, windowed side panel, vents in the front, and a rectangular build. However after trying it out, we’d say that it has more to offer than cases in its category.

  • [Rumour] AMD updates Phenom II/Athlon II roadmap

    According to Digitimes, AMD is making several changes to its CPU schedules, particularly corresponding to the Phenom II line. Phenom II X4 910 and 945 are EOL already. AMD will stop taking orders for a whole raft of CPUs starting Q1 2010. These CPUs will be currently existing steppings of Phenom II X4 925, 965,

  • Mozilla unleashes Firefox 3.6 BETA

    Mozilla has announced their Firefox 3.6 BETA, prior to the release of the latest stable version 3.5 in June. The Firefox 3.6 will be a minor upgrade and scheduled to be available by end of the year. You can download the Firefox 3.6 BETA from Mozilla’s website.

  • Samsung to collaborate with Microsoft to push Green IT

    Samsung has announced its collaboration with Microsoft to encourage users to use power-efficient PCs – through the use of the new Windows 7 operating system and 40 nanometer (nm) class DDR3 DRAM. Read on for the full story.

  • China Announces “Milky Way One” Supercomputer

    NUDT’s Milky Way One China’s National University of Defense Technology has announced the “Milky Way One” supercomputer, the world’s 2nd petaflop supercomputer. Weighing a whopping 155 tons, Milky Way One consists of 103 refrigerator-like cabinets lined up over 1,000 square meters. Read more…

  • Enermax Unveils NAPPA External HDD Enclosure

    Enermax NAPPA in black Enermax has launched the NAPPA external HDD enclosure series for 2.5” HDD. Measuring 128 x 80 x 14mm, the NAPPA features an inner 1.1mm thick aluminium body encased in 0.8mm thick black or brown PU leather and USB 2.0 for external connectivity. Read more…

  • Thermaltake Announces Element V Tower Chassis

    Thermaltak Element V Thermaltake has unveiled the Element V tower chassis, adding on to its Element series of gamer-centric performance tower cases. Measuring 532 x 220 x 537mm and weighing 14kg, the Element V features 12 drive bays (five 5.25″, six 3.5″ and one 2.5″), a top-side panel with four USB 2.0, one eSATA and

  • EVGA releases dual-GPU Geforce GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX

    Remember the mysterious “new” dual-GPU from EVGA/Nvidia? It is here, and there are no surprises. It is a combination of GTX 275 as the “GPU” and a GTS 250 as the PhysX Processor, “PPU”.  More next page. 

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T400s Review

    The Lenovo ThinkPad T400s has been raving with a lot of good feedbacks ever since it was launched a couple of months ago. We managed to get one in our test lab (but unfortunately its not the multi-touch version) to see how good it is to fit the busy road warriors.