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  • TSMC 40nm yield issues resurface

    TSMC’s troubled 40nm process has once again hit yield issues. When RV740 (HD 4770) first released in Q2 2009, availability remained poor due to troubled yields reported to be as low as 20-30%. By July, the 40nm yield had improved to a respectable 60%.  Today, the main 40nm products are AMD’s Juniper and Cypress dies.

  • HTC launches Tattoo and new ‘Quietly Brilliant’ branding

    Yesterday evening, HTC launched their new Andriod-powered Tattoo and also announced their global “Quietly Brilliant” branding campaign. There were two flash mobs in Singapore last weekend to roll out the manufacturer’s first global advertising “YOU” campaign.

  • MSI Big Bang Trinergy offers 3-way SLI Support on P55 Chipset

    With some misinformation on the web for the past few days, MSI today has officially unveiled the Big Bang Trinergy that supports 3-way SLI on Intel P55 Express chipset. This cool board sports other goodness like Creative EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 support, 100% Hi-c Caps, OC Dashboard, DrMOS and the 1 second overclock utility OC Genie.

  • Nvidia presents an “ExaScale Machine” – CPU+GPU systems

    Eight years may be an age (or two) in the computer hardware industry, but Nvidia is nevertheless presenting a product that will be available in 2017.  Inpai have leaked a slide presented by Bill Dally, chief scientist, Nvidia that talks of a GPU + CPU combination, from Nvidia.  More details next page. 

  • Nintendo DSi LL Announced

    It is official, Nintendo had announced DSi LL, a new variation of the popular handheld, this time with a slight twist. The newer version will have these features over the predecessors which includes a bigger screen, longer battery life and many more. Launch date and price announced as well. Read on to find out more

  • Price increases for ATI Radeon HD 5850

    In our Availability Report from 11 days ago, we noticed a general increase in HD 5850 prices across the board. Fudzilla now reports that AMD have themselves increased the prices by $15 to $20, taking into account the excess demand.  A quick check reveals that prices have increased by another $10 since our availability report

  • Intel to release Core i7 930

    The most successful and longest selling Nehalem CPU, the Core i7 920, will finally be replaced in Q1 2010 by Intel.  This move was previously expected with the introduction of Core i7 950 and 975XE and once again with the Core i7 960.  The release of Lynnfield Core i7 860 was expected to cannibalize i7

  • Nvidia leaks GT300M series

    Nvidia inadvertently put up Geforce GT 300M downloads on their download page. An eagle-eyed Fudzilla reader subsequently captured and reported the page before it was taken off. More next page.

  • Malware Infections On The Rise

    Information on Web-based Malware Infections by Dasient Cnet has reported that there is an alarming rise in the number of websites (intentionally or accidentally) hosting malicious software.  Dasient, founded by former Googlers, has claimed that more than 640,000 websites and around 5.8 million pages are infected with malware, with figures for infected pages almost twice

  • Motorola DROID coming next week, exclusive to Verizon Wireless in US

    Verizon Wireless and Motorola have unveiled the new DROID by Motorola, which claims to be the first smartphone powered by Android 2.0. It will be available on 6 November in the United States exclusively at Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online. Read on for the official release.

  • Verbatim Unveils 32Gb USB/eSATA Combo SSD

    Verbatim 32Gb USB/eSATA Combo SSD Verbatim has announced the 32Gb USB/eSATA Combo SSD, adding on to its lineup of portable storage. Measuring 80 x 23 x 9mm and weighing a mere 19g, the combo drive has 32Gb of storage space and features both USB 2.0 (read/write speeds up to 26/15 MB/s) and eSATA (read/write speeds

  • Scythe Announces Two New Versions of Katana 3 CPU cooler

    Scythe Katana 3 “Type A” (SCKTN-3000A) Scythe has unveiled 2 new “basic” CPU coolers based on the Katana 3 released in March 2009. Both coolers, measuring 94 x 108 x 143mm and weighing 495g, are similar in specifications and performance with the exception of their mounting systems. The Katana 3 “Type A” (SCKTN-3000A) is compatible

  • Sony BDP-S765 Blu-ray player

    If you are looking for a stand-alone Blu-ray player to watch high-definition movies, consider the Sony BDP-S765 which is available at S$799. One unique feature of the Blu-ray player is the front USB port that allows you to plug in your USB flash drive and view your holiday photos.

  • ASUS Engineers are here – ASUS Power Users’ Seminar

    ASUS listened. They flown in R & D Engineers from Taiwan to satisfy your crave!

  • Nvidia Ion 2 to release in Q4 2009

    Nvidia’s nifty pico-ITX motherboard platform, Ion, is set to get a refresh within the next two months. The first generation ion was a promising platform for netbooks and nettops, featuring the Geforce 9400M chipset, which is about 10 times faster than the pathetic 945 graphics that normally ship with Intel chipsets for Atom. The big

  • NETGEAR launches RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit Router with USB

    The RangeMax Wireless-N Gigabit Router with USB is the latest offering from NETGEAR to boast superior wireless performance and range, and is also designed to serve as a open source Linux platform to support a wide number of applications created by multiple development partners and the dedicated open source community.

  • Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 and Professional Presenter R800

      Logitech has released the new Wireless Presenter R400 and Professional Presenter R800 to help users deliver an effective presentation. The R800 features a silent timer that lets you know how much time you had spent presenting, while the R400 comes with a red laser pointer for you to highlight certain subjects on the slide.

  • Research in Motion launches BlackBerry App World in Singapore and Indonesia

    Today, Research in Motion has officially announced the launch of their BlackBerry App store in Singapore and Indonesia. Users can search and download huge range of free applications to their handset, including those built specifically for the region.

  • Ninite For Windows 7

    Ninite Folks over at Tomshardware has recommended a nifty utility called Ninite. It’s a software that allows users to “plunk” their favourite apps into 1 installer which will appear as a downloadable .exe file. Read more…

  • [Rumour] Intel to stagnate Core 2 prices

    Although Core i5/i7 Lynnfield CPUs are out in the wild, it must be noted that Intel have so far refused to cut prices of previous-gen Core 2 processors. The Core ix line will be further advanced come January 2010 with the introduction of dual-core Clarkdale CPUs, branded Core i3/i5. However, Fudzilla reports that there are