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  • Handy Gadget: Universal LAN and USB Hub by Logitec

    This is not to be confused with the company Logitech. This product is from a Japanese company known as Logitec (yes, without the h). It is a handy gadget that acts as a 3 port USB hub and also serves as an external ethernet adaptor as well which plugs in to a USB port on

  • ATI Catalyst 9.6 Comparison (8 Benchmarks)

    Yet another Catalyst driver released. This time it is the Cataylst 9.6 (8.62). Curious about the performance impact Catalyst 9.6 has on games, we ran 8 benchmarks (Some in-game benchmarks, some manual walkthrough) to find out. Although the benchmarks we ran are few compared to the scores of games out there, it should be able to provide

  • OCZ Agility SSD Series for Cost-Conscious Consumers

    OCZ released the Agility SATA II 2.5” SSD Series for mainstream users including professionals, students, gamers, and enthusiasts on a budget.  The Agility Series has an efficient controller design reaching a speed of 230MB/sec read and 135MB/sec write speeds, along with 64MB of cache.

  • The PC Show 2009, 19th Edition: The Coverage

    VR-Zone brings you coverage of The PC Show 2009, held at Suntec Singapore. More information inside!

  • LG To Retail LED Backlit 24 inch LCD monitor

    LG Japan has announced its press release today on their upcoming LED backlit LCD monitor. It is a 24 inch LCD full HD (1920×1080 resolution) display that is slated for retail somewhere in late June or early July this year.

  • Casio’s New Exlim Hi-Zoom EX-H10

    Casio Japan have announced their latest Exlim digital camera – EX-H10 which will be available in silver and pink. Featuring a high zoom and a stylish design, the EX-H10 will be available in mid July this year. Read on for more details.

  • EVGA Brings Geforce GTX 285 to Mac Pros

    EVGA has gone official with its recent announcment that it will bring Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 for Mac Pros, which is a pleasant appeal to Mac Pro owners looking for maximum 3D graphics performance out of their systems.

  • Rumor: Sony Ericcson Xperia X2 Silver Xposed

    It is a trend now for gadgets yet to be launched to get an exposure, this time – Sony Ericcson’s Xperia X2, in silver color.

  • Samsung Announced “Crest Solar” phone that is powered by the sun

    No more worry about battery running low, forgetting to bring the charger or no power point available. Samsung has announced its first solar powered mobile phone, “Crest Solar” (E1107) which allow users to charge the handset’s battery when the sun is up.

  • Nvidia Forceware 186.08 vs 185.85 (9 Benchmarks)

    Just recently, a new beta driver for Nvidia was released, Forceware 186.08. It adds support for ambient occlusion, a new control panel feature for those looking for enhanced 3D gaming realism. Let’s see if there is any performance increase vs the Forceware 185.85.

  • H.A.W.X Game Review

    We manage to get our hands on the lovely game, H.A.W.X. Let us not waste any more time and get on to exactly what this game has to offer.

  • The PC Show 2009: The Preview

    The longest-running IT and consumer electronics show, now into its 19th year, is back again at Suntec Singapore from 11 to 14 June. VR-Zone was at the exhibition grounds yesterday evening, and we provide you with some ‘non-official’ pictures.

  • Greenhouse Announces Monitor With 100000:1 Contrast Ratio

    Greenhouse Japan have announced recently on their latest lineup a 100,000:1 contrast ratio. The GH-JEJ223SH-LB is a 21.5 inch full HD (1920×1080 resolution) monitor that supports, HDMI, DVD-D and RGB inputs

  • Beware of fake Facebook emails

    Facebook phishing attacks are on the rise, as observed by Symantec, whereby users are lured to log in their usernames and passwords on fake “Facebook” sites via phishing emails. Here are some measures as advised by the software giant.

  • WD Unveils 4 TB MyBook Studio Editon II Ext. HDD

    Western Digital has unveiled its latest lineup, a spacious 4TB MyBook Studio Edition II External hard disk. It just gets bigger and the latest model sports both USB2.0 and Firewire800,400 and eSATA inputs.

  • Toshiba Announces New Notebook PCs in Singapore

    Toshiba Computer Systems Division (CSD), a division of Toshiba Singapore, today announced three new additions to its Portege and Satellite line – Portege M900 (Signature series), Satellite L510 and Satellite M500 (Premier series).

  • Panasonic Introduces World’s Lightest HD Camcorders

    Panasonic has announced the world’s lightest High Definition (HD) camcorders – HDC-SD10 and HDC-TM10. Both weighs approximately 227g though they do offer powerful 16x optical zoom and advanced features to capture stunning images.

  • Sony Singapore presents BRAVIA WE5, Z5 and ZX1 series LCD TVs

    Today, Sony unveils their new BRAVIA LCD TV range which include the WE5, Z5 and ZX1 series at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore. The ZX1 and WE5 LCD TVs will be available in June and June/July respectively, while the Z5 will be available in September.

  • Apple To Ship Snow Leopard in September, Upgrade for US$29

    (Engadget Japan) Apple is getting all ready for its next update on the Mac OS, the upcoming 10.6 “Snow Leopard” will be set to ship in September this year. An upgrade option is available for a mere US$29 for existing Leopard users. Read on to find out more.

  • Apple: New Macbook Family Announced

    WWDC 2009 was surely full of many interesting surprises as Apple has unveiled a lineup of Macbooks with improved specifications and most importantly – lower prices.